When released, Josh Gordon will become a free agent

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Although Browns receiver Josh Gordon didn’t have the four years of service necessary to become an unrestricted free agent when his contract expires, he has the four years of service necessary to become a free agent when cut.

“He is a vested veteran,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT. “His contract would be terminated, it is not subject to waivers.”

This means that, once the Browns release Gordon, he’ll be able to sign with any team he wants, for any contract he can negotiate.

That dynamic could make Gordon more attractive as a trade target, giving a team a chance to grab his contract (at a base rate of $790,000) instead of competing for his services on the open market, where in theory he could get more. Gordon’s status also gives the Browns an incentive to trade him; as a vested veteran who was on the Week One roster, Gordon is eligible to take the balance of his salary as termination pay.

So if the Browns can avoid terminating the contract, Gordon can’t get termination pay. That obligation would attach to his new team, if his new team decides to cut him.

55 responses to “When released, Josh Gordon will become a free agent

  1. Honestly, any corporation in America would consider him radioactive and run for the hills.

    The NFL however……

  2. Six Josh Gordon stories on the homepage as of this writing.

    It makes me long for the days of Tebowmania and Deflategate.


  3. eaglesarechamps says:
    September 15, 2018 at 10:42 pm
    God with all the writing about this guy you would think he is a superstar.


    Regardless of what you think of him, doesn’t change that he is a superstar.

  4. I’d love to see B.B. TAKE A FLYER ON HIM…..even giving up a draft pick to secure his rights ….even if he doesn’t see the field for 4-6 weeks while he learns the system….. I believe, if any team can truly salvage this guys career, it would be a franchise like the Patriots…..
    ANYWAYS, I hope wherever he goes he conquers his inner demons & gets his head on straight….
    Go Pats!!!

  5. Ian Rappaport says at least 5 teams have called the Browns on Gordon.

    The latest odds from oddshark.

    NE +150
    GB +200
    TEN +250
    JAX/DAL/IND/NYG +400
    NYJ +500
    ARI/SEA +600
    CHI/PHI +1000
    SF +1200
    Any other team +500

  6. “Six Josh Gordon stories on the homepage as of this writing”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    You have to understand that mike florio grew up a pittsburgh steelers fan,
    moved to pittsburgh to go to college, and regularly covers/shames for the steelers.

    So… this is a typical florio attack flood meant to denigrate an AFC North opponent.

    Not writing about the Browns class and patience with josh gordon is an insult
    to people who try to rehabilitate drug abusing addicts.

  7. 250dollarnflowner says:
    September 15, 2018 at 10:53 pm
    am I the only one who hates the “… is on line 1” comments?

    0 0 Rate This

    that’s why i like to say line 2, as i assume line 1 is occupied.

    has a better ring to it anyway

  8. wait!

    I’ve got it!

    BB’s vulcan mind meld forced gordon to come in this morning all ripped on kush and a morning 6 pack, after BB mindmelded a hammy pull.


  9. Ha Ha so after 7 years of this guy torturing Browns fans he’s going to go on and have a productive career with some other team?? Yeah and I suppose Kizer will fill in for Rodgers and take them to the Super Bowl.

  10. eaglesarechamps says:
    September 15, 2018 at 10:42 pm
    God with all the writing about this guy you would think he is a superstar.


    What Josh Gordon is really good at is missing games.

  11. Was there a drug test by the Browns? He was acting strange when showing up Saturday morning – or is this his way of getting out of Cleveland and making more money elsewhere. Cleveland has held his contract and his low pay like a noose around his neck. Maybe Gordon just said “I’m going to get out of here.” While the getting is still good.

  12. trainwrecksryan says:
    September 15, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    Six Josh Gordon stories on the homepage as of this writing.

    It makes me long for the days of Tebowmania and Deflategate.




    Where have you been? This site is specifically known for it’s ability to take a 10 minute press conference and literally write a seperate article about every individual sentence spoke.

