Mike Vrabel: When Marcus Mariota is ready, he’ll be out there

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Titans coach Mike Vrabel said earlier this week he anticipated both Marcus Mariota and Blaine Gabbert playing against the Texans. Gabbert started, and while running back Derrick Henry even got some snaps in the Wildcat, Mariota never saw the field.

“I thought we would [play Mariota],” Vrabel told reporters after the Titans 20-17 victory. “The way it was going I thought Blaine had a good grasp of where we were. We’ll keep evaluating Marcus, and when we have an update on him, we’ll let you know. But it will never be about one guy; it will never be. That’s Marcus; that’s Blaine; that’s Derrick. It just won’t be. We have a great team here. They love each other, and they’re enjoying this win, and now we’ve got to move on to Jacksonville.”

Mariota injured his right elbow on a hit by Dolphins defensive lineman William Hayes last week. He reportedly still isn’t able to grip the ball normally.

Mariota went through pregame warmups but did not do much throwing.

Vrabel did not offer anything new on Mariota’s injury in his postgame interviews.

“We’ll evaluate that after the game, and when Marcus is ready, he’ll be out there,” Vrabel said.