Report: Mychal Kendricks signing one-year deal with Seattle


Free agent linebacker Mychal Kendricks is signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Kendricks, who visited Seattle on Thursday, is expected to play Monday night against the Bears.

He entered a guilty plea last week to federal charges of insider trading and faces up to 25 years in prison. The NFL has taken no action to prevent Kendricks from playing.

The Browns, who signed him to a free agent deal in the offseason, released Kendricks after news of the charges surfaced.

In six seasons with the Eagles, Kendricks played 85 games with 74 starts.

30 responses to “Report: Mychal Kendricks signing one-year deal with Seattle

  1. is seattle that retarded? he’s likely going to prison at least a decade. seattle is the dumbest team in football at this point. enjoy being at the bottom of the nfc west losers. i hope russell wilson sucks.

  2. It looks like the feel good drafting of Shaquem did not fill the need at linebacker. Desperate people do desperate things, so they sign a linebacker who may be wearing an orange jumpsuit pretty soon.

  3. I guess that shield is to protect white collar criminals. Kendricks used his position as an NFL player, by furnishing tickets and merchandise to perpetrate fraud. I’m guessing this hits too close to what the suits at the NFL do to punish. What hypocrisy. Dude’s test positive for weed, where its legal and they get two games….

  4. This is proof positive that Kendricks got some sweetheart deal from the DA in exchange for pleading guilty, he’s obviously not gonna spend a day in jail.

  5. jmethane says:
    September 13, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    Insider trading isn’t like guns, drugs or abusing a partner…I don’t really care.


    The reason you don’t care is cause a) you might not be invested in the market and b) even if you are, the damage is spread thinly across all investors in the affected stock(s). But insider trading has to be prosecuted because if it ever got out of control / widespread, it could collapse the economy.

    Morally speaking, it’s basically someone stepping on your face to get ahead, but you don’t even notice. It’s the elite secretly cheating to make themselves even more elite.

  6. OBP says:
    September 13, 2018 at 10:15 pm
    This is proof positive that Kendricks got some sweetheart deal from the DA in exchange for pleading guilty, he’s obviously not gonna spend a day in jail.

    He probably didn’t get any more “preference” than anyone else who
    a). co-operated with the authorities.
    b). admitted his crime.
    c). agreed to pay back the illegal gains.

    Would you rather the court system be tied up for months rather than wrap this up and move on to something else?

  7. “Josh Gordon lost 3 seasons because he smokes weed”


    While I agree with your overall point, Gordon didn’t lose three seasons for smoking weed. he lost three seasons because he got caught and then refused to abide by the rules set for him to return. It’s not like he just did it once.

  8. Are some of you people that dumb to comment on something like this…you know that this will be legal in a year or two, right?! Smh

  9. So to make sure I have this correct. He admitted his guilt in a court of law yet he hasn’t been suspended or at the very least put on the Commissioners Exempt List? Now he’s going to play on Monday Night Football where I’m sure the guys in the booth will be talking about him and what he did. Is the NFL really that stupid. Not only are they allowing a person to play when it’s obvious that they should be suspended but you’re going to allow him to play in a nationally televised game where the NFL is going to look bad because people are going to want to hear more about him. Wow are they incredibly stupid

  10. They will for sure suspend him before he plays. Can’t let Seattle take advantage of them like that.

    As for the other guy, the answer is b. My investments dont suffer for what he did.

    I agree he should go to jail but if the rules allow Seattle to sign and play him before that happens I am all for it. He is a scumbag but he isnt a HUGE scumbag like a couple current players I could name.

    Not only do the people not feel him stepping on their faces, they would never even know about it unless he got caught. Just a mild scumbag in my book.

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