Nike stock closes at a record high

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In the day or two after the new deal between Nike and Colin Kaepernick was announced, the Kaepernick naysayers were taking delight in the fluctuation of the stock price, insisting that the initial drop meant that investors were bailing on the brand. Even though most of the other publicly-traded companies in the same industry saw their stock prices drop, too.

To the extent that such short-term movements have clear and direct relevance to the Kaepernick deal (and they likely don’t), Nike shares closed on Thursday at an all-time high.

On Tuesday, September 4, Nike closed a $79.60 per share. On Thursday, the closing price hit $83.47.

That’s a 4.8-percent increase, and it reflects an appreciation in the value of the company by roughly $5 billion.

Again, it’s difficult if not impossible to attribute the climb to Kaepernick. But those who don’t like Kaepernick (and by extension Nike) opened the door to the stock-price argument by obsessing over the temporary decline. Those same voices are conspicuously silent now.

If only those voices would remain conspicuously silent for good.

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  1. On the day they announced this there stock dropped at a cost of 4 billion dollars lost! So now they say there up? Really? Sounds like they just made there money back and that’s it! Nice try!

  2. What? Everything i heard predicted immediate gains but questioned the long term thinking. Supporters rally for things instantly but seldom sustain.I have no idea what`s going to happen i`m just saying this is in no way surprising is it?

  3. That’s a two way street. To combat the immediate reaction that “Nike is failing because of Kaep” the Karl supporters argued “it’s a global company and Kaep/Anerica doesn’t have that kind of pull”. Sort of hypocritical to do the same thing you are calling out the other side for, no?

    Either way, Nike is using this, and using all the “kneeling supporters” to make money. I would think the supporters be incredibly insulted that Nike is pretending to care, and prostituting the movement for cash. But that’s just me.

  4. There’s more of us who want America to actually get better, than those of you who wallow in your bigotry and insist people need to worship inanimate objects.

    And before you get all judgmental bigot-wise, I’m a vet, and I endorse this message.

  5. You love stats and numbers so much but you completely ignore the fact that everything kapernick says is false and he doesn’t have the mental capacity to back it up.

  6. If only those voices would remain conspicuously silent for good.

    I can’t believe I just read that.
    Tolerance…. as long as you agree with my opinion.

  7. Totally agree with your last point, people who were trying to use the absolutely normal fluctuation as a political stunt had it backfire on them.

    Nike’s Kaepernick decision did/will not have a material effect on the stock price, both decreasing and increasing.

  8. The numbers won’t roll in for a while. I’m bought Fila and New Balance, and I’m scrapping my Nike shirts, which won’t hurt financially, but it makes me feel good.

  9. It did dive because of the ad. But anyone with a brain knew that this was a temporary artificial drop in price and it would return to its normal value. So the smart thing to do was put your politics aside and grab up some while it was low. So a bunch did this. The first effect is it will swing high, or just did. The really smart guys that bought low will now dump it at the high price. It will correct back and forth a few more timed and settle back to its normal value. Sorry, no politics. This is just a bunch of guys that like making money making themselves some money.

  10. Lol. If you disagree with me shut up. I love that people are crowing about Nike’s stock price and Kaepernick when he is a big reason Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  11. So stomping around like a toddler didn’t sink the global corporation? Gonna need another distraction so people forget all the terrible things I said.

    Frankly, people should be more upset about Nike’s crimes against southeast Asia rather than anything Kaepernick did.

  12. Here is something that is always been known. Controversy sells. Always has and always will. NFL ratings are because the product stinks. Watch the game tonight, almost every TD was set up by penalty. Who wants to watch that?

  13. It’s weird.

    I support Kap, but simultaneously bemoan the politization of the only sport I really watch regularly. The man pretending to be POTUS, ain’t helping here.

    I guess if you’re gonna essentially compel people to honor the anthem- which is some weird shoot in its own right- then it opens the whole matterup to dissent. I mean, who doesn’t wanna stick it to the MAN?!

    But it’s still weird. And I still bemoan it. Can you hear me bemoaning? Could just be the kielbasas you ate.

  14. Nike knew what they where doing. How many of these clowns that burn there nikes products or refuse to buy nikes item actually buy the nike stuff that are the big money maker? Nike knows the people that support kap are the ones willing to spend $200 for Jordan’s Kevin Durants and lebrons sneakers. They could careless if they lose the guy that power walks around the mall before it open type of customers!!!

  15. I totally forgot I was boycotting Nike and bought a pair. Then I totally forgot I was boycotting the NFL and watched all day Sunday. And now I’m on a football site. Geez, this boycotting stuff is difficult when your memory starts to go.

  16. The stock market is rigged by the rich investors buy and sell tactics. Maybe Nike is buying up shares themselves (through other means) inflating shares. That will correct itself in time. I have never purchased from Nike and never will. When they charge $200 for a pair of sneakers being made in some third world country for probably 2$2 a pair no thanks.

