Source: Josh Gordon claimed he injured hamstring at Friday night promotional shoot

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Usually, excuses are made for the stars and examples are made for the scrubs. But not even the stars have an unlimited supply of second chances.

Per a league source, Browns receiver Josh Gordon told the team that he injured his hamstring at a Friday night promotional shoot. The promotional shoot, per the source, was not a team event.

The injury prompted the Browns to rule Gordon out of Sunday’s game at New Orleans on Saturday afternoon. And the circumstances surrounding the injury apparently contributed to the decision that enough is enough.

Per the source, there was indeed a promotional shoot. The Browns didn’t attempt to confirm that Gordon has an injury before traveling to New Orleans. Instead, all things considered, the team simply decided that it was time to move on.

34 responses to “Source: Josh Gordon claimed he injured hamstring at Friday night promotional shoot

  1. Demons did not attribute to this instance, bad descion making did. You can only make so many excuses for someone before you realize they will never get it. He wasn’t high, he wasn’t going off the rails, he just did something that jeopardized his career plain and simple. I was rooting for this kid but come on

  2. Cleveland should get some credit for attempting to give this guy a chance.

    I’ve seen guys get fired for less by greedy lowlife employers.

    It was past time for the split… but… they supported (a talented guy) him when he was troubled.

    Pretty classy.

  3. You feel sorry for him? He has all the resources and money necessary for the best rehab centers in the country. I feel sorry for the millions of families fighting for their loved ones. I feel sorry that their only options are either the police or new locks for their front door. Perspective.

  4. Self sabotaging behavior is common for the (recovering?) addict. The Browns did everything they could. He has to find another way in life that doesn’t involve people who have to rely on him.

  5. sheetolay says:
    September 15, 2018 at 9:39 pm
    Goodell & Haslam licking the egg off each others’ faces.

    No one is licking egg off of their face. It’s called humanity. Might was to try it sometime.

  6. assuming this isn’t drug test related, can anyone explain to me why the Browns made this super public?

    would it be to attempt to create some competition for a trade? seems like the Browns are shooting themselves in the feet with these leaks

  7. “Buddy boy….” Seems to me that John Dorsey is cutting loose the baggage that was attached to the Browns before he arrived as GM last December

  8. Josh finally wore out his welcome after one superstar season from long ago. The Browns stuck with him through all the issues and suspensions, hoping for his eventual return to form on the field. They cut him loose when it finally became obvious it wasn’t going to happen in Cleveland.

    Josh likely now needs a kick in the ass from another team rather than continued patience and coddling. I don’t think he’s at the end of the road but he’ll be on a very short leash with whoever signs him. Yes, he deserves support as he apparently continues to battle his demons, but on the other hand, it’s time for him to mature, prove his worth and become a dependable teammate.

    If he can’t, teams won’t allow him to continue milking his one-hit wonder status and will let him fade away into the long line of untapped potential.

  9. This guy is as irrelevant as the team he played for. So tired of reading about anything Cleveland related. So much press for such a loser franchise and loser player.

  10. El Guapo says:
    September 15, 2018 at 9:45 pm
    Well he is escaping some demons by leaving the Browns, and plenty of teams are interested!

    Considering he has admitted to smoking weed before games at Baylor, I think his demons were with him long before the Browns. It’s not intelligent to blame the Browns for his demons……it’s just intellectually lazy. But hey, you got your 1-line insult in on Cleveland….now go back to your intellectually lazy life.

  11. Sad commentary on these guys. Maybe they should be on a $50k contract instead of millions. They obviously have too much money on their hands and don’t know what else to do with it.

  12. Kind of weird that they cut him for a Non-football injury, considering how they stood by him after all these years. Something else must have happened.

  13. Odd thing is that he was at a high school football game Friday night, motivating a team. Not sure if it had something to do with it, but it might have happened there.

  14. Sounds like it was a last straw sort of thing because he was constantly late to practices. Other issues at play besides the over riding substance abuse issue.

  15. Unless he has another suspension coming, he needs to go to a team where the Coach can handle him. Clearly it hasn’t worked out in Cleveland, and he’s had enough chances. This has to be his last, unless rehab is on the agenda.

  16. Many of us out here have more issues than Gordon. We think we would control ourselves if it meant millions of dollars, but we’re just guessing/hoping. Don’t know until you walk in his shoes. I know we’re all football experts, but I guess we’re mental health experts too. We just don’t work in those fields, but it’s easy, right?

  17. Right you are, okcuc. Let’s hope it doesn’t end with Josh. Way too much deadwood in that organization.

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