Report: Aaron Rodgers has a bone bruise and a ligament sprain


The Aaron Rodgers injury situation keeps getting murkier.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Rodgers has a deep bone bruise in his knee, a likelihood that was surmised earlier today right here. But Glazer, contradicting Adam Schefter of ESPN, reports that Rodgers also has a ligament sprain. Schefter reported earlier on Sunday that Rodgers has no ligament damage.

Per Glazer, Rodgers is experiencing a lot of pain and swelling, and that he will be monitored hit by hit and play by play on Sunday.

When he plays on Sunday, look for Rodgers to make quick decisions and to throw the ball quickly, like he did in the second half of last Sunday night’s game. And like he did in 2014 when he had a calf injury, Rodgers actually seems to be a better passer when his mobility goes away.

So what will this mean for the Vikings? The pass rush becomes simpler, because there will be little or no fear of Rodgers spinning away from the pocket. But it also will present a challenge for the Vikings when it comes to the question of blitzing versus flooding the passing lanes. Maybe the balance will be to turn the front four loose and letting the linebackers try to anticipate where the quick passes will go, if the Vikings can accelerate Rodgers’ already-sped-up clock.