  17. It’s also difficult to quantify the loss of future sales. I am the father in a family of 4. I used to buy Nike products, although not exclusively. I will never buy anything from them again. I duspect there areplwntymore just like me. Those future losses dont show up in to today’s stock prices.

  18. Let’s reevaluate the situation in 6 months. People will be fired and then those type of people will blame it on their eye color, hair color, the car they drive, or some other really stupid reason why they were fired.

  19. One thing will NEVER change. Kap will NEVER play in the NFL again.
    Market trends happen over a period of time. Let’s C what happens in 6-12 months.

  20. You know Trump will say something like “Well the initial stock drop meant that people were bailing on Nike. But now the increase just means that I’m such an amazing fantastic success! Congratulations to me!”

  21. It’s funny that Nike, like a lot of other clothing and apparel companies, have exploited cheap labor in Asia and South America for decades, and no one batted an eye. We’re talking factories where people work very long hours, for very little pay and also have to endure some pretty unsafe working conditions. No to mention Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. have all had serious violations come to light in the factories that produce their products.

    But yet Nike naming Kap as one of their faces for a campaign gets some people all up in arms.

    Oh and instead of burning or destroying your Nike gear, maybe donate it for those in need that will happily take your shoes, socks, shorts, etc.

  22. It will silence them until they find another way to twist the narrative to their liking…it’s their pattern.

    I’m glad NIKE decided to stand up to the bullies like the POTUS and openly reject their views on what protest should look like and who should be able to do it. If you’re not buying their shoes because of the anthem or Kaepernick, you too are engaged in a PEACEFUL PROTEST, protected by the same constitution, so why is one protest “better” than the other?

  23. Nike really has little to no social conscience since their products are manufactured in foreign sweatshops. We’ll see how store sales go in light of this.

  24. My favorite part is how the anti-Nike posters on here think that they represent the majority of Americans……Hah!

  25. I have no problem spending money on products that are well made, fit right, and are of a style that I’m okay with wearing. I don’t normally buy products solely because of a political stance.

    My problem with Nike footwear (and many other manufacturers too) is that I can never seem to find a pair that have the arch support I need or have the arch in the right spot. And when I do, it always seems to be a pair that could be style-coordinated with a rocket backpack or requires no additional lighting around me in pitch-black conditions.

    C’mon….can’t you footwear companies just make a decent lightweight sneaker, with good arch support, in some simple styles for older guys like me?

  26. But but but….a few people burned their Nike merchandise and boycotted football! Are you saying these multi billion dollar companies haven’t folded yet? Oh wait, a poster said he’s a family of 4 so his future non purchases are going to matter. Sure bud. Sure.

  27. This will be short lived as the supporters are out buying a lot of Nike goods and stock. As time goes on and sales drop a bit due to the people that will no longer buy their products those stock prices will also go down some.

  28. To recap, the stocks didn’t change because of Kaep, yet we are going to celebrate that Kaep is the reason they are up??? Both sides of this argument are so stupid. The kneelers have had their cause prostituted by Nike for money and they should be incredibly offended by it (hell everything else offends them). But they aren’t. They are celebrating the fact that Nike has exploited them on a massive scale. Lmfao. The irony is beautiful

  29. dirtdawg53 says:
    September 14, 2018 at 12:26 am
    Those voices aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. They are tools however.

    Not all the tools in the shed are meant to be sharp, hence; a hammer, dull as can be but effective as hell!

  30. So it lost 4.4 billion and then went up 5 billion. Thats not a profit of 5 billion!!! Its 600 million up from where it was before kap. Not 5 billion. And its stock is only up because of the 1 week sale in china and japan, where they had a 50% off sale for 7 days in both countries, and had record sells in said countries.

  31. Nike stock price increasing (along with the 30% increase in sales from 1 year ago) suggests that the voices that are critical of the protesting are truly in the minority, or weren’t Nike customers in the first place. Either way, I agree that we heard enough of this already (from both sides, frankly). Let’s play football!

  32. Nike is just playing the long game with chinese tariffs. They will use this to leverage china to lower the cost of manufacturing. It’s got nothing to do with social conscience. 100% business.

  33. Think on this, no political opinion on my part either way, just a pure business stand point…. Before Nike came out with this new ad campaign, they had in essence 100% of both sides of the argument (taking into account those that bought Nike, or were loyal to Nike). After the campaign I guarantee they lost more customers then they gained.

    Again this is not a political comment, Nike made a calculated move and it will not work out for them in the long run. Years from now when the numbers are crunched this will be a college level discussion on why business, politics and public don’t mix. This is why smart businesses make their political beliefs known with campaign donations and policy lobbyists. They get what they want without getting their hands dirty in the public.

  34. vancouversportsbro says:
    September 14, 2018 at 1:31 am

    Wow, a four dollar increase. Congrats. I’m sure Apple is now lining up to get Kaepernick in a few commercials to increase their stock some more too.


    $ 5 Billion global increase in value. There, I said it real slow for you

  35. Thanks to the great economy a lot of companies are posting record highs. It has nothing to do with their marketing fiasco.

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