    Expect more Gordon articles with subject lines like “A new player will now be able to wear the #12 Jersey on Browns” and “Will moving company drug test Josh before renting van?”

  13. OK….credit to he Browns for all these years of seeing talent above substance abuse……but it seems even the Browns are exhausted…….good luck to all to Gordon but this seems like a lost cause….

  14. Super star? Yeah BUT was YEARS ago! Obviously everyone can agree on his flashes of amazing talent and Gordon’s ‘incredible potential’. Everyone agrees then? Right? Gordon is gifted. He could be one of the best at his position. Okay good. BUT it’s the ‘NFL’ which is an acronym for ‘not for long’. So easily everyone forgets ‘the Manzel time’. Or how the Cleveland Browns have stood by him. Supported him. Over and over. Here’s the thing. Gordon just can’t defeat his demons. It’s that simple. It’s sad. From what it sounds like Gordon has tried really hard too. Gordon’s well of ‘second chances’ has run dry. Answer me this question people. Why are the Cleveland Browns just dumping Gordon after all the coddling and support that they have given him? The answer is Gordon can’t resist the temptation and is beyond the help needed so he can continue his NFL career. His career as an NFL player is now over. Period.

  15. Tom Terrific plus Josh Gordon equals TDs galore, and it would extend Brady’s career 3 years -he’d have the most fun he’s had since he was throwing to Randy Moss. Forget about scrubs like Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett for petes sake.

  16. If he showed up high, as the Browns think he did today, I don’t see this guy playing this year.

    Not sure why the Browns would make this up. They have invested 6 years into this guy and drop him out of the blue.

    If Gordon plays on the NFL, I would bet 2019 at the earleiest.

    This dude makes Ochocinco, Moss and Owens looks like they had their stuff together.

  17. Wait a minute ! New England doesn’t sign guys like this right ! That’s for the less ethical teams like dallas , oakland and cinncinati right ? What a joke

  18. Trade ya straight up “San Diego’s” Travis Benjamin and his 5 mill a year for Gordon and his 800 grand

  19. Gordo will always, always be given another chance. The NFL is a society of enablers and even though Goodell has tried to change that, nobody wants it. Its all about the wins, baby.

  20. He’d look nice alongside Alshon,Agholor and Ertz but I’m not sure if he’s committed enough at this point.

  21. How many careers has BB salvaged? Hes done well with FA pickups but it’s not like he take no name dumps off from teams and turn them into gold all the time. He regularly misses on pickups. Heck you need to look no further than last year with the great offseason acquisitions of Kony Ealy and Brandon Cooks.

  22. 250dollarnflowner says:
    September 15, 2018 at 10:53 pm
    am I the only one who hates the “… is on line 1” comments?

    No you are not. Especially since no one actually says that anymore. There really isn’t a “Line 1” anymore.

  23. Gordon loves drugs and media attention more than football.
    Therefore it doesn’t really matter what happens to Gordon does it?
    I don’t care anyway since he is rich, the media tells me that I MUST hate rich people and not feel pity for them.
    So good luck at Church’s chicken Mr. Gordon.

  24. After seven years of pissing away his talent why would any team want this guy. Ok, maybe an owner like half a man Snyder or a carnival barker like Jerry Jones but who else?

  25. The Truth of the matter is that The Truth was banned from AT&T stadium for trying to get in on a counterfeit ticket. That is why he is so down on the Cowboys, Dak & Jerry Jones.

  26. Arizona’s GM Steve Keim should either make a trade for him or sign him to a new deal. Josh Gordon , Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk w/ David Johnson able to double as an elite #2WR/Route-Runner would be absolutely scary and give AZ a true threat on the outside to fall back on when Larry hangs his cleats up in a couple years though they could sign his replacement in free-agency and a draft a guy to. Keim and owner Michael Bidwill would be wise to make this move, they also be adding another legit weapon for their young QB Josh Rosen. The only reason Arizona and other teams might not want to make this move is because Josh Gordon is such a freaking head case n a big risk, though given the talent he has and his natural abilities he’s worth the risk.

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