Marcus Mariota, Blaine Gabbert both likely to play Sunday

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The Titans expect to have rookie linebackers Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry in the lineup after they missed the opener with injuries, but the news isn’t as good on the offensive side of the ball.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said that the team is still going through the evaluation process with quarterback Marcus Mariota‘s elbow and that he expects both Mariota and Blaine Gabbert to play against the Texans on Sunday. It’s not clear how that would work as one would imagine Mariota will play if healthy and that the Titans would sit him if he isn’t, but we’ll find out Sunday.

Vrabel also said, via Terry McCormick of Titan Insider, that Mariota’s progress has been “stagnant” this week. Gabbert replaced Mariota during last Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

Whoever Tennessee has at quarterback is going to be playing behind a pair of backup tackles. Left tackle Taylor Lewan and right tackle Jack Conklin were both ruled out on Friday and matters have been further complicated this week by backup Dennis Kelly‘s illness. Kelly didn’t practice Thursday and wasn’t seen during the portion of Friday’s practice open to the media.


17 responses to “Marcus Mariota, Blaine Gabbert both likely to play Sunday

  1. bet your life on the texans sunday moneyline..spread.. all of it…both our all pro tackles r out clowney and watt are going to destroy us…and no delanie walker. #1 pick in nashville for the 2019 draft in nashville…Tennessee Titans. And ps corey davis is also limited with hamstring this season is over.

  2. i hope the afternoon and night games are good because i wont be watching this local embarassment

  3. As a Titans fan, I have never lost interest in the team as early as I have this year… Week 1 was a depressing dumpster fire that totally ruined all the anticipation I had for this season. It’s time to rebuild that roster with healthy players and a good QB.

  4. The two are auditioning for the starter role. Plain and simple. Titans sat out Gabbert in the final pre season game, that was an indication that they considered his health as important as Mariota’s for the regular season. This has less to do with Marcus’ injury than Vrabel wanting to find the best bet at the position going forward. It’s something that started back in camp, and in the first game Gabbert came within a sketchy penalty call nullifying a Derek Henry TD run and a missed assignment by Delanie Walker that led to an interception of pulling that game out for them. As it was the Titans scored 17 points in one half of Blaine and just 3 in one half of Marcus.

  5. At least Marcos is not suspended for being stupid like Winston. Looks like Tenn got the better of the two.

  6. Well Titans are losing again. Especially if freaking Gabbert going in to play. The only QB he is arguably better then is Nathan Peterman. That isn’t exactly an accomplishment

  7. At least Marcos is not suspended for being stupid like Winston. Looks like Tenn got the better of the two.

    Not a fan of Winston right now as a person, however after watching him play this preseason and seeing what Mariota is doing, I’m okay with the choice the Bucs made. I’ll take the odds of Winston eventually growing up over Mariota learning how to play QB in the NFL (and staying healthy).

  8. M’boy Marcus was fine, but then something happened after he got injured. Still scratching my head… coming out of Oregon, Marcus’ stats were identical (more or less, or relatively so) to TB12’s 4:1 TD/INT ratio, in particular. But since the injury, and various changes in coaching personnel, something has changed, and not necessarily for the good.

  9. Both throwing passes in the same game? That concept doesn’t work well on your wedding night or in an NFL regular season game.

  10. Blaine Gabbert lost his job to Colin Kaepernick in 2016. Then he was signed by the Cardinals after he was allowed to leave as free agent, and then let go again after the 2017 season by the Cardinals. Gabbert is a better quarterback than Kaepernick. No collusion. LOL

  11. Steelers fan here..I do hope Marriott heals up and gets out of this two year slump. I believe if he was on a team w more talent he’d shine. He’s been more or less a one man army. I’d love to have him on my squad over an aching and quickly fading Big Ben.

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