David Tepper says President wrong to call player protests unpatriotic

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Panthers owner David Tepper is annoyed by the notion — perpetuated by President Donald Trump — that NFL players who protest social injustice and police brutality during the national anthem are unpatriotic.

“These are some of the most patriotic people and best people,” Tepper told CNBC on Thursday in an interview at Carnegie Mellon University. “These are great young men. So to say that [they aren’t patriotic] makes me so aggravated and angry. It’s just wrong, it’s dead wrong.”

Tepper did not name President Trump by name, but referred to him in a follow question about the protests remaining a point of conversation.

“We’re talking about it? I wasn’t talking about it,” Tepper said. “There’s a red-headed guy in D.C. that likes to talk about it, but I don’t want to mention his name.”

The NFL had few players protest during the national anthem during Kickoff Weekend. Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who sat on the bench during the anthem Monday night, was among the handful who protested.

Tepper said the protests are about “justice for all.”

“It’s the Pledge of Allegiance, one of the most patriotic things you can do. It’s about justice for all,” Tepper said. “Now listen, everybody’s standing this season, because I think people understand that it’s what you do in the community, it’s what you do out here.”

NFL owners passed a revised anthem policy in May, mandating that players either stand on the field or remain in the locker room during the song. The league subsequently put it on hold as discussions with its Players Association on a new policy continue.

40 responses to “David Tepper says President wrong to call player protests unpatriotic

  1. You don’t get justice for all by having spoiled brats sitting down or kneeling during the American Anthem.
    What you get is increased social division.
    It costs them only a couple minutes of their time to respectfully stand during the Anthem.

  2. This dude is probably one of those who paid $250K for one of those Clinton speeches when he was on Wall Street. He never passes up a chance to criticize our president who has done more for the country in the last two years than either Bush or Obama has done the 16 years previous.

  3. viffty says:
    September 13, 2018 at 4:08 pm
    Trump is just angling for Goodell’s job after he gets impeached.

    Do you even know how the impeachment process works?

  4. Bottom line – there are police officers who racially profile and are disproportionately violent towards black males. There is plenty of video evidence confirming this. These people the ones who are anti-American and disrespecting our values. Defending their behavior is flat out racism (sorry, but it is).

    The NFL has a history of using “patriotic” activities as a sneaky way to get paid advertising from the various branches of the US military. When they’d “reunite” a service member with their family (on the playing field) … those were actually advertisements bought by the military and paid for by US taxpayers. So the idea that the players are somehow tarnishing the game with political activity is absurd.

    These are non-violent respectful protests. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law, but not everyone gets it. That’s something worthy of a peaceful protest. And our armed forces don’t fight to defend the anthem, or the flag. They fight to defend our Constitution.

  5. Did anyone see injustice watching reruns of 911 when police were heading into buildings risking their lives.

  6. They’re expressly unpatriotic. That’s why they are protesting our flag and our anthem. They admit this and are proud of it. It is just another boring variant of liberal flag burning, which of course they also tried to market as something something freedom. No sale.

  7. Tepper is unamerican.. probably never did a thing for anyone but himself. certainly not the country.. Football owners and players self inflated since of importance

  8. According to this article, Marshawn Lynch was sitting on the bench “in protest”. IMO, that’s not the same thing as kneeling & I didn’t like when Manny Ramirez sat on the bench 2 presidents ago with the Red Sox, either. Sitting is not the same as kneeling

  9. every day I read another anti-American comment from an owner or a player the NFL slips further into the distance.. soon it will be out of sight and forgotten

  10. @allsyntax:

    What he means by, “these people” are the lemmings who support Trump.

    “These people” are the deplorables who are easily conned.

    “These people” are the fools who claim to be patriotic, yet support a president who is a wannabe tyrant.

    Any other stupid questions you need answered?

  11. Then let him pay the fines for his kneeling players. He can afford it.

    The best thing about the anthem protest is to ignore the pos. No publicity and for God’s sake don’t put a camera on them or even mention them. It’s already slowly going away. Nip it in the butt by saying nothing. The jerks will find something else to get their face in the news.

  12. I see the orange man is still slamming the NFL while a huge hurricane is fixing to slam the Carolinas.

  13. Taurus says:
    September 13, 2018 at 4:17 pm
    Love Tepper!!! What an upgrade from JR!!!!

    Carolina wouldn’t have an NFL franchise without Richardson. People conveniently forget that.

  14. At least one team asked Kap if he will kneel in protest…maybe the owner s should have asked Tepper his views before approving him.

  15. Kinda funny when your talking about equality and justice you say a derogatory statement about the presidents hair color.

    No one is saying the act of protesting isnt part of America, but why protest during the 2 min we show respect for our fallen soldiers. Why not take a knee DURING the game or AFTER the anthem.

    But Kapernick choose to support radical communists like Castro over Americans, so people find him offensive.

  16. Stop playing the National Anthem at ALL ballgames.
    They aren’t patriotic events and have nothing to do with someone’s patriotism.

  17. I think most sane people in America think Trump is an irrational fool. It’s funny that most of the people that voted for him actually need affordable healthcare, most of them don’t have much $$.

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