Olivier Vernon to miss another game

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Giants head coach Pat Shurmur’s read on linebacker Olivier Vernon‘s condition turned out to be the wrong one.

Shurmur said earlier this week that Vernon would “be out there this week” after missing the season opener with an ankle injury, but Vernon did not take part in practice on Wednesday or Thursday. Vernon sat out again on Friday and he’ll continue to be on the shelf when the Giants head to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Sunday night.

Shurmur announced on Friday that the Giants have ruled Vernon out again this week. While his initial comments about Vernon’s outlook were the opposite of how things played out, Shurmur also said that there hasn’t been a setback with the ankle.

Lorenzo Carter and Connor Barwin split time in place of Vernon in the Giants’ loss to the Jaguars and will presumably do the same this weekend.

9 responses to “Olivier Vernon to miss another game

  1. The Giants have to tremendously regret giving Olivier Vernon all of that money as if the guys either hurt or ineffective when he actually does play. Vernon had just 6.5 sacks last year and 8.5 the year before, he is a good #2 caliber pass rusher who’s paid as if he’s an Elite #1 caliber pass rusher getting 40.5M GT’D at signing w/ $52.5M in total Guarantees, a $20M signing bonus with an Average of $17M per year. Vernon got basically the same amount Guaranteed at signing as Von MIller got at signing.
    Elite 1st Team All-Pro/Pro-Bowl Pass-Rusher DE Chandler Jones who leads the NFL in Sacks among Edge rushers going back to 2013 led the NFL in sacks (17), QB Pressures (79) and in Tackles For Loss by a wide margin with 29 (Next guy had 21) and Vernon makes more yearly on AVG with more in Guarantees (Jones has $31.5 GTD at signing , $51M in total guarantees w/ an AVG salary of $16.5M yearly) than the NFL’s current sack king n leader in Chandler Jones who is also a far superior top 3-5 elite NFL Edge rusher. Giving Vernon’s lack of production and tendency to constantly dissappear during games Giants fans must hate that contract now and cannot wait to get out from under it.

  2. Vernon has a high ankle sprain. I really like the guy, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a lost season for him. His game is explosion off the line and pressure. Tough to do that with a bum wheel.

  3. hawkkiller says:
    September 14, 2018 at 1:23 pm
    The Giants have to tremendously regret giving Olivier Vernon all of that money as if the guys either hurt or ineffective when he actually does play


    700levelvet says:
    September 14, 2018 at 1:54 pm
    Most overrated,overpaid player in the league.


    Vernon was signed to a massive contract by the GM who was fired just before the 2017 season ended. Only 18 members of the opening day 53 man roster for 2018 were on the Giants 2017 opening day roster. That is a huge housecleaning.

    Of course the current Giants management would cut Vernon if it was reasonably possible, but it isn’t. Vernon is a pretty good, but not great and not dominant, edge rusher. His salary of $12.75 million for 2018 is fully guarnateed. The get no cash savings and no cap savings for cutting him in 2018. That means that as long as he is OK (doesn’t even have to be good, like he actually is), no team would cut him. It makes no sense to cut a good player whose contract is fully guaranteed. There is no savings from cutting the player, which means that replacing the player on the roster just costs the team more.

    Vernon has no guaranteed money in 2019 and 2020, and his salary (not guaranteed) rises from 2018 to 2019. It is probably a very safe bet that Vernon will get cut after the 2018 season

  4. This is one of the dirtiest players in the NFL, who makes a habit of falling into QBs. He deserves a career ending knee injury.

  5. Offensive linemen regularly dive at the feet of edge rushers. I thought this was illegal, but I recall seeing this specifically in the Dallas vs. Carolina game with DeMarcus Lawrence. The TV cameras showed him getting up slow and dusting off his knees.

    If anyone thinks Gregg Williams was the only coach to instruct his players to take players out, I think that would be a tremendous oversight. We see it through the actions of plays on the field, and its by design, ergo ‘coached’ as part of the scheme. The NFL puts on a show about player protection. Meanwhile the coaching staff of every team comes up with new creative ways to inflict physical damage to their opponents so certain players are removed from the game, tipping the edge in their favor.

    Stay woke.

  6. I used to wonder why Miami let a promising pass-rusher walk as he was coming into his prime. Then I saw what NYG paid him and realized, if that was his asking price, then why wouldn’t any semi-intelligent front office let such a player walk? At least we overpaid for elite talent with Suh. Vernon has been a colossal misfire.

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