Joe Schobert sounds off on the new “body weight” rule

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Roughing the passer penalties were up in Week One, due in part to the new rule that prohibits defensive players from landing on the quarterback with most or all of the defensive player’s body weight.

Browns linebacker Joe Schobert sounded off about the new rule on Friday.

“We’re playing football and it’s a penalty to land with your body weight on a quarterback,” Schobert said, via Dan Labbe of “Like, an offensive lineman pancakes somebody, they’re landing way more weight, 300 pounds, on corners or linebackers, that’s football, that happens. So why is it a penalty to land with your body weight on somebody? Because Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone last year? It’s football.”

Schobert believes pass rushers will need to make landing on quarterbacks a “learned skill,” with one important caveat.

“There’s a point where you can’t be thinking about too much stuff that slows you down to play the game, because then you’ll miss a sack if you’re thinking about doing that,” Schobert said. “You just got to go and play, and if they call it, they call it.”

Last Sunday, the officials called the body weight foul against Browns defensive end Myles Garrett when they shouldn’t have. Which only makes it harder for defensive players to play defense. As MDS pointed out this week on Twitter, “When you sack the quarterback, the key is don’t hit high, don’t hit low, and also don’t hit him in the middle because that’s when you’re most likely to land on him with all your body weight. As long as you avoid those three areas of the quarterback’s body you’re OK.”

15 responses to “Joe Schobert sounds off on the new “body weight” rule

  1. The refs will do everything in their power to protect Aaron Rodgers today from the best d-line in football. I already know they’re going to throw a flag for that nonsense penalty after the Vikings defense makes a huge stop 3rd down stop to extend a drive for the pack.

  2. Too bad the “note card” ref retired. It would be awesome to see him stop a game, weigh the defensive player, and pull out a calculator to find out how much 50.1% of that players weight is.

  3. This rule is ridiculous.

    All of the brain injury stuff, you can see. However, this is just way way too much. Come on

  4. Of course Schobert sounded off on the rule as the Browns dont have a true franchise QB ye they care anything about LOL, I’m sure if Mayfield becomes very good their tune will change.

    I personally love this new rule as #1 starting QB’s are just wayyyyy to important to both the NFLs watchability & also a teams playoff chances as it;s almost impossible to win without a good NFL QB. This new rule will help keep NFL QB’s healthy and on the field, and lets be honest in the past LB”s would drive their shoulder into QB’s and land on them with all their weight behind their lead shoulder seemingly trying to hurt the QB at times. This is one rule that is good for the game.

  5. This new rule is unbelievable idiocy. We all know the difference between a hard tackle versus nasty pile driving to cause maximum pain or damage.

    One is how you play football. The other is a dirty play. We have rules already for dirty play.

    Flagging a guy for just tackling a QB because in a fraction of a second he cannot shift enough of his body weight to appease the opinion of a Ref with a happy whistle…. This is messing with the very soul if the game, and exactly how you ruin it. The rule is beyond absurd.

  6. Nobody is tuning in to see Joe Schobert. Why don’t these guys realize that TV ratings drive renewal rates for the contracts, and people want to see stars. Heck the NBA figured this out 10 years ago. It’s not about Rodgers it’s about stars.

  7. The science deniers in the league office don’t understand 5th grade science.

    How does anyone expect the to grasp the geometry and physics of 250-350 lb humans tackling someone?

    I’m sure the league office thinks once a Dlineman or LB has his hands on a QB he can just magically teleport his body off to side and ignore thing like momentum and velocity that make it impossible to do so.

  8. They don’t practice tackling in the off season so why would it matter now. Don’t tackle anybody, problem solved.

  9. Schobert is right. How Troy Vincent of all people can sit idly by and let people who have no idea how to play football make up stupid inane rules is beyond me.

    Safety and stupidity are two completely different things.

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