Panthers embracing Cam Newton as a runner

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Remember when the Panthers were intent on making quarterback Cam Newton not a runner? With one game in the books in the Norv Turner era as the team’s offensive coordinator, Newton ran plenty.

In all, he had 13 carries for 58 yards against the Cowboys, making him the team’s leading rusher for the game. At one point in the first half, the Panthers had three straight designed runs in a row for Newton.

Newton had as many rushing attempts only twice last year, he had no game with at least 13 rushing attempts in 2016, and he had only one gam with at least 13 rushing attempts in his MVP season of 2015.

It will be interesting to see whether Newton continues to run the ball as much as he did in future weeks. If he does — and if he can stay healthy — Newton can become an MVP candidate once again, if the Panthers fully embrace his skills as both a runner and a passer.

9 responses to “Panthers embracing Cam Newton as a runner

  1. Which means this will be his quicker focus… and Panthers will only be a good as his SLOW reads… then runs will allow.

    Backwards step there Riverboat.

    Why draft McCaffrey, then do this? What a conscious waste.

  2. This issue is… with Cam’s personality, he’ll take all the bows when he shines… but when the overall results are poor, ie losses, missed playoffs, he’ll be the FIRST to say ‘What more do you expect me to to, I did MY job”.

    It’s a recipe for conflicting interests and not for Carolina football success. Sheesh, Cmon Ron.

  3. The Panthers are desperately trying to get back to the days of Jimmy Clausen. Let’s run the best QB that we’ve ever had into the ground. Instead of putting the Panther logo at midfield they should have put an image of Alfred E. Neuman.

  4. of course they’re embracing him as a runner, because he’s no pocket passer, and forget his final stats, those were accumulated on a 2nd & 3rd string D when it didn’t matter. it’s crazy how obtuse most NFL fans seem, just don’t get it. I get being faithful to your team, but if you want a ring, you need to be honest with yourselves, you need a pocket QB first. just like in SF, blinded fans were hypnotized, and comforted with Cam’s wow factor…running, when it should be passing. I think Cam is the most selfish, arrogant player i’ve ever seen, and he makes the players around him look bad. so Mccaffrey is their #1 back, yet doesn’t get the ball, and catches !@#$ because of this. give CMC the ball and guess what happens, you saw another example as a receiver. you have probably the most dynamic player in the league being wasted. I loathe Tom Brady, but imagine CMC playing with him. I was proven right per my early assessments of Kaepernick, and i’m right per Cam, why? because Kaepernick and Cam are nearly identical players…

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