Jon Gruden has a not-so-subtle message for Derek Carr

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When Jon Gruden’s name first emerged as the potential head coach in Oakland, an immediate concern emerged: Would Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr coexist?

The thinking was that Gruden would morph into Chucky, ranting and raving and cussing and generally wearing out Carr, who may not be able to take it. Gruden tried hard in the offseason to create the impression that he won’t take an over-the-top approach to his relationship with Carr, if Gruden believes that Carr won’t respond well to that approach.

Apparently, Gruden has decided that Carr will respond well to a more passive-aggressive strategy.

“You look at the film we had him open — wide open — deep, we didn’t go there,” Gruden told reporters on Wednesday. “He was open a couple times, and for whatever reason, we didn’t go that route.”

For whatever reason, we didn’t go that route.

The only person within the scope of the “we” in that example is Carr, the he who had the ball in his hands and the decision in his discretion as to whether to throw it to Cooper or to someone else. So when Gruden says “we” didn’t go there, he means Carr didn’t go there. And the phrase “for whatever reason” can be regarded as an expression of bewilderment or exasperation regarding Carr’s decision-making process.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Gruden has supplemented a public passive-aggressive play with a private aggressive-aggressive posture. Either way, the glass-half-full proclamations have quickly melted into 0-1 frustrations, with the head coach already aware that the quarterback made some bad decisions, and willing to say so.

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  1. Raider fans don’t want to hear this but Derek Carr is not the franchise carrying QB at this point. Think I am talking non-sense pull up his and Alex Smith’s career stats and tell me who has averages more yards per throw?

    Alex Smith is notorious for his check downs but he is 6.9 yards per and Carr is 6.6. Which guy wins more games? What are their TD to interception rations? what are their salaries?

  2. I haven’t seen a qb look as scared as Carr did Monday night if there was just a sign of pressure he was flinging anywhere off his back foot. That interception where he just through a lob ball out to the flat right to the linebacker. You don’t see that in high school

  3. Jordy Nelson (3) and Amari Cooper (8) were both top ten in separation created per route run among WRs week 1.

    Now Talib and Cooper are both notorious for their closing speed with the ball in the air, but still…any way you spin it, it was a horrible 2nd half for Carr.

    That said….I’m not writing him off after a bad 30 minutes of football. He was a legit MVP candidate 2 years ago. He had an off year playing in a new offense and through a back injury last year. This was game #1 in Gruden offense. Settle down, folks.

  4. Chucky who do you think you are? Your act is tired and the Vegas Raiders were warned but Davis is clueless. The sinking ship is headed to Vegas with a few morons dressed like Pirates following the team from two failures in Oaktown!

  5. Our organisation has bent over backwards to support Carr. Highest paid O-line. Top 5 pick at WR. Playmaking TE. Solid Rushing attack. Offensive guru HC. Instead of masking the deficiencies of our team.. Carr requires crutches to succeed and even that isn’t working consistantly.

  6. everybody that follows the nfl seriously knows that gruden’s favorite qb on the roster is always the backup qb because nothing is ever gruden’s fault. once chucky said he didn’t now if his backup qb was on the roster we all knew he meant that a complete overhaul at qb is coming, then he gets two 1st round picks.

  7. thebirdofprey says:
    September 12, 2018 at 8:32 pm
    Raider fans don’t want to hear this but Derek Carr is not the franchise carrying QB at this point. Think I am talking non-sense pull up his and Alex Smith’s career stats and tell me who has averages more yards per throw?

    Alex Smith is notorious for his check downs but he is 6.9 yards per and Carr is 6.6. Which guy wins more games? What are their TD to interception rations? what are their salaries?


    Actually, Carr averaged 6.8 last year after 7.0 each of the previous 2 seasons. And he was 7.6 last night. I hope you aren’t pretending his rookie year stats have any bearing on 2018.

    That stat is pretty meaningless in isolation anyway because it doesn’t take into account scheme or YAC.

    I’m not sure why you pulled the Alex Smith specifically for comparison, who’s been a top-10 quarterback by any measure for the last 7 seasons. But Alex Smith was #1 in the NFL in adjusted yards per attempt (a better measure) last season, so literally everybody, including Tom Brady, would compare negatively to him in that one stat.

    Carr is 27, he’s healthy for the first time in 2 years, and he’s played exactly 1 game in a notoriously complicated system. Oh, and Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh were lined up right in front of him for it.

    How about we actually let a few games play out before everybody starts to speculate on where Carr stands in the pantheon of NFL QBs?

  8. It seems like Derek Carr has been playing scared ever since he broke his ankle. Maybe it’s just me,but I don’t think he’s been the same guy. You can’t play QB for long if you’re afraid to take a hit,especially under Gruden. He won’t stand for it.

  9. Did Gruden use the “we” pronoun when discussing the running backs, offensive and defensive lines, secondary, etc.? Or only when pointing out Carr’s poor decisions?

