New rules aim to stop excessive drinking, table slamming at Bills’ tailgate

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Tailgating before Bills games has gathered a reputation as a rowdy atmosphere, with fans getting drunk and slamming each other through tables. This year, there’s an effort to stop all that.

WGRZ reports that new rules to curb excessive drinking have been implemented, and Erie County Sheriff’s deputies will be on the lookout for people who are drunk and disorderly.

Within the new fan code of conduct is a ban on table slamming in the parking lots. Fans who engage in the activity risk being arrested and removed from the premises.

It is hard to imagine the parking lots outside a Bills game without drunk guys getting body slammed through tables at 9 in the morning, but all good things must come to an end. Bills tailgates will not be the same.

112 responses to “New rules aim to stop excessive drinking, table slamming at Bills’ tailgate

  1. It was a bubble that was bound to pop. Just glad my Dad and I got to see the mayhem together while it lasted. Nothing says father son bonding like watching grown men get slammed thru a burning table or two Bills Mafia style!! #GOBILLS #LETSGOBUFFALO #BILLSMAFIA

  2. What two adults do to each other in the privacy of a tailgating party in the municipal parking lot is their own business. Soon, we will have investigative journalists researching non-consensual table slamming from the 1980’s.

  3. How’d you like to be the guy was tasked with coming up with some form of legalese to describe table slamming for that code of conduct?

  4. What you don’t realize is there are grass lots which are private property. There will be plenty of idiots through tables. Don’t worry America.

  5. Propers to those calling out the lack of freedom in America. It blows my mind how people are always trying to legislate others’ behavior, when it affects nobody else.

    There’s 8 days a year on which these folks spend a LOT of money to let loose and support their favorite team, it is a lifestyle for a lot of them. Every team has their superfans. Just let them have their fun, please. At the very least, designate a “family zone” where the world’s most boring people can sip decaf coffee and soberly contemplate other things to complain about

  6. I was at a browns- bills game a few years ago.had a great time tailgating.just a little busting when I was walking I to the stadium.browns won 6-3 and the bills fans said nothing to me leaving..

  7. I never heard reports of people being injured or really getting more out of hand than is normal at any other tailgate. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I mean there was the one guy who fell off a balcony at the stadium but there was no tables beneath him, just other fans.

    Buncha narcs making sure no one has fun

  8. Most of the shenanigans happen away from the actual stadium lots and on private property. Have no fear. You’ll still be getting lots of good (bad) video.

  9. If you need to slam someone through a table for entertainment while tailgating, you dont know the first thing about tailgating.

    Thank God the local authorities are putting an end to that scuzzy Bills Mafia behavior.

    Bills Mafia.. lol.

  10. Pretty bad market research for the new XFL to not have a Buffalo franchise.

    Not too late to change that Vince, and as the centerpiece, table slamming for all!

  11. What about jumping through sheets of glass, jumping through hoops on fire, axe throwing or chainsaw juggling? Come on Bills fans, get creative! Make table slamming look boring and lame!

  12. This is how we reward diehard fans who have endured countless heartbreaks??? We try to micromanage their parties???

  13. I would like to see a documentary about the bills tailgating history. Archival footage, mainstay legacy interviews, and kind of “why, how, etc,” as the promulgation of instant access videos and YouTube has signalled an end to it, I would just kinda see what it’s all about.

  14. Funniest thing I’ve seen at a football game.
    Went to Bills game several years ago and parked next to people from Canada. They were slamming on tables for two hours before the game.
    My brother and I had a blast !

  15. Fan – from the word fanatic – “filled with or expressing excessive zeal”. Bill’s fans are the very definition. Fight on Bill’s Mafia, fight on. Pat’s “fans” have your back on this one.

  16. Next thing, they’ll ban the archery contests at Redskins tailgates, and the long gun competition at Cowboys games. Might as well stay home and watch Red Zone.

  17. Those tables were half sawed through prior to the slam.
    Still pretty cool though

  18. it takes this for people to question “freedom in America?”

    you guys know that America has more prisoners than any other country in the world, right?

  19. Considering the product that the Bills will put on the field, the government has no business regulating anything in the parking lot.

    If they want to prosecute, they should sue the Bills for impersonating an NFL team.

  20. With the way the Bills are playing and their promise for another lost season what do the fans have to look forward to besides drinking. Most likely the Black Widow had a play in this.

  21. “I’m sorry, I thought this was America”.

    No one has the right to get slovenly drunk and act like a total buffoon in public. These morons are a very small minority who are endangering the decent fans around them.

  22. I am sorry sir, we would prefer if you refrained from potentially causing permanent physical harm to your body on our property.

    Our insurance company is real strict about such things.

