Eric Berry hasn’t practiced, listed as doubtful

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It appears the Chiefs are going to continue to be without safety Eric Berry.

Via Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star, Berry is listed as doubtful, making him unlikely to play Sunday against the Steelers.

He was at practice Friday but not participating. Berry hasn’t practiced since the middle of August, since developing heel pain.

After missing last year with a torn Achilles, they’re not going to rush him back, though they’ve said he’s making progress.

His absence is apparent, as the Chiefs secondary has been rebuilt, and not particularly well. They allowed 418 passing yards to the Chargers last week, and the Steelers have been known to be able to throw the ball.

7 responses to “Eric Berry hasn’t practiced, listed as doubtful

  1. Said it before, say it again. He will not play this year. The Chiefs medical staff appears to be a mess because it takes Chiefs players twice as long to return healthy (re: Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, etc) as players on other teams with similar injuries. Something with EB ain’t right so us Chiefs fans better get use to the circus that is our defensive backfield.

  2. I know that the Chiefs defense was absolutely horrendous in the preseason. However, to say they were bad against the Chargers last game is misleading. They actually held Rivers and Co. in check pretty well through most of 3 quarters. It was not until they went to their prevent defense (once they had the big lead) before Rivers put together his huge stats during garbage time in the 4th quarter.

  3. The Steelers offence didn’t look so hot against the Browns last week either. I guess we’ll find out Sunday whether that was because the Browns D is actually pretty good, or the Steelers O is bad this season.

  4. Full disclosure, to add to my comment above, I have to admit that a big reason why the Chiefs were successful through those first 3 quarters was because of several HUGE drops by the Charger WRs.

  5. Really wishing that Berry is going to be a factor this season, but there is no evidence to suggest that he’s even going to see the field at this point. Long past time that the Chiefs stop perpetuating this “sore heel” thing. Tell us WTH is really going on here.

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