    That would completely change the context from “passive aggressive” to a strongly team-oriented coaching style.

  10. It is pretty clear that Derek Carr is scared in the pocket when the pass rush gets to him. Has nothing to do with Gruden Carr needs to stand in the pocket and make tough throws. The ball is out of his hand before plays get to develop. He cleary has been shell shocked since breaking his leg

  11. therealraider says:
    September 12, 2018 at 8:53 pm
    Our organisation has bent over backwards to support Carr …[an] Offensive guru HC….
    When was Gruden an Offensive Guru? His last year (2008) in Tampa their O was ranked 19th, and 18th the year before, 31st the year before that (& 20th in 2005, 23rd in 2004…). Yes, if you go back to 2001 his Raiders O was ranked 4th – but that was because OC Bill Callahan was really the offensive guru, not Chucky.

  12. Gruden is an oddball.

    He had his time out of the NFL … rating, grooming, and drooling over quarterbacks. But in the NFL, he had a boatload of QBs play for him in his years in Oakland and Tampa. Name one. Just one. That Gruden thought was a good QB?

    He is either very unlucky, continually signing duds, or maybe he just cannot coach his QBs. Always drooling over the other guys’ QBs.

    It has begun again.

  13. Here’s a conspiracy theory for you guys:

    Gruden knows that Carr is not the same after his injury but can’t cut him because he’d be too expensive in dead money this year. We know that Chucky doesn’t like QB draft pics, so he’s going to have to sign one and probably for big money, but none are coming up this year in FA.

    K Mack wants 25M/year and would get in the way of Gruden getting his guy and fielding a competitive team.

    Solution: Trade Mack for 2 #1’s and use as ammo to get that veteran QB he wants and cuts Carr next year when the cap hit is only 7.5M, and has the cap space to do so.

    I’m a Raider fan, and I’m trying to find logic after Monday’s game and the most recent management decisions. This theory works for me.

    And Gruden builds HIS team.

  14. Carr has a good arm. Has a great work ethic. Can pick up a playbook fast. Doesn’t get in trouble. Is a role model. But he’s so scared of being hit he won’t look down-field. Gruden put him in a position to succeed. Carr failed…

    Carr panics and will fold under the slightest bit of pressure. I don’t think coaching can fix that. It’s in Carr’s DNA. I think it’s engrained in his head from his brother getting hit….

    Carr won’t be the QB in 2019 if he doesn’t change & change fast. The picks make it even worse…

  15. Gruden has a 10 yr contract, he’ll be here a lot longer then Carr..I see AJ starting if they lose Sunday and it’s on Carr again…They have lots of high picks to get a QB and a DE..He has a plan

  16. In all due respect, Carr is the most overrated QB in the league.
    He is also now playing timid due to that injury running through his mind. Gruden will find a way to get his own QB.

  17. I’m not one bit worried about Gruden or Carr. That was the Raiders first game under Gruden and they nearly beat the Rams. The Rams’ two biggest plays were pass interference penalties. Perhaps if Carr would have thrown deep he might have gotten a couple of those calls himself. Carr did look kind of tight out there. He’ll loosen up and all be will fine. It usually takes a few games for a team with a new coaching staff to get in high gear. This is going to be a ten year show. This thing hasn’t even gotten started yet. I remember how the Bill Walsh era and the Jimmy Johnson era got started. Eddie DeBartolo and Jerry Jones are both in the HOF. They’re there because they didn’t push the panic button early.

  18. andresthedragon1234 says:
    September 12, 2018 at 8:33 pm
    He is not wrong when he says Carr never took a shot down the field.


    Actually he is. Carr threw that long ball right into the end zone where it got intercepted by the rams.

  19. The message from Gruden needs to be… “don’t try to be the Raiders savior, play within yourself, take what’s given to you, don’t force plays, hit the open receivers, don’t throw interceptions, run the ball when necessary”. That what a successful QB does. I have to agree with Birds of Prey, right now Carr doesn’t play like a franchise QB. There is room for improvement. Carr does need to step up his overall play and leadership.

  20. Well Gruden is old school bear in mind. And in the trying to put pressure on those to perform not just with the players but with the coaches. And in that of expecting to push their limits as Raiders players and coaches know when they got him, they knew they would have to be pushed to their limits from defense to offense to even special teams.

  21. Never been a Carr fan. That said we should trade him late in the season if he doesn’t straighten out. Someone might hand over a number 1 pick. Assuming they pick well that would give them 3 affordable number 1s.

  22. The coach has a 10 year contract. This is not his starting QB.

    I don’t know where Derek Carr will play after next year.

  23. Is this the NFL? A coach gets one game to turn things around?

    And can we please give this nonsense a rest about Khalil Mack? Gruden made the right decision. The Bears will never win anything with their gazillion $ defensive lineman, just like the Dolphins and Redskins who tried this formula before them.

