Duron Harmon fined $26,739 for hit on DeAndre Hopkins

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The Texans were stuck on their own 1-yard-line with less than a minute to go against the Patriots last Sunday when their long odds of coming back to tie the game got a boost from Patriots safety Duron Harmon.

Harmon was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, which gave the Texans 15 yards to work with in their ultimately futile attempt to get in the end zone. Harmon disagreed with the call after the game.

“I felt like it was a clean tackle. All honestly, I felt like it was shoulder. My shoulder hit his back,” Harmon said, via the Providence Journal. “You know what I’m saying? It’s a bang-bang play. We’ll see, but I feel like it was a clean tackle.”

The NFL disagreed with Harmon’s take. PFT confirmed with the league that the safety was fined $26,739 this week.

9 responses to “Duron Harmon fined $26,739 for hit on DeAndre Hopkins

  1. The Patriots work really hard on avoiding these kind of penalties. This is only the third helmet to helmet for them that I can remember in the past ten years or so. This was a really hard one to avoid. Hopkins nearly made an amazing catch in coverage and Harmon had to deliver the big hit to dislodge the ball, but Hopkins was twisting around so his head twisted straight to where his back/shoulder was, thus why Harmon felt that it was a clean hit since he aimed for hopkin’s back. Not a clean hit and deserving of a penalty but a bit of a harsh fine but I guess that’s what happens with any helmet contact now.

  2. How do you they calculate these fine numbers?

    I am also laughing at how you can drill someone with the helmet if the player has become a runner, and they’re still not caring or flagging it.

    So dumb.

    If the concept is to avoid CTE issues and to protect the player. So, if a player gets blindsided as a runner and takes a shot to the head with the helmet lead in, it should be a penalty, but Goodell is a fraud, so he doesn’t see the difference.

  3. I remember a Patriots receiver being knocked out of the last two games they played last year. Almost like it was in the game plan for those teams.

    No fines.

  4. There was one in the game on Burkhead that didn’t get a flag or fine. There is literally no rhyme or reason to this stuff. One of the guys on New Orleans got fined for more than his game check last week!

    I know they aren’t mind readers, but they have to confer a bit more on these before dropping the flag. Hell, they talked themselves out of a flag on Watson who CLEARLY grounded a ball in the end zone. I don’t care if there was a TE in the area. The dude was BLOCKING with his back to Watson. He was in NO WAY a receiver on that play design. Have some stones, refs.

  5. Burkhead was hit by Texans safety Jackson helmet-to-helmet, and was out earlier in the week with a concussion. No fine for Jackson even though he injured a guy.

    So we see the NFL doesn’t REALLY care about player safety, it’s all lip service and PR.

  6. our great coach teaches proper technique and penalty avoidance discipline. all other teams try to emulate this greatest of dynasties, but they don’t have belichick.

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