Packers and Vikings headed to overtime


The Vikings are on the verge of their first “You like that?” moment.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins led them back from a late deficit, forcing overtime with a touchdown and two-point conversion, leaving them tied with the Packers 29-29.

It took a missed Mason Crosby field goal to secure the chance at more football (he hit a 52-yarder before it was waved off for a timeout), giving the Vikings a second life after a day of near-misses for Cousins.

He was intercepted late in the game by HaHa Clinton Dix, and a game-killing pack on the final possession was wiped out by a roughing the passer penalty on Clay Matthews (his second one of those in two weeks).

But for the moment, those are an afterthought, as they still have a chance for a road win.

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  1. The average age of an nfl referee is 51, and it shows watching these games.

    Defenses are afraid to tackle and draw penalties in the 4th quarter and it shows.

    The game has changed, not for the better.

  2. Roughing the passer call on Matthews was a perfect hit (even in this day and age), but that is the reason I cancelled my Sunday Ticket after 14 years, to me it goes right into the integrity of the game. All these new rules; cant hit anybody, cant touch anybody has made the game unwatchable. Thanks NFL for saving me $400 a year.

  3. Clay has had a lot of dirty hits in his career but that was a clean hit and one of the worst calls in the 35 years I’ve watched football.

  4. Roughing calls both ways were terrible! The refs changed the outcome of this game. Not a happy fan.

    Vikings, good game, but you need a new kicker!

  5. Like I said, the Vikings are way OVERRATED. But more importantly, anytime you can get the Packers plus points when Rogers is on the field, take the PACKERS! EASY MONEY!

  6. Let’s see, hit by CMIII, not late, not too high, not too low, didn’t land on top Cousins. It’ll be interesting to see what the league has to say about it. I guess Karma came back to bite the Vikes in a bad way with their kicker, though. Don’t like a tie, but it’s better than a loss.

  7. Longtime Viking fan who has seen plenty of bad calls over the years against the Vikings when they played the Packers. But that roughing the passer call was horrendous. The Packers were robbed. Goodell is ruining the game.

  8. The refs decided this game. The roughing the passer penalty prevented the end of the game. Now you can only tackle the QB with your hands. I am so sick of football.

  9. pack13queens0 says:
    September 16, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Wish Kendricks would have been ejected for that Premeditated Assault and Intent to Injure. Goodell won’t allow his beloved Vikings players to be thrown out though, dirtiest team in the NFL.
    Karma is what I call it. Both were awful calls. Vikings should cut that kicker.

  10. How can anyone say there weren’t people other than the players who were trying to influence the outcome of this game, and no vikqueen fan can ever again say the Packers get the calls. I’m feeling like I am being manipulated by the NFL as a fan. When the outcomes are being manipulated, why watch any more. Seriously, this is a situation that at one time would get investigated by the FBI.

  11. The Vikings fans always slam the Packers saying they “get all the calls”. Well — not today! The Vikings got all the calls today! That roughing the QB call on Matthews was an absolute joke! So was the call against Graham earlier in the game! And the replay clearly showed Lane did not hold their defensive player on that TD which they took away from the Packers. It showed he was rusing forward and went down on his own and Lane put his hands up on his shoulder pads as they were going down!
    That official who called the roughing call on Matthews should be fired! That wasn’t a bad call — it was a horrible call! The replay showed clearly Matthews rushed in and lowered his shoulder as Cousins released the ball and tackled him. He did not slam in to the turf and it was not a late hit.
    It’s a shame that this is what the NFL has come down to. The officials are now playing a more important role in who wins than the players.
    I give credit to both teams — they played their hearts out. But the Packers won that game and the officials took it away from them.

  12. NFL is officially WWF, Mathews even put his left hand down so not to land on Cousins. Really getting hard to watch refs decide games and even incorrectly so. Kneeling and now this nonsense. I’ll be boating next Sunday.

  13. The ironic part is that it happened to the packers in a critical spot of a game. Rule was made to protect him.

    For those complaining about that call both teams had a weak one, earlier in the game GB benefited on a call on a scoring drive on a pass that should have been intentional grounding instead it was 15 yards for tackling.

    There were a lot of bad calls both ways, I think a subtle one that no one will talk about is, late in the 4th GB WR was touched with his knee on the ground, normally the DB would have came up and laid a shoulder, but in the “it’s illegal to tackle NFL” Waynes just touched him down, but instead the WR got up and ran for another 12 yards. If the NFL isn’t going to allow tackling they have to count runners down when they are in the grasp.

  14. Vikings failed to win due to 3 missed field goals.

    Packers were only in the game due to 5 made field goals.

    Both kickers failed to win the game with a last second field goal.

    Rodgers has failed to win against the Vikings in 4 of his last 5 starts.

  15. You guys can all thank Rodgers for that new rule when he got injured he complained alot about the hit and the NFL just decided it was a good idea to make up a new “Rodgers” rule.

  16. tokyosandblaster says:
    September 16, 2018 at 4:41 pm
    For real: anyone watching that game understands that the Vikings got outplayed.

    What game were you watching?

    Cousins threw for 425 yards and 4 TDs against the vaunted Packer defense.

    Rodgers passed for only 281 yards and a single touchdown (only Packer offensive touchdown).

    The only reason this game was close was because of special teams, not the offensive or defensive squads.

  17. Filthy McNasty says:

    I think the Packers were flat today because they left it all on the field during rivalry week against the Bears.


    Sounds like the definition of a average team!

  18. Just so we are clear. The Vikings had more penalties than the Packers. But every penalty on the Packers was garbage and cost them the game? Is that what Packer fans are whining about?

  19. This shouldn’t excuse the Packers’ play selection down the stretch and that terrible keeper call on 3rd and short with the offense moving. McCarthy and Rodgers helped the Vikings too. Credit to Cousins and those WRs. I think fans of both teams are disgusted and delighted to have that game end in a tie.

  20. Rodgers has failed to win against the Vikings in 4 of his last 5 starts.
    Rodgers was 4-3 vs the Vikes since 2014. Now he’s 4-3-1. But cherry pick all you want if it makes you feel better. We all know what team should’ve won today.

  21. pkrlvr says:
    September 16, 2018 at 7:21 pm
    Rodgers has failed to win against the Vikings in 4 of his last 5 starts.
    Rodgers was 4-3 vs the Vikes since 2014. Now he’s 4-3-1. But cherry pick all you want if it makes you feel better. We all know what team should’ve won today.


    It’s not called cherry picking- it’s being more current. More reflective of current rosters.

    I’m impressed a Packer fan thought the Vikings should have won today and admitted such though. Cheers.

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