DeVante Parker on not playing: Of course I’m not OK with it

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As the week played out in Miami, it seemed likely that wide receiver DeVante Parker would be in the lineup for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

Ninety minutes before kickoff, however, the Dolphins announced that Parker was inactive for the AFC East clash. After the 20-12 Miami win, Parker was asked if he felt well enough to play.

Parker, who was a full participant in practice Thursday and Friday after missing the opener with a broken finger, said he “felt pretty good.” He was then asked if he felt OK about not playing.

“Of course not,” Parker said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Parker said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, that Parker said he had not been told why he was inactive. That question will be directed to head coach Adam Gase in the days to come as well.

19 responses to “DeVante Parker on not playing: Of course I’m not OK with it

  1. WAIT!!! WAIT!!! WAIT!!!

    REMEMBER: It’s all Ryan Tannehill’s fault

    Please stop posting truthful stories about the Miami Dolphins.

    It might begin to appear that Ryan Tannehill isn’t the cause of global climate change.

  2. Tannehill has zero to do with Parkers availability issues.

    What Tannehill would be wise to concern himself with and his fan boys, is scoring more points.

  3. “Not BuyingIt says:
    September 16, 2018 at 7:06 pm
    Tannehill has zero to do with Parkers availability issues.

    What Tannehill would be wise to concern himself with and his fan boys, is scoring more points.”
    Nah. He has tried before and it has not worked.
    All that Tannehill needs to concern himself with is winning games. Points be damned.
    Which is what he is doing unlike the other three QBs in the division.

  4. It’s nice to be 2-0 & sitting atop the AFC East for a change however
    I see the SAME old story beginning to develop here in South Florida.
    The O-Line is mediocre at best & the LB’s are making TOO MANY tackles down field!
    I’m not bashing Tannehill YET – BUT He’s still making bone-headed mistakes & he’s getting clobbered AGAIN because his protection is less than average & the offensive play calling so far is atrocious!
    If Adam “QB Whisperer” Gase doesn’t get Tannehill some protection & his DC doesn’t figure out how to fix the LB issues – this season will surely go in the toilet!
    There are some really tough games on the road this season & some home ones I’m worried about too!

  5. This team won this game.
    First half: the offense looked sharp as it built up a 3 score lead.
    Defense dominated.
    Second half: Offense sputtered as we went conservative (8 pass plays/18 rushing plays in 2nd half) Defense let the Jets score 3 times and make it close.
    Darnold threw for over 300 yards today, exposing our DBs and LBs.
    That 3rd & 19 conversion by Gore was crucial to the win.

  6. Completes all of two passes the entire second half, straight up drops the ball again without getting hit, takes a number of stupid sacks, and completely misses open receivers several times, but hey, he throws two touchdowns (one of which his receiver did 90% of the work), and Tannehill fan boys act like he’s the best QB in the AFC.

  7. The major problem with Tannehill is 7 years in and he still struggles reading defenses, he often looks like a deer in headlights.
    it was so obvious in the 4th quarter Gase would not let him pass the ball out of fear of another turnover.
    I know my fellow dolphin fans expect me to waive my Tannehill pom poms no matter what but I have to be honest, he’s just not good and that’s reality.

  8. I would not be surprise to learn that Miami has traded Parker this week. Whenever a team does something like this it is to protect their investment from injury. This feels as if the Dolphins have a trade offer on the table for Parker.

  9. Parker is not good at getting the message. He has been a disappointment due to his admitted lack of work ethic, dedication and history of actual injuries and highly questionable ones. An injury report that states “Parker–out–hair hurts” would not shock many Dolphins fans. The coach is obviously fed up and it is high time for Parker to make a drastic change in how he does things or start worrying if he can find another team dumb enough to give him a job. He has plenty of talent but the other receivers have played well and practiced hard so there is little reason to replace them with a guy who isn’t prepared and might come out of the game after one play because his sock feels funny.

  10. THill has played in 2 games of the last 22 the Fins have played. He’s also coming off major knee surgery. 3 bootleg runs that were big gains yesterday and last weeks 75 yard td pass to Stills was pretty impressive. I’d say he’s doing pretty good for only just getting back on the field. Room for improvement? Absolutely. 2-0 start…not bad.

  11. Ryan Tannehill’s 9-1 record the past 10 games is tied for the best in that stretch, along with Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz and Denver’s Case Keenum, who played for Minnesota last season.


  12. TruthfullDolphinFaNotWearingBlinders I am curious. What do you do when Tannehill throws a completion or heaven forbid a TD. Turn away pretending you didn’t see it while everybody else cheers or appreciate the guy and go nuts like I do ?

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