Week Two best bets

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As the second Sunday of the 2018 NFL season arrives, some of you may be looking to make some legal wagers. Or otherwise.

So you may be looking for some help before making your final bets. We’ve got you covered, pun not intended but what the hell we’ll take it.

It’s the Week Two “Best Bets” segment, with MDS and yours truly picking three games each against the spread.

Ultimately, don’t rely exclusively on our input. Just use it as one piece of the puzzle. And please be responsible with your wagering; we’d hate for your to not have any money left to spend on the goods and services offered by our sponsors.

1 responses to “Week Two best bets

  1. I think you guys my have have lost your minds about the Bears. They may be “wounded,” as you say, but a wounded animal is a dangerous animal. These Bears aren’t the cuddly little Bears of Marc Trestman. These Bears played like the Historic Chicago Bears in the first half last week. Credit some of that (the defensive performance) to John Fox.

    Yeah, Rodgers got ’em but it took quite possibly the best half of football Rodgers ever played to do it and not many teams could, or would, weather that storm.

    If the Bears come out swinging, Seattle’s O-line is going to be in a world of trouble against that Bears’ front 7. The only question in my mind is whether or not the Bears can put together two halves to match last week’s first half.

    As counter-intuitive as it may be, this Packer fan will be rooting hard for the Bears Monday night.

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