  23. Plenty if private lots around. I’ve been to dozens of games there, never parked in stadium lot once.

    Table slamming ban will be as successful as prohibition.

  24. Guess we Have to stick to actual fistfights with various foreign objects at Philly tailgates if you want your WWE fix pre-game.

  25. Parking lots open at 9AM.
    No glass bottles but you can still use cans.
    Isn’t that enough time to get plastered before kickoff at 1PM?

    All thats been eliminated is table slamming, and people get hurt doing it.
    Maybe toss a ball around instead?

  26. “No one has the right to get slovenly drunk and act like a total buffoon in public. These morons are a very small minority who are endangering the decent fans around them.”

    Everyone should experience one soccer match in Poland in their lifetime.

  27. When the Bills finally field a competitive team for the first time since the early 90s I will consider drinking less before the games. Give the fans something to do other than drink.

  28. Wait, grown men willingly get body slammed on a table in public? Hey, who am I to judge what they do in Buffalo. I love tailgate culture in the US. You don’t have this anywhere else in the world.

  29. 18 year playoff drought after a humiliating playoff loss thanks to that senile old fool Ralph Wilson for benching Flutie, and I guess I’d be slamming my friends through tables too, lol.

    Grow up Bills fans. Tailgate with some class. Learn how to cook. THATS tailgating. Not TLC matches.

  30. “No one has the right to get drunk and act like a buffoon in public”.

    Thanks Cotton Mather. They’ve destroyed the game so much that tailgating is the only fun part of going to one.

  31. If I was a Bills fan and after seeing Week 1’s once pathetic performance, my thought is excessive drinking and table slamming is the perfect “coping mechanism”.

  32. i respect it but i dont understand the violence. in the south we booze hard but we dont do the whole beating each other up throwing our women thru walls and what not. is it a mental disorder?

  33. And us Philly Phans are crazy?? LOL. I am trying to get tickets to a home Bill’s game now! Always loved your loyalty to your team, now much respect for the fun you have before games. To think all we do in Philly is drink, eat and throw snowballs ( and an occasional cop horse punching)

  34. Bills games are great fun. The people I have met at the Bills tailgate parties have been great. Never have had a problem wearing Patriots gear there with my family. Sure, there are some drunk people, but they have all been really good people in my experience. I am sure there will still be some slamming going on in the private lots, but generally I have never had any issues at a Bills game. One of the most fun days out you can have and the atmosphere in the game is great too.

  35. “Guess we Have to stick to actual fistfights with various foreign objects at Philly tailgates if you want your WWE fix pre-game.”

    Fans of other teams should go to Philly to film their parking lot fistfights. Learn how to do it right.

  36. Follow up my last post. Been to 12 NFL stadiums. Bills are now #1 on my bucket list now. Been to some very boring tailgating stadiums. NY Giants sucked, Cowboys fans very nice (that was disappointing) (Jet Fans we’re great) Redskin fans boring, Vikings sucked, Panthers sucked. Hats off to Ravens, Browns, Chiefs, Oakland, and Saint fans..

  37. I went to a Vikings-Bills game a couple of years ago, in full purple. Had a great time; it’s a great tailgating atmosphere. Really only had one or two guys get obnoxious. I’m in full support of Bills Mafia, and if they want to break their own tables via flaming elbows, I’ll sip, watch, and cheer.

    My point? If opposing fans feel safe at the party, you don’t need more police.

  38. Not surprised. They are the worst fans when they travel and throwing up and fights is normal when they come to town.

  39. The best post of the day. Absolutely hilarious! Our tailgating at UT are all about eating and drinking. Pretty tame, thank God. Hope no rain out tomorrow.

  40. If they made up a rule that only allowed table smashing each time the Bills scored a touchdown, there would be no broken tables all year.

  41. It’s all fun and games until you witness all these broken tables with prosthetic legs, splintered backs, and twisted frames begging at off-ramps because they can no longer get work at yard sales. How are they supposed to support their families when they can’t even support a game of pong? Then comes the drinking, and suicidal thoughts, ultimately tossing themselves into a campfire to end it all. Bills fans are animals.

  42. Amazing that this sort of thing has been going on as long as it has. Just takes one drunken idiot to kill himself (or someone else) to generate a 100 million lawsuit against Pegula.

  43. Dear Bills fans, you guys had the second largest parking lot in the NFL to tailgate. Qualcomm in San Diego was the largest. It won’t be long before the Bills ownership will start asking for a new stadium (again) or start asking to build a shopping center around in the parking lot.
    The NFL owners see a parking lot full of well fed happy people, and the owners realize that those people spent their money elsewhere instead of in an NFL owners sanctioned bar, grill or restaurant.
    Enjoy your freedom now because the same disease that hit the Spanos clan in San Diego will eventually infect Buffalo.
    Just a thought…

  44. It seems like a silly thing to do. But when you get down to it, get all emotionally locked into the success or failure of 53 men on a field wearing a particular colors in a certain design is silly too.

