“Thousands” of tickets available for Washington home opener

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The possibly fictional sellout streak for Washington may come to a very real end on Sunday.

Via Liz Clarke of the Washington Post, “thousands” of tickets remain available for the home opener at FedEx Field. Specifically, more than 3,650 seats were unsold as of Tuesday morning.

Failure to sell these tickets would end a sellout streak that supposedly dates back to the 1960s, a claim that, per Clarke, appears in the team’s 2018 media guide. The team also contends that all 210 games played at FedEx Field through 2017 have sold out.

That boast seems specious in the aftermath of the team’s admission that a waiting list that once contained as many as 200,000 names no longer exists. The team nevertheless insists that the sellout streak is real. Real or not, it may end this weekend.

Per the Post, Sunday’s win over the Cardinals came with an email from the team announcing that “single game tickets [are] available now” for Week Two. As the Post notes, a declaration like that “would have been unthinkable for most of the last half-century.”

Regardless of whether the game sells out, fans should be interested because the team is unexpectedly good, with Alex Smith playing the role of Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson becoming an effective on-the-fly understudy for Derrius Guice. Also, the Colts aren’t very good, which makes the possibility of 2-0 — and maybe sole possession of first place in the division — something worth witnessing in person.

19 responses to ““Thousands” of tickets available for Washington home opener

  1. The swap has probably overflowed into the stadium.

    Just toss some paper towels at it and it’ll go away.

  2. Not sure I follow. There’s no team by the name of Washington. The Seahawks are in Washington, but won’t play their home opener until week 3 vs. Dallas. That game most certainly sold out, quite likely more than a year ago.

    Oh, wait, are you talking about the Redskins? Well, why didn’t you say so!?

  3. My friends and I travelled there for the game against the Vikings last year. I was very unimpressed with the fans there. Lots and lots of empty seats. Our Uber driver to the game told us that Snyder removed several thousand seats from the stadium (can’t remember how many years ago), because there was no demand. When we got to the stadium, you can tell where those seats used to be. It was nice to get a preview of our future QB.

  4. Yea maybe bad weather and no real Colts fans in MD to take over the vacant seats.
    And they haven’t been sold out in a while. FedEx is an antiseptic, overpriced, stadium that is in need of a move.

  5. If only 3,650 seats are unsold with 3 full days to go, they’ll probably come closer to a sellout than the Packer will this week against the Vikings.

    Heck, Lambeau Field, week 1, prime time game against their “biggest” rival the Bears and they had 3,159 tickets unsold on Sunday night (81,441 capacity vs only 78,282 tickets sold). They had higher ticket sales last year when they played Seattle – 78,381 in week 1.

    You’d think with the return of baby Jesus – that they would have sold out…

    That’s only 96.1% of capacity, but better than their average of 78,092 tickets sold per home game in 2017 (95.9%).

    But that was hampered by the Packers starting Brett Hundley in many games. Packer fans have a tendency not to buy tickets when their backup QB has to play.

    Even Oakland had a higher percentage of their seats sold in week 1 – and the Raiders are leaving town.

    Only the Lions, Cardinals, Giants, Rams and Colts had lower tickets sold percentages than the Packers.

  6. The stadium was half empty for the Maryland-Texas game there over a week ago. You would think the home team cared.

  7. It’s almost as if Hurricane Florence might be convincing some fans to watch from home. Shocked, i tell ya.

  8. Somebody commenting here does not understand simple math and percentages.

    But I digress. I am not surprised fans are staying away. Ask yourself, is there anything exciting about that football team? Has Dan Snyder done anything that would make you want to go to a game? Maybe go to the game and see for yourself if Andrew Luck is fully healed, but other than that, I can’t come up with a good reason to go. Maybe if someone gives you good tickets. Maybe.

  9. Im an Eagles fan, and I cant stand the Redskins, their owner, fans etc., but Jesus they already admitted their waiting list was bogus, do you have to keep going at them for it? Its enough. We get it.

  10. It’s hilarious how obsessed with Green Bay Viking fans have become, I guess that’s what happens when you get dominated for decades.

  11. If you look at the PFT week 2 Power Rankings you will see many comments saying that Alex Smith is a better QB and a better leader than Kirk Cousins. I am a big Alex Smith fan since before Kapaerneck stole his job in SF. Unfortunately, KC traded him last year after the Chiefs lost the wild card (Titans) due to one of the worst calls in NFL history. Referee Jeff Triplette — with a long history of making bad calls — in fact retired immediately after this game.

    KC’s loss, Washington’s gain. I think Alex Smith will set the ‘Skins on fire this year and sell lots of tickets! And Alex Smith will finally lead a team to the playoffs.

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