Will the Browns trade Josh Gordon?


The Browns will cut receiver Josh Gordon. Unless they don’t.

Even though the Browns have announced that Gordon will be released on Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that multiple league insiders believe Gordon will instead be traded.

Other teams have used a similar device in the past, leaking that a player will be released and then, before filing the official paperwork, finding a trade partner. Rarely if ever has a team announced that the player is being released as a precursor to finagling a trade.

Gordon may indeed have trade value, if the Browns opt for that route. He has a base salary of $790,000 this year, and his past issues have left a player who should be in his seventh season still not eligible for even restricted free agency. There’s little or no risk to taking a flier on him, as long as a team is willing to give up a roster spot while his situation is assessed.

So maybe Gordon ends up being worth a conditional seventh-round pick or something along those lines. If/when he ever gets on the field again, he still has the ability to be among the best receivers in the game.

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  1. Better for the Browns. But I caution other teams about taking him. If he indeed showed up Saturday under the influence….his problem isn’t going away.

  2. I’d like to hear John Dorsey and Hue Jackson’s answer as to why the Browns initially claimed Gordon was out tomorrow with a hamstring injury on their twitter page.

    Cleveland Browns
    ‏Verified account @Browns

    Injury Update: TE Seth DeValve (hamstring), WR Josh Gordon (hamstring) and LB Christian Kirksey (shoulder/ankle) have been downgraded to OUT for #CLEvsNO

  3. This guy has lots of talent but I’m not sure I would want the Eagles to bring him in. He the type of guy who can seriously divide a locker room because he requires a lot of preferential treatment

  4. Why would any team want this character except to get bad publicity. If all the Browns have said, he has more than ample time to clean himself up, yet he himself has decided more important to be high than clean.

  5. There is a reason the Browns are releasing him after sticking with for 6 years through all the suspensions and what not. No team will trade for him at this point.

  6. Slow, lumbering, labored, plodding,
    sluggish, ponderous, lethargic, listless, etc..

    These are words that describe how josh gordon appeared
    in his one catch on three target game against pittsburgh.

  7. The best thing Josh Gordon can do is take 1 hour,1 day at a time. Hopefully he maintains his sobriety. That is what is most important. God Speed Josh!

  8. It would be so Browns-like for the Browns to trade him and watch him put up Pro Bowl numbers elsewhere. But I think it’s more likely he’s seen his last NFL play. Dude’s got some demons. Very sad.

  9. If he’s not suspended, I’d love to see him in a Cowboys uniform. One thing I like about Jerry Jones is he doesn’t worry about being second guessed by all of us experts out here.

  10. If he was not quite right on Saturday, who would be stupid enough to trade for him?
    Talk about a ‘loose cannon’’. Is a suspension on the horizon?

  11. We are talking about someone’s life here and trashbags on this site think the Patriots are the answer to this mans issues ,,,,says a lot about them and they need help also !

  12. Enough with saying this guy has the ability to be one of the best in the game ,,,he dosent period stop !

  13. If Gordon has indeed been habitually tardy for team meanings, there’s just no way on earth that B.B. and the Patriots will sign him.

  14. I think it’s a silly move, one of the worst things to do is to beat a guy down when he’s on the verge of getting his life back together.

    Just seen it happen with Mac Miller and his depression & addiction issues getting the best of him after his breakup. Josh Gordon admitted that he was using drugs before the NFL, and had all the anxiety and everything I mean for his health I just don’t think this will be a good thing to do currently. Especially as he’s the one that scored the game-tying touchdown, I say wait till the end of the season but football is a business and not about people.

  15. And who would give up any asset for a relapsed WR?
    Maybe the Raiders…Gruden is crazy enough.
    I think the Browns want to run the other way right now.
    Besides, there aren’t any other stops after the Cleveland Browns man.

  16. I wonder if they don’t end up releasing him and are using this as a final wake-up call that his behavior isn’t going to work. It’s not like after holding him all of this time they have anything else to lose by at least trying this move.

  17. Maybe the Browns and Gordon need to move on from each other. I think the Browns would be happy for Gordon to go elsewhere and play well and be sober

  18. orivar WROTE:
    September 15, 2018 at 9:44 pm
    I think it’s a silly move, one of the worst things to do is to beat a guy down when he’s on the verge of getting his life back together.
    Seriously. You outed yourself. You must be a Millennial.
    The NFL is a billion dollar business enterprise and the Cleveland Browns cannot afford the added drama.
    Trust me, Josh Gordon will be able to pay for professional help.
    Hopefully this is the “wake up call” Gordon needed.
    The Browns did the absolute right thing.

  19. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:
    September 15, 2018 at 8:58 pm
    New England is short on receivers and long on turning other team’s trash into treasure.
    I need an example. I hear this a lot but haven’t observed one trash guy picked up by NE turn into something great. They sign talented players that other teams move on from but every reclamation project gets cut after mini-camp or after one season.

  20. Teams calling about a trade ,,,,,,,shouldn’t Roger be calling him and telling him hes no longer allowed to have the privilege of playing in the NFL

  21. When the worse team in football cuts you that is a red flag when they cut you because you showed up game time messed up as a six time loser not the super bowl champion Eagles thank you

  22. It would be very classy of the browns to just cut him. Let him pick his next destination and maybe use a release as motivation to turn his life around.

  23. Why are people saying Patriots? Seriously, the Pats dont need anyone. They’re set with who they have and can always make it work. Weve seen it before. But plenty of other teams could use him. Jags. Jets. Packers. To name a few

  24. Florio blames Goodell, naturally.
    Gordon is an IDIOT!
    He threw everything away because liberals told him how amazingly “cool” illegal drugs are and how they are not addicted at all (wink/nod).

  25. here we go, if Gordon ends up on the Raiders everybody will bash gruden and talk about how he is a fool and so on. if he ends up on the pats its because BB is a genius.

  26. Why would ANY team trade for Gordon???
    He’s PERMANENTLY in Stage 3 of the NFL’s drug punishment policy
    He just suffered a hamstring injury AND arrived at practice today “not himself”

    He’s not worth a dime bag!

  27. im willing to bet he ends up suspended. im also willing to bet the friggin house that dez bryant is a brown this week. book it turds.

    so clowns, what excuse will you have for getting the stuffing beat out of ya by drew brees and the new orlenas saints? 48-10, book it.

  28. I am an unapologetic Pats fan. I get why some fans hate them with every fiber of their being. I have similar feelings towards the teams of some of those same fans.

    What I do find interesting is that when any player from the Island of Misfit Players comes along, the first team that comes to mind, to turn the player’s career around, is the Patriots. Jerry and the ‘boys are also mentioned but that is when there are real issues and it doesn’t have anything to do with turning the player around but rather that Jerry is thought to have no morals clauses for hiring.

    Keep hating on the Pats but stop complaining that management doesn’t support players, they have no allegiance to players, that they only lie and cheat, and are sanctimonious, but then turn around and say that they are the team to turn around a troubled player.

    How come nobody thinks the Jets, Dolphins, Colts, Steelers, or even the Eagles would be a good place to help out Josh Gordon?

  29. I need an example. I hear this a lot but haven’t observed one trash guy picked up by NE turn into something great. They sign talented players that other teams move on from but every reclamation project gets cut after mini-camp or after one season.

    Ever heard of RMoss, CDillon or RHarrison?

    The Browns would have to GIVE someone a 4th just to take Gordon. His career is over.

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