Kelvin Benjamin says he has “awesome” knowledge of Bills offense

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Bills wide receiver Zay Jones declined to answer questions about a tweet posted by his mother that suggested Jones had to tell teammate Kelvin Benjamin where to line up, but he did talk to Benjamin about it.

Benjamin said Thursday that Jones came to talk to him about the tweet and “apologized for it.” Benjamin went on to say that he feels the entire receiving corps gets along well and helps each other out, although he also made it clear that he does not feel he needs assistance when it comes to figuring out where to line up in the offense. 

“Awesome,” Benjamin said when asked about his comfort level in the offense, via Mike Rodak of “I’m the No. 1, right? Why wouldn’t I be?”

Bills coach Sean McDermott said Benjamin’s knowledge of the system is “on the come” and offered a reminder that coordinator Brian Daboll has put a new offense into place this year.

Benjamin caught one pass for 10 yards in Buffalo’s 47-3 loss to the Ravens. He’ll look for better results when they face the Chargers this Sunday.

18 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin says he has “awesome” knowledge of Bills offense

  1. Sounds like a plea to some team to trade for and he’ll spill the beans. Problem is, everyone can already beat them. Except maybe for the packas

  2. *******************
    He can (no) the offense like it’s the back of his hand, it won’t matter. Josh Allen is playing quarterback
    I’m sure he has a better command of the playbook than you do the English language!

  3. youngnoizecom says:
    September 13, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    He can no the offense like it’s the back of his hand, it won’t matter …

    If you no the English language like the back of your posterior, what you write won’t matter.

  4. Ironically the Ravens had a player like him, Darren Waller. The Ravens realized that Waller was just to big and slow too play WR but the right size for TE and moved him there. Im not sure why the Panthers and Bills never thought about doing that with Benjamin.

    bam5239 says:
    September 13, 2018 at 2:59 pm
    1 for 10 yards. It was a slant right? Dude has the potential to be great but no motivation or personal accountability.

  5. Honestly, Sean McDermott had the worst 2nd down production in the entire NFL in 2017 due to the world’s most predictable playcalling. How can you blame the wide receivers on a team where the coach always runs on first and second down? That’s like blaming the tires for the car not starting.

  6. He’s just part of the problem. They are bad across the board. Might as well just go through the motions and get the number one pick in April.

  7. Dude is fat & lazy. When most players go to camp as rookies, wide-eyed,ready to learn & most importantly, in shape. Benjamin did none of that. Drafting him was a mistake & both Beane & McDermott were in the house when it happened.

    I think he was Gettleman’s first pick. He deserves to play for the Giants as that franchise crumbles. How smart can you be to slam your former QB on the way out the door? The NFL is a fraternity and players, coaches & FO personnel often meet again down the road. They will remember how he did Cam and the Panthers.

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