Dolphins improve to 2-0 with win over Jets

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The Dolphins offense put 20 points on the board in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Jets, but their fortunes took a turn for the worse for most of the second half.

They turned the ball over twice and allowed the Jets to close a 20-12 lead to eight points in the fourth quarter before finally coming through with some big plays. Kenyan Drake ran 20 yards for a first down, Ryan Tannehill kept the ball on an option for 14 more and then found Frank Gore for a 20-yard gain on third-and-19 from midfield for a crucial third first down on the same drive.

That left Miami in field goal range and, with the Jets out of timeouts, Tannehill ran for another first down a few plays later to ice the game. The 20-12 win lifts the Dolphins to 2-0 on the young season and leaves Sam Darnold with a loss in his first home start.

Darnold had some good moments in leading the Jets back, but he was intercepted once in each half to help Miami to the win. The second half pick was particularly painful as it came one play after Jordan Jenkins forced a fumble on a sack of Tannehill inside the Miami 20-yard-line. Xavien Howard picked off a pass intended for Terrelle Pryor in the end zone and the Jets blew a golden opportunity to get points.

There were plenty of other mistakes for the Jets, including a pair of defensive holding penalties that wiped out third down sacks, and they’ll burn because this was a game they had a chance to win. They’ll have to wipe the slate clean quickly with a trip to Cleveland on Thursday night to face the eternally winless Browns.

Miami will be home for the Raiders with a chance to move to 3-0 before going to New England in Week Four. Forcing three turnovers, avoiding penalties (two on Sunday) and making big plays on offense when necessary will be a good formula for making that happen.

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  1. Gase tried to load this game on the second to last drive with those silly play calls. RT balled out and had a great game. The Jets Miami games are always ugly. Been that was for many many years.
    Keep flying under the radar Miami.

  2. LOL @ the trolls rushing to this board after googling Sam Darnolds stats instead of watching the game. What’s mediocre about 300 yards and a 61% completion percentage on Reshad Jones and Minkah? Maybe if Pryor ran his routes with as much effort as he puts into his workout videos and Chris Herndon didn’t wash his hands in butter last night Darnolds stat line wouldn’t look as “mediocre” to you.

  3. I’m sure glad they put up 20 in the first half cause the BLEW CHUNKS in the second !
    If I didn’t know better it looked more like a Marty Shottenheimer coached ball team
    the last 2 quarters, build a big lead in quarters 1 & 2 then do absolutely NOTHING offensively in quarters 3 & 4 !
    Tannehill was pedestrian at BEST the entire game & at least the Defense didn’t fold completely in the second half though Darnold got alot of yards from some sloppy coverage.
    Was Gase asleep or was Mike Tannenbaum calling plays in the second half?

  4. Sam Darnold throws for 300 yards on 61% with a td and two ints and he’s mediocre. Allen throws for 245 yards on 56% with the same TD:INT ratio and he’s the next Dan Marino. Darnold was the best player on offense for the Jets today and the stats don’t tell the entire story but he did have some poor throws. People shouldn’t sleep on the Dolphins secondary though..they buy time for their defensive line and we’re in Darnolds face all game.

  5. Jets fans should exercise a little perspective before putting Sam Darnold in Canton. He looks like a very good young QB, that has a chance at a great career. It’s going to take a little time, though, like the vast majority of young QB’s.

  6. Who cares the Dolphins are 2/0 so we don’t care about Sam Darnold. He made mistakes. Tanbehill ran
    For more yards than the NY Jets,, what does that tell you?

  7. “TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    September 16, 2018 at 5:17 pm
    Tannehill was so awful in the 2nd half they didn’t even let him pass in the fourth quarter thank goodness for Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake!

    If we only had a real NFL quarterback instead of a turnover-prone wide receiver pretending to be one…”
    If the Dolphins only had real fans instead of people pretending to be fans….
    Tannehill played against a good defense and WON/ He was playing away against a divisional rival.
    How did the other QB’s in the division do?
    BTW the QB in NE has never played WR. Why don’t you pull for him instead?

  8. Some of you don’t understand the game. The 1st half, Miami was able to put all kinds of pressure on Darnold, causing him to throw some bad passes. In the second Half, Bowles did a good job of adjusting by using screen passes, roll outs and bubble screens to slow Miami’s pass rush which later open things up for down field throws. That is where Darnold got his stats up. As much as I hate to say it because I am a Dolphins fan, I think Darnold will be a top ten QB. Like many other QBs, he needs time to throw.

  9. Ryan Tannehill’s 9-1 record the past 10 games is tied for the best in that stretch, along with Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz and Denver’s Case Keenum, who played for Minnesota last season.


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