    As long as they are not disrupting the enjoyment of those that do not want to participate have at it.

    But sadly we have to look at this from a liability perspective. The new Bills ownership is gaining some protection by coming about against it. We all have to admit, sooner or later someone will sue. If as mentioned above if the good parties are on private property, those property owners face the lawsuit risk, not the Bills.
    Also note…. Even if the lawsuit is unjust. The Bills would still have to pay to defend themselves and may find it easier to settle then fight.

  45. Not a deterrent. Erie County Sheriffs patrol the Bills stadium lots. Surrounding the stadium a a bunch of private lots, be it 2 cars or a couple hundred cars. THATS were the table slamming happens, and the Sheriffs do not patrol them. Most of the Bills lots are subdued, in fact they booted Pinto Ron from the Bills lots for getting himself squirted with ketchup and mustard before gams (look him up in YouTube). So, not stopping the table slammers, and not stopping people from getting drunk…at 30 bucks a car for parking, no way the pegulas screw up that cash cow.

  46. viffty says:
    September 14, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Jeebus, enough already. Let them have their fun
    What are you, 14?

    1. These guys are on Buffalo Bills property. Failure to do anything makes the Bills ownership liable for whatever happens out there.

    2. If you want to get smashed and jump onto a card table, do it in your backyard.

    3. Pretty sure Pegula is trying to attract wealthier fans who spend more money, not drunken hoodlums who pee themselves.

  47. Figures, Just when Shawne Merriman was coming down to put a few fans through some folding tables… He even had people signing waivers.

  48. Lmao@NFL

    They charge high prices for tickets, merchandise, parking, food, etc. Alcohol advertising throughout game. Then want to tell the customers what to do and how to do it.

    NFL can kiss OUR A#S

    They work for us.Without us their is no NFL

  49. That is some pretty weak table slamming…a skimpy $40 costco/Wal-Mart fold in the middle table. If course it’s going to break.

    They need to do it with solid tables, like the ones you rent from caterers. One table. Each guy tries to break it. The one who finally does, wins. Saves tables and makes it more interesting. Theoretically, only the guy who breaks it would be violating policy.

    I can see why they’re cutting it out of the municipal lot…all they need is one lawsuit by some idiot. Buffalo’s bulls can still break wimpy tables in private lots all they want.

  50. No one has the right to get slovenly drunk and act like a total buffoon in public. These morons are a very small minority who are endangering the decent fans around them.
    We do have that right. And as long as we only hurt ourselves, willingly… No problem. I’ll have my fun and you can wag yout finger. Both of us happy. Go Bills!

  51. The NFL need to clean up its act. Buffalo is not alone
    in its alcohol driven problems. I have attended many
    Division 1 College games and many NFL games.
    I enjoy drinking beer at a tailgate as most fans do.
    However I believe the NFL has to do more to protect
    visiting fans from being abused. I attend many a game and
    I have been yelled at, cussed at, “ accidentally” bumped into
    at visiting fields. When threatened ..local security officers
    often have no clue.
    Roger Goodell talks a about the shield …but he fails to see
    out of control fans have become.
    I attended a game this weekend. My team was the visitors.
    I had the nice experience of a 25 to 30 old fan screaming
    “ F the …..”. ( the visiting team ) ….on multiple occasions.
    In the seat behind was a 7 year old at his first NFL game.
    A row over was a 15 year old high school girl. The guy was drunk
    and an ass. A hometown fan in the row in front kept telling him to
    stop. A few stadium ushers in their early 20’s stopped down to
    say something only to laugh the situation off. They didn’t care.

    So Roger stop being a hypocrite ..put some teeth into undercover
    police or security and make the games safe.

  52. “you guys know that America has more prisoners than any other country in the world, right”


    And more respect for the rule of law, but your point is valid as well.

  53. cardinealsfan20 says:
    September 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm
    “I’m sorry, I thought this was America”.

    No one has the right to get slovenly drunk and act like a total buffoon in public. These morons are a very small minority who are endangering the decent fans around them.

    The number of thumbs down ceases to amaze. A hundred or so people still don’t get what they missed in civics class. Do they even teach that anymore? My 30+yo sons grew out of table smashing 15 years ago. What is this place, Myspace?

  54. Judge: what did you do son? Defendant: I got drunk at a Bills game tailgating and my buddies slammed me thru a table. Judge: seriously? Case dismissed and please give this man his tables back. Bills fans are awesome! Keep killing it Bill’s mafia

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