Adam Gase ditches captain vote, appoints them himself

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The Dolphins no longer are a democracy.

Coach Adam Gase has dispensed with the practice of allowing players to pick captains, opting instead to appoint them himself. This year, five players will serve as full-season captains, with a sixth added each week.

The five full-season captains are quarterback Ryan Tannehill, receiver Kenny Stills, center Daniel Kilgore, cornerback Bobby McCain, and special-teamer Walt Aikens. Defensive end Cam Wake served as the Week One extra captain.

I picked them,” Gase said, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “I changed it this year.”

Why the change?

“Because I wanted to,” Gase added.

Technically responsive, Gase eventually provided more reasoning for his decision to name the captains: He wants guys who will embrace leadership when the team needs it.

“We’re looking for those guys that’ll step up when things get tough and things aren’t quite going the way [we expect],” Gase said. “Who’s going to step up, and who’s going to be a guy not only to play well but to be vocal as well?”

It’s clearly another consequence to the lost season of 2017, which saw the Dolphins encounter plenty of adversity — and which allowed Gase to realize who was with him and who wasn’t.

In 2017, players voted for five captains: Still, Wake, Mike Pouncey, Ndamukong Suh, and Michael Thomas. Pouncey and Suh were two of the players purged by Gase after the season.

20 responses to “Adam Gase ditches captain vote, appoints them himself

  1. A captain that is appointed might as well have SNITCH tattooed on his head. The team will unofficially pick their real captain and ignore this anyway.

  2. 3 offensive players, one defensive and one special teams. Oh a quick google search says he was an offensive coach. Explains that.

    Also gonna be exciting to see how the players handle one of the few true decisions they get being taken from them. I’m willing to bet when adversary hits his captains will be able to stifle dissent.

  3. amurdora says:
    September 15, 2018 at 6:05 pm
    3 offensive players, one defensive and one special teams. Oh a quick google search says he was an offensive coach. Explains that.
    You needed to look that up?

  4. HurtsToReadComments says:
    September 15, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Everyone will buy in or get out – Adam Gase

    Screw this I want out coach – Jay Ajayai

    Anybody else want to test me? -Adam Gase

    Thanks for the Super Bowl ring, coach! – Jay Ajayai





    Ajayi should be thanking Goodell for a first time ever 14 free points in a SB for one team over the other.

  5. Gase is the HC, so it’s appropriate that he does what HE thinks is best for his team since HE is ultimately responsible.
    If the media views Gase as some sort of “dictator” then I will respond by saying that the players, most of them, voted for both Obama & Clinton (both pro-dictator), so they would be hypocrites if they start crying about not being trusted to vote for captains.

  6. The SB that Ajayi got was not earned. He may of ha damage few decent games but when you get traded and you aren’t with that team all season that is an asterisk next to it. Besides that he will have one or 2 bad games and become a cancer like he was in Miami.
    He isn’t even a top 20 RB !!

  7. LowIQLeft – Get this: Veterans, like me, fought for even ignorant people who hide behind their keyboard and write nasty things about people they don’t know or things they don’t understand to have the right to peacefully protest. Get an independent education and knowledge of the world and stop following the noise and rhetoric! Like Dean Wormer said: “Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life, son!”

  8. LowIQ describes you perfectly. You speak without knowing that Stills volunteers and visits veterans. He goes on ride alongs and does community outreach with police. In other words he does more for America than you probably have or will do. As a species humanity would be better off if we kept more like him and lost more like you.

  9. A captain that is appointed might as well have SNITCH tattooed on his head

    Out here in industry, we’re all appointed. Popularity contests don’t pay the bills.

  10. Gase is not head coaching material and will likely be fired by seasons end, how can he stress leadership when he is not a leader himself?
    No one respects him, and no discipline as his team leads the NFL in penalties year after year.

    The only true leader on the Dolphins roster is Cam Wake.

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