Marcus Peters: Fine for grabbing crotch was worth it


Rams cornerback Marcus Peters paid homage to Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch late in last Monday’s game between the two teams when he grabbed his crotch while jumping backward into the end zone on an interception return.

Lynch was fined $11,050 and $20,000 for doing the same move twice during the 2014 season. Peters’ fine, which PFT confirmed with the league, was $13,369, but he said “it was worth it” to reference his fellow Oakland native’s memorable move.

“It’s all paying respect and loving the game of what we was playing,” Peters said, via “Who knows if this [is] Marshawn’s last year playing in the league. S—, we was up, closed the game out, no better way to go out in Oakland, who knows the next time we’ll get to play the Raiders in Oakland, they’re going to Vegas in what? A year and a half? So it was something that was well deserved for the hometown.”

Lynch, who Peters calls his cousin, was suspended for one game last season after making contact with an official while breaking up a fight between Peters, who was then with the Chiefs, and Raiders offensive linemen. Peters testified on Lynch’s behalf during an unsuccessful appeal attempt.