NFL fines Andre Branch for taunting Taylor Lewan

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The NFL didn’t fine Dolphins defensive end Andre Branch for his hit on Taylor Lewan that left the Titans offensive tackle with a concussion. But they did dock him $10,026 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Branch taunted Lewan after the vicious hit, setting off a scuffle between the teams. Officials penalized three players — two from the Dolphins and one from the Titans — for taunting, though Branch did not receive a penalty.

Video footage appeared to show Branch yelling “body bag” on the sideline afterward.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said he didn’t consider the hit illegal, but did think Branch targeted Lewan during the interception return.

Lewan, who remains in concussion protocol, will miss Sunday’s game.

22 responses to “NFL fines Andre Branch for taunting Taylor Lewan

  1. Name one time that Lewan blind sided another player into unconscious. That’s what I thought. Don’t confuse the swagger of a dominant line man and the actons of some one trying to hurt anther player.

  2. 700levelvet says:
    September 14, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    Only one body bag game…we know the participants. Enough with this nonsense
    You would think finally winning the Super Bowl would put to rest, once and for all, the idiotic love that some Eagles fans still have for Buddy “0-3 in the playoffs” Ryan and his underachieving teams.

  3. Reminds me of the new policy announced at a east coast elementary school recently. Students there are now forbidden from using the term “best friend ” for fear of hurting the feelings of others.

  4. There’s not a bigger punk move then hitting a guy who’s not looking and then dancing over him as if you just accomplished something. If Branch was even remotely close to being a real man he would have taken Lewan out with a block where Lewan can actually see him but because Branch knows he can’t do that he has to go after the guy when the guy has no idea a hit is coming. Seriously how hard is it to hit someone when you’re running at full speed and they have their head turned in the opposite direction. Perfect definition of a punk

  5. Legal hit, even Vrabel (a former player) thought it was.

    There are a lot of histrionics after a good play, but any player close to the opposing sidelines turning to said sideline to show such a display is just asking the NFL to write a check the following week.

    Hope Lewan is out of protocol next week, Mariota, and Gabbert (who looked good) are at risk til he returns.

  6. No one should suffer a concussion, however, Lewan is well known as a cheap shot artist. No doubt that Lewan did or said something to provoke Branch. It is unfortunate, because Lewan is an excellent player, but he cannot control himself

  7. This whole thing has been a joke, and Vrabel’s idiotic comments doesn’t change things. Should have been a Penalty. Analyzed as such repeatedly while waiting for the call, with an Ejection considered a real possibility. Then nothing. The whole game was like that. The Holding call on Derrick Henry’s TD run was compete trash.

  8. Lewan never saw Branch coming. Some people think what that’s on Branch? I guess he’s suppose to yell out here I come before that hit? Maybe Lewan should pay more attention when he’s in pursuit of a play that he was looking to put a hit on somebody.

  9. Totally clean hit on Lewan. You play to the whistle! Be alert on Turnovers! Having said that… totally bush league to stand over someone and taunt. The “Legal and Clean” hit should speak for itself.

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