Khalil Mack on track to play more this week

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Khalil Mack didn’t take part in any practices during the offseason or training camp before being traded to the Bears a week before the start of the regular season and some people had questions about his conditioning before last Sunday night’s opener.

Mack answered those questions pretty well. He played 42-of-60 defensive snaps against the Packers and spent most of the first half wrecking Green Bay’s offensive plans. The tide turned in the second half, but Mack said he felt fine and joked with outside linebackers coach Brandon Staley that his “body missed getting beat up.”

With the first test of Mack’s fitness out of the way, head coach Matt Nagy suggested his playing time will go up against the Seahawks on Monday night.

“We really didn’t know exactly where he was going to be,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Tribune. “You saw how well he could play and what his motor was like. He told us what his motor was like, but we weren’t sure. Then we saw it. Now we’re hoping we can keep growing from that. As long as he feels good, let’s go.”

Given what it cost to get Mack and what it costs to pay him, it’s not surprising that the Bears want to get as much out of Mack as they possibly can. We’ll find out Monday if that’s enough to get them the win that eluded them in Green Bay.

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  1. Jon Gruden is the most overrated head coach in the history of the NFL. He has done NOTHING in this league since he stole a Super Bowl from my Raiders in 2003. As a fan for over 40 years, I can honestly say that he will NEVER be a Raider again in my heart. Al Davis would have never re-hired this chump. He will fail in a league that has passed him up. Just fail Chuckie!

  2. In addition to more playing time, the team should allow him to be a rover and bring the heat from wherever he thinks he can penetrate. He gassed himself trying to bull rush from the same position over and over in the second half.

  3. .
    Trubisky and Mack have given Chicago fans hope and have elevated interest in the Bears. As an AFC guy I used to wince when they were on TV. Now I look forward to seeing them.

  4. In addition to more playing time, the team should allow him to be a rover and bring the heat from wherever he thinks he can penetrate. He gassed himself trying to bull rush from the same position over and over in the second half.
    Agreed. It doesn’t feel like Vic Fangio is being as creative as he could be to utilize the talents of Mack and Floyd. How much good does Floyd do dropping back in coverage when he has a club on his hand? Get Roquan Smith in there to handle the coverage and/or “spy” duties on mobile QBs, and turn the outside guys loose on the pass rush.

  5. Mack was gassed in the second half. Also, he was on a pitch count and still doesn’t have his football legs and conditioning. But I think it’s safe to say he proved his value in the first half. I still can’t believe the Raiders their best player, a generational player, in his prime. Only Oakland.

  6. I don’t understand how the Bears can lose any games now that they have the great Khalil Mack.

    I love the guy but he’s not God.

  7. Mack vs the Seattle Oline is a barbaric act announced well in advance. There needs to be a mercy rule and allow Mack to start rushing only 2 seconds after the snap.

  8. Hold on, I keep hearing from these players that they work out all off-season when holding out, is that not the case? Is training camp actually good for these guys? Huh, color me shocked…

  9. Athletic freaks like Mack are never out of shape, even in the offseason. They do not overeat, unlike guys like Eddie Lacy, who eat their way out of this league. Exercising and keeping in tip top shape physically is what they do all their lives. It is not work for them, it is their hobby.

  10. mack played great but was playing on talent alone. he had a week to get the bears scheme down so of course they just told him to line up and get the qb which he did in the first half. to bad for him and the bears the packers coaching staff made adjustments to counter that and he was ineffective the second half. wait until he absorbs the teams playbook and is turned loose and you will see a complete player again and real destruction on his part.

  11. The Cheeseheads were adjusting by throwing quick, short passes. It has nothing to do with whether Mack knows the playbook or not. Russell Wilson has been doing that in 2016 and 2017, throwing short, quick passes on first down to avoid getting sacked. Without Doug Baldwin, that will work well since Baldwin is very quick and can avoid being jammed by cornerbacks at the line of scrimmage. Mack will have a good chance of sacking Russell Wilson if Wilson cannot get rid of the ball quickly, just like Von Miller did. Chicago’s defensive coordinator is familiar with defending against Wilson because he was the coordinator with Frisco, so he will have the right scheme. Contain Wilson, keep him inside the pocket and then try to sack him.

  12. Russell is in for a long game if he survives and doesn’t get hurt. Then they’ll get Hundley. If the Bears don’t win, whose fault will that be?

  13. Mack is very quick, almost as quick as Von Miller, but he is also strong. He can bull rush past a blocker or run around him. Little wonder the 49ers were interested too.

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