  24. The reply by removing rookie year stats, isolating favorable areas all those other things is how fans use their bias to cherry pick stats to tell their story.

    I am not saying Carr is terrible he just isnt going to carry a team at this point but that’s how he gets talked about by many and that’s what his contract implies.

  25. Are we going to do this every time the Raiders lose? Plenty of coaches talk this way when they’re frustrated with a player or group of players. Carr threw three picks. I don’t know too many coaches that wouldn’t find that frustrating.

  26. tavisteelersfan says:
    September 12, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    Gruden is an oddball.

    He had his time out of the NFL … rating, grooming, and drooling over quarterbacks. But in the NFL, he had a boatload of QBs play for him in his years in Oakland and Tampa. Name one. Just one.

    How about 2? Rich Gannon in Oakland, Brad Johnson in TB. Both were aging journeymen who’d spent more time in their career on the bench than under center. They were his hand picked guys and he made pro bowlers of both of them and got production from them that was an aberration from their career arc.

    And a 3rd…or 2.5, anyway. Jeff Garcia made a Pro Bowl under Gruden at age 37 after he looked washed up for years beforehand. Although he really was washed up shortly after that…

    But to your point, yes, he’s cycled through a lot of QBs over the years.

  27. Anyone see Von Miller destroy Russell Wilson this past week? Raiders are going to be 0-2 after Denver and the pressure on Carr is really going to build.

  28. Everyone needs to take a breath. It has only been one week. In 2017 the Patriots were crushed by KC in week one. The Patriots eventually went to the Superbowl. KC started 5-0, and then 5-6, and finally laid an egg in the playoffs.

  29. I didn’t see the game but Carr is a 3 time pro bowler. That means som et thing to a lot of people. Gruden has a .580 winning percentage and that’s not great. I understand the coaching but I don’t understand the tear down philosophy. Gruden’s personality is poisonous and no one will want to play for a coach like this. This is the start, it will only get worse from here.

  30. Never seen so many uneducated football related comments in my life. It’s funny how being a hater and dumb makes you see something that you want to see and then makes you make stupid comments.

    Fact is Gruden was .500 or better in 8 out of 10 seasons, built a Super team in Oakland and won a super bowl with Tampa Bay because Dungy couldn’t get the job done. Let’s face it Gruden was winning that Super Bowl whether he was coaching Oakland or Tampa Bay, yet you loser keep trying to kill him, it’s hysterical how dumb you haters really are…ahahahaha!!

  31. PhD says:
    September 12, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    Carr does NOT have *it* – it’s painfully obvious.
    Carr has more 4th quarter comebacks since 2015 than any other QB in the league.

    What were you saying again?

  32. The ground game looked much better than I expected, but I think the crowd had something to do with that. Rishard looked good catching passes out of the backfield, and I’m glad that the Raiders decided to finally use Jared Cook. Their cornerback play looked much better than expected. Those were the good things.

    The bad things would be many-the inability for anyone not named Bruce Irvin to pressure Goff, the safety play (Goff just missed on several deep balls, otherwise the score could have been worse), and Carr himself. The Raiders had a great chance to win the game, but for Carr’s missed throws and bad decision making. He wasn’t terrible enough to completely lose the game, but his mistakes were key in making the game a loss and not a win.

    But there are several good things the team can take away from this-notably the running game and the cornerback play-that they can use going forward, and Carr will have to learn how to protect the ball. The game was closer than the final score, I would say. But he bears most of the responsibility to improve.

  33. slick50kc says:

    September 13, 2018 at 10:39 am

    1969!! LET THAT SINK IN!!!

  34. Carr is a system QB who is as good (or bad) as the coaching he receives. I said all along that Gruden’s dink-and-dunk offensive scheme was a waste of Carr’s arm strength and that his aggressive nonsense was a mismatch for Carr’s laid back personality. Just a bad fit whereas Carr thrived under Musgrave’s coaching.

    As predicted, Gruden with his massive ego and lack of accountability is already throwing Carr under the bus.

  35. gruden wanted a run game anyway…

    blah blah..

    first game big deal… oak was supoosed to loose anyway..

    what the heck would everyone be saying if Oak won?! oh, just that the rams didn’t hit the wide open wr….

    blah blah

  36. Gruden is a young QB killer. Guy has never developed a QB in his head coaching career and has only been successful with established veterans.

    The Chucky experiment is going to be a disaster.

  37. joetoronto says:
    September 13, 2018 at 8:27 am
    PhD says:
    September 12, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    Carr does NOT have *it* – it’s painfully obvious.
    Carr has more 4th quarter comebacks since 2015 than any other QB in the league.

    What were you saying again?
    Not true. You’re quoting a stat from 2016.

    Since 2015
    Carr- 12
    Stafford- 15

  38. streetyson says:

    September 12, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    That’s just Chucky wanting the whole World to know that the loss isn’t on him. Leader Chucky.
    Use your brain dude.. Did you not watch the game?

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