Sam Bradford has no special feeling about playing Rams

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The Rams drafted Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall choice in 2010, but four years have passed since they gave up on him. He’s on his third team since then. The Rams have changed cities, are on their third head coach (counting interim John Fassel), and Jared Goff is their fourth starting quarterback since they traded Bradford.

Thus, Bradford insists he has no special feeling about playing his former team.

Not really,” Bradford said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “If it would’ve happened sooner, maybe there would be more. There’s just not a lot of connection that’s still there for me.”

Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, though, does have special feelings about playing Bradford. Suh went No. 2 overall, after Bradford, in the 2010 draft.

“I always mark the calendar when I have Sam Bradford on there,” Suh said in a podcast, adding, “I’ll definitely try to hit him as hard as I can.”

Bradford wore a knowing smile when told of Suh’s comment.

“Great,” he said, adding, “I mean, I get it. I think everyone wants to hit me. That’s kind of how it goes.”

Bradford completed only 3 of 7 passes for 11 yards in the first half of his Arizona debut. He went 17-of-27 for 142 yards in the second half, but it still was off his career completion percentage of 62.5 and the record 71.6 percent he had in 2016.

24 responses to “Sam Bradford has no special feeling about playing Rams

  1. The third highest paid player in NFL history with mediocre NFL production has no reason to have special feelings about anyone in the NFL except his obviously spectacular agent.

  2. Geez, if Bradford had special feelings every time he played a former team he’d end up having a special feeling almost every week. Of course, that’s assuming he’s healthy enough to play.

  3. Nothing special for Sam Sleeves, he’s sucked for numerous teams at this point.

    Honestly is there any player in NFL history who gets so much love from analysts for doing nothing? I’ll take a gamer with less of a skill set than this clown who has all the tools but can never put it together.

  4. If I paid you $50M “Guaranteed” before ever even donning a practice jersey and you did not produce on-the-field, I would give up on you, too LOL

  5. I feel for Sam.

    I actually still like the guy.

    Might be one of those games where he goes nuts with the short passes.

    The Rams are weak at linebacker.

    Wish him the best.

    But also afraid for him.

  6. While no one would mistake Sam Bradford for Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Drew Brees, I do believe that he’s capable of winning if he can stay healthy for a change and has a good team around him. It doesn’t appear that the Cardinals will be that team though.

  7. As a Rams fan I hate to say this but I actually think he might do decent if he sticks to doing what he does best which is dink and dunk passing. The Raiders exposed the Rams weakness at linebacker early on and so three-step drops and quick passes to the middle might just be the answer. If he take seven steps back and stands in the pocket and tries to throw to the outside he’s either going to get picked off or annihilated by the pass rush.

  8. Doing the math he has made over 3 million bucks per win in his career. Never made a pro bowl never ever had a winning record in any years as a starter. Yet he still gets paid like a top 15 QBs wherever he goes. His agent must be hypnotize gm’s into thinking this guy can play. In the history I’d fhe league they’re hasn’t been a qb who’s done lees and been paid more.

  9. vavikingfan says:
    It would be interesting to see how many of the anti Sam posters would turn down 50 million if it were offered to them.

    I don’t recall ever seeing ANYONE say Sam Bradford shouldn’t have accepted the money he was offered.
    What many of us are saying is he never EARNED a fraction of the money he was given, not that he shouldn’t have accepted it.

  10. I’m formally making a change into becoming a Rams fan after 20 years of having been a Cardinals fan.

    I moved from Scottsdale to Hermosa Beach, Ca 5 years ago. I’ve remained a Cardinals fan for those 5 years because I still felt connected with the coaches and players on the team. But now that I know nobody on that team except Larry Fitzgerald I don’t feel that connection anymore.

    I had to make a decision about going with the Rams or the Chargers too. The Rams seem to have a more organized organization so that’s where I’m going.

    Go Rams…😎

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