Schottenheimer: Seahawks trust Keenan Reynolds in slot receiver role

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Former Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds will soon get his chance to play in a regular season game. And he could get plenty of reps at the slot receiver position, due in part to the knee injury suffered by Doug Baldwin.

“Yeah, he’s been trained in that spot so obviously he’s a guy that can do that,” offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer told reporters on Friday regarding Reynolds. “He is very comfortable in some of those roles. We trust him. The cool thing about Keenan is he’s still learning the receiver position but he sees it from [Russell Wilson’s] perspective so that’s why, with a lot of those routes that they’re running maybe in the slot, they have a good feel for one another.”

Reynolds, a sixth-round pick of the Ravens in 2016, has been previously cut by the Ravens, by Washington, and by Seattle, before being added to the Seahawks’ 53-man roster earlier this week. Come Monday night, the players whose No. 19 has been set aside by the folks at Annapolis may finally get an opportunity to show what he can do at Chicago.

9 responses to “Schottenheimer: Seahawks trust Keenan Reynolds in slot receiver role

  1. I’m rooting for this guy. I wish the Ravens had kept him around longer as he’s incredibly talented.

  2. Cool story, Schotty. Now I dare you to call some quick pass plays to him to keep Mack and Chicago’s d-line off balance. Which would be the exact opposite of what you did in week 1. That play-calling was worse than Bevell’s.

  3. A new offensive coordinator who will NOT use Russell Wilson’s scrambling ability is definitely not the answer to Seattle’s problem on offense. Did Schottenheimer call a read option in the Broncos game? Bevell would have done it. Don’t blame the old OC for Seattle’s mediocre offense. The problem is their O line and running backs, and Russell Wilson is a game manager, not a passer like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Drew Brees. He is never going to lead the league in passing yardage. Last season, after being 2nd overall on passing yardage at midseason, Wilson slumped in the second half and finished 12th overall in passing yards. To win again, Seattle needs to rebuild its O line by signing good free agents since their drafting history on O linemen have been poor the past few years. Their free agent signings are terrible too, as their signed Luke Joeckel to an $8 million contract for 1 year.

  4. Roquan and Mack playing on more downs this week spells trouble for the Seattle offense. Roquan had 3 tackles and a sack in the 8 plays he was on the field in week 1. Russell Wilson will need some Aaron Rodgers type heroics against this Bears defense this week if they want to win.

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