Cowboys have lowest Week One local rating in nine years

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America’s Team may still be America’s Team, but America’s Team isn’t drawing the same kind of eyeballs in their home market.

Via Barry Horn, formerly of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys generated a Week One rating of 28.2 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for their road game at Carolina. That’s the lowest number since the Cowboys produced a 25.2 in 2009.

No one should be surprised. The Cowboys, while still a compelling aspect of the overall fabric of the NFL, have become a somewhat boring team, with a Salisbury-steak-and-lumpy-spuds offense that features two stars, a diminished offensive line, and a collection of No. 2 and No. 3 receivers.

And instead of fixing the problems, the Cowboys are trying to act like there’s no problem at all, and that in time everything will be OK. Chances are things won’t be OK, absent an effort to reimagine the offense in order to get more out of the players they have.

Some coaches adhere to their scheme no matter what. Other coaches adapt their plays to the players they have. The sooner coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan do that in Dallas, the more interesting their team could be. And if they wait too long, they eventually won’t be the ones fixing the offense.

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  1. Who are you kidding, Jones values his yes men and being validated as the GM more than he values winning.

    He’d rather go 0-16 than admit he’s wrong about anything.

  2. That’s because the stadium’s screens are so big half of Arlington can now look up and watch that during ad breaks in Walker, Texas Ranger.

  3. 2 stars on offense ? noo they have zeke, martin, frederick and smith. that’s 4 stars. all those fools including garrett that thought Prescott was an upgrade. fitting that both will not be around much longer. love or hate romo the games were never over with him and he led the nfl over the latter part of his career in 4th qtr comebacks. this team has become irrelevant

  4. I wouldn’t call their fan base pathetic, they’ve stuck with their team since forever.

    Jerrah is indeed desperate though, that’s clear.

  5. People have been saying for years that Garrett is in way over his head. What many of these same people don’t realize is so is Jones. Prescott had a great rookie year, but that’s it.

    This is incredibly fun to watch. Jerry’s never going to hand the reins to somebody who knows football players, and he’s never going to hire(or at least keep) a coach who knows how to run an organization.

    Dumpster fire, indeed.

  6. The team vastly overrated Dak Prescott. The offensive line and running back made him look good and opened so much up for him. When it came to a real passing game, Prescott made Bryant look bad. Now, this is what you get when you have a quarterback who is bottom fourth tier among NFL starters. America’s Team? The only team America cares about is the Patriots and most hate them.

  7. The owner has made it very clear that mediocrity is not merely acceptable, it is to be rewarded with employment for life for the coaching staff. Perhaps the fans realize the only way to affect change is to ignore the product until the team is compelled to try to improve itself.

  8. .
    ” The Cowboys, while still a compelling aspect of the overall fabric of the NFL, have become a somewhat boring team, with a Salisbury-steak-and-lumpy-spuds offense that features two stars, a diminished offensive line, and a collection of No. 2 and No. 3 receivers. ”

    Well stated. You may have added “a team for whom a 3-0 first quarter deficit would be considered insurmountable.”

  9. That’s what happens when a team is run by an “armchair” executive vice-President and his stadium builder father…

  10. Dak had a receiver behind everybody and couldn’t get the ball to him due to his limited throwing ability.

    That’s going to be the season for Dallas.

    Good article.

  11. People who think this is because they are not good, haven’t been paying attention the last 20 years. Even during the down years, people tuned in to watch them.

    NFL TV ratings are in serious trouble if people aren’t even watching the Cowboys. They are almost always a huge draw, because people love to watch them win and haters love to see them lose.

  12. Honestly, it’s not easy being a cowboys fan these days. Until they get rid of the red-headed Jesus & probably more so Linehan, this can only be expected. Such a waste of some really good players.

  13. All this after one game? SO I guess the jets and bucs are going to put up 48 every game and mow down their competition on a weekly basis. OK. RELAX. No one in the Cowboys organization is blameless for that really bad day in Carolina but this article is as ridiculous as the preseason power rankings.

  14. Wait a minute I thought this was the Cowboy’s year, they were playing with a chip on their shoulder, I guess their fans did not get the memo.

  15. America’s team! What a joke! They’re not even Dallas’ team! They play 20 miles down the road in Arlington. They’re actually closer to Fort Worth than Dallas!

  16. There is a big storm (hurricane) approaching and it is not on the Carolina Coast, it is headed for Big D, as in JerryWorld in Arlington. It is not the GM who is going to be blown away.

  17. In the words of Erin, R-E-L-A-X. It’s just one game. If they lose to the Giants this Sunday, then it’s time for scorched earth, fire everyone, etc. Garrett is already chewing gum intensely.

  18. I’ll keep saying it, the offensive problem is OC Scott Linehan!
    Jerry should have been fired last year!
    You have to make adjustments during games. You have to make adjustments for the players you have playing. When you refuse to, for any reason, you are not a competent OC!
    Jerry hates to make changes during the season, but if he does nothing, the ‘Boys are in for a long season. FIRE Scott Lineham!

  19. I live 180 miles away and have never attended a game in person at Jerry’s World or even the old Texas Stadium. They are always on TV. Why would I pay hundreds to sit in the nose-bleed section in the end zone to see a poor product. Who cares if the ratings are down? Certainly not Jerry.

  20. That whole thing about players kneeling causing a decrease in ratings just got shot down. The Cowboys ratings are down and Jerry Jones is a total kook about that issue.

  21. This is one of those rare occasions I agree with Florio. Red J and Linehan need to go. And tell Jerruh to go find his gloryhole at the old folks home. The Cowboys finally have a good defense (barring injury they will be top 10, perhaps top 5) and we’re going to waste it with that same bs vanilla offense. I literally call out the plays from my couch on Sundays while they’re in formation. I’m right about 80% of the time.

    That said, people please stop overusing the term “dumpster fire.” That isn’t even close to the Cowboys, but can be liberally used when speaking of the Buffalo Bills. Now there is a real dumpster fire!

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