New sod at Heinz Field, even before home opener

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During last Saturday night’s game between Penn State and Pitt, the grass at Heinz Field looked rough. Not quite non-bouncing-punt rough. But rough.

The powers-that-be noticed, and they reacted.

Via Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten, the field received new sod in advance of Saturday’s Georgia Tech-Pitt game and, more importantly, Sunday’s regular-season home opener for the Steelers, against the Chiefs.

“The field will be monitored throughout the year, [and] management will adjust as needed for a new surface, similar to years past,” Lauten said.

Heinz Field hosts 10 Steelers home games (including preseason), all Pitt home games, and in late November a smattering of WPIAL high-school championship games. It would be easier to install synthetic turf and be done with it, but if you haven’t noticed the team that essentially runs the venue can be a little stubborn.

14 responses to “New sod at Heinz Field, even before home opener

  1. I’d rather see a real game in mud and puddles than on the plastic crap. Odd ball bounces? Loss of footing? See most every school game I played in. It’s what makes football fun – and no turf toe!

  2. Natural grass is actually better than artificial turf. The NFL has stats that indicate there are fewer leg injuries on grass than turf. Cleats are less likely to “hang up” on grass than turf. However, turf is “faster” and better for cuts by the wr and running back corps. A trade off for whichever is used.

  3. doesnt matter what sod(artificial or natural) the steelers have, they will still blow.

    the browns shoulda won that game. that steelers team looked like sht.

  4. Ones who are clueless, high school games are played there, Pitt has played there two weeks in a row. Gert your info straight before bashing the field.

  5. Yes the team that essentially runs the venue stubbornly chooses to use natural grass just as their employees and their employee’s union prefer.

  6. I have no problem with grass, but you have to make an actual effort to maintain it. That field has sucked forever, and that’s on the Steelers.

  7. According to Wikipedia Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, and Denver all use Kentucky Bluegrass for their fields. Then there are 12 stadiums that use Bermuda grass. The other 11 cities use different brands of artificial turf with no particular brand being used in more than two stadiums.
    Just pointing out the wide variety of surfaces used across the league. I’m not saying anything about which is best to use because I am not a turf expert (as evidenced by the weeds that I fight with every year in my lawn.)

  8. almost every player in the NFL, MLB, Soccer, Rugby, heck even cricket will tell you they prefer to play on grass and not artificial turf, regardless if its a hybrid turf or not. Yet MF knows better and keeps bringing up a punt that happened over a decade ago in a monsoon gain, where the ball stuck in the mud. Pgh has decided to go with natural grass, and to their credit they spend the money to replace it when it gets bad after too many H.S. college and NFL games. Any time youre willing to donate to building Pitt a new stadium MF, I’m sure they are all ears.

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