Doug Marrone hasn’t watched the Super Bowl in years

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Most Americans, even if they aren’t passionate football fans, will watch the Super Bowl.

And most coaches, even if they’re grouchy, will watch every frame of film they can to prepare for their next opponent.

But Jaguars coach Doug Marrone told reporters during his conference call yesterday that he never bothered to watch the game the Patriots played prior to last week’s opener (which happened to be the one they earned the right to play in by beating the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game).

Marrone simply has a long-held aversion to watching Super Bowls.

“I don’t know why everyone doesn’t believe that,” he said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “No, I’m usually so pissed off I can’t handle it.”

Asked if being a game away from being involved made him curious to watch the Patriots and the Eagles, he replied: “No. I just don’t watch it. I watch enough tape during the year.”

Marrone also joked that he hasn’t watched one since his pre-teen years, though the self-awareness crept in during his answer when asked the last one he watched.

“Probably when I wasn’t coaching, when I was allowed to gamble,” he said. “Probably when I was 12, when I had a little money on it. . . .

“You guys write that, I’ll probably get [bleeping] investigated.”

If the NFL’s not going to hold domestic violence committed by college players against them, they’re probably not going to pursue Marrone having a little action on the game when he was in seventh grade. Although, as salty as he is about the final game of a season, it’s amazing to think he hasn’t been invited to more watch parties by his neighbors.