Patrick Mahomes is the first 2018 AFC offensive player of the week

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The Chiefs’ decision to turn their offense over to quarterback Patrick Mahomes paid off in Week One.

Mahomes was a 2017 first-round pick who backed up Alex Smith for most of last season before starting the regular season finale. Mahomes played well in that outing and moved into the starting lineup when the Chiefs traded Smith to Washington this offseason.

Mahomes went 15-of-27 for 256 yards and four touchdowns in a 38-28 road win over the Chargers last Sunday. He also ran five times for 21 yards in a performance that earned Mahomes recognition as the first AFC offensive player of the week for the 2018 season.

He’ll try to post another big game against the Steelers and AFC defensive player of the week T.J. Watt this Sunday.

36 responses to “Patrick Mahomes is the first 2018 AFC offensive player of the week

  1. Huge test this week. Really hope hes for real and the Chiefs can get their Defense going. The AFC desperately needs a few teams that are really capable of challenging the Patriots.

  2. I’ve been saying this since his 2nd year: Derek Carr IS NOT VERY GOOD. I for one am glad that Jon Gruden will fail. I am an original Raider Nation member. The truth is Gruden is and always has been sub-par, striving for mediocrity. Zero Super Bowls in his future and then back to his over-hyped sensationalism in the TV booth.

  3. Hopefully, this continues. We only have a small sample size, but he has played really well in his first two regular season games. He looked really poised on Sunday. Having him sit last season did a lot for him.

  4. Nothing against Mahomes but that is utter crap and the people who hand out awards were just looking at the stat sheet like they are Fantasy nerds. 15 of 27 is just around 50% and some of his TD “passes” were basically just handoffs from the 2-yard line to a guy coming across in motion, and another one was a short one that Tyreek then ran for like 60 yards after the catch. James Conner or Emmanuel Sanders or Melvin Gordon, someone like that was more deserving. Or heck, Tyreek Hill from his own team.

  5. fonzisnlf says:
    September 12, 2018 at 10:11 am
    ARod was better.
    Some might argue that Brees and Fitzpatrick were even better but all three are in the NFC.

  6. Impressive power in that arm and prob deserves it – however, he’s benefitting somewhat from Chargers’ poor D and because teams don’t have much experience of him. Look at JimmyG late last year, similar-ish stuff.

  7. firejerry says:

    September 12, 2018 at 9:59 am

    looks like the Bears picked the wrong QB again…..

    Maybe FireJerry, but maybe a larger sample size of 1 game is necessary.

  8. The Steelers have had a really good streak of shutting the Chiefs down. Last year Hill and Hunt were very quiet. Mahomes is an upgraded Alex Smith in terms of arm strength, but otherwise he mobile like Smith and accurate like Smith. Should be a fun, close game. I expect 27-24 Steelers.
    Mahomes is likely going to be pressured more than he was last week and likely have less time to make good decisions.

  9. It always amazes me that someone can accomplish something like this, and yet, negativity still spills through. I’m not even close to a chiefs fan but, well done young man. The NFL needs good young QBs so I hope this is common week in and week out

  10. What about Rivers?

    34 of 51 (67%) for 424 with 3 TDs, 1 INT

    Mahomes was 55% with 15 completions

    NFL creating ths next generation of hero QBs

  11. nfl1818 says:
    September 12, 2018 at 1:25 pm
    What about Rivers?

    34 of 51 (67%) for 424 with 3 TDs, 1 INT

    Mahomes was 55% with 15 completions

    NFL creating ths next generation of hero QBs


    And, much of Rivers’ “production” was in garbage time when the Bolts were down 3 scores

  12. thefiesty1 says:
    September 12, 2018 at 1:59 pm
    Good for him. But remember all he had at TT was a lot of yards and not a lot of wins.
    It never ceases to amaze me when people make stupid comments like this. Mahomes averaged over 42 points a game the last 2 years at Texas Tech. What did you want him to do play denfense also? Quit hating and give the kid credit. Or do you just troll other teams threads while your in your mom’s basement?

  13. I don’t like to do instant evaluations, so I’ll wait a couple years. I thought he was the number one overall player in his draft class, so I’m not surprised about anything he does. Scouts always say “don’t grade the school, grade the player”, but scouts are actually the worst at that very thing. Coaches like Andy Reid don’t give a hoot about clichés, they just see a blue chipper and draft him.

  14. The thimbs down comments come from : NE, Oak, SD, Den and Pitts and Dallas fans who have seen the future and it isn’t with their current QB

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