Report: Marcus Mariota isn’t able to grip ball normally

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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said on Friday that he expects both of the team’s quarterbacks to play against the Texans on Sunday.

Blaine Gabbert relieved Marcus Mariota in last Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins after Mariota injured his right elbow and the injury has continued to be an issue for Mariota all of this week. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, as of Saturday night, Mariota “still isn’t able to grip the ball normally.”

Given the nature of the quarterback position, that would seem to make him an unlikely participant in Sunday’s game. Per the report, however, the team has yet to decide which player will start the game and that it is shaping up to be a game-time decision.

Injury issues abound for the Titans offense this week. Left tackle Taylor Lewan and right tackle Jack Conklin have both been ruled out, and Schefter reports top backup Dennis Kelly, who has been hospitalized with a virus, will also miss the game. Tyler Marz, who was promoted from the practice squad Saturday, and Kevin Pamphile are expected to start at tackle for Tennessee.

16 responses to “Report: Marcus Mariota isn’t able to grip ball normally

  1. Looks like we can finally put this Mariota v.s. Winston debate to bed.

    Mariota is wildly injury prone and when he does play he is wildly bad.

  2. ive said it multiplw times bet your life savings on houston today. Delanie out for season our top 3 tackles out. Clowney, Watt, and Mercilus r going to have a field day. Moneyline,spread, all of it. Nfl draft 2019 in nashville…and with the #1 pick the Tennessee Titans select…

  3. It’s only the 2nd game of the season, and they’re starting two backups at the offensive tackle positions, including one from the practice squad, against Watt and Clowney… I fear for Mariota’s life. Put Gabbert in there as a sacrifice. This game is lost either way.

  4. Always kind of liked Mariotta and thought he could become really good but he is injured to much to progress. I think its time for the Titans to move on.

  5. They can’t take another qb at top of the draft, can they? That would create an epic drama. Their D is good. RBs good. Trash at wideout. Maybe they can.

  6. Mariota has played 12,15, & 15 games in the last 3 years. He’s had a couple freak injuries, breaking ankle getting rolled up on. And now getting hit right on the elbow. This is a stupid narrative on him. Has he shown the stats yet that show he’s a capable top QB? No. He was on his way before last season. But he’s not there yet. But to say he’s injury prone is dumb.

  7. I dont think Mariota is every going to be top tier which is a bummer. I went to UT during the Vince Young run and my brother went to Oregon during Mariota. Two my favorite college players of all time and I got to see them play in person but VY couldn’t make it in the NFL. Mariota looks to be on the path to journeyman.

  8. I was watching the Rams versus Oakland and thinking, man, m’boy Marcus, this far into his career, should be playing as well as or better than Jared Goff, but something’s happened, apart from Marcus’ broken fibula back on Christmas Eve 2016. I dunno. Does Drew Brees ever get injured (we know about his major shoulder surgery, but has he missed any games since then)? Lil’ bro Manning (Eli)? Matt Ryan? Is Marcus too skinny, not enough muscle — is that why he keeps getting injured? TTs bested the Chiefs/Alex Smith post-season last year, but can they go farther? I dunno, but remain hopeful.

  9. Reading these comments is cracking me up.

    SavetheBS said it best. Mariota has had a couple of freak injuries over the years. He still has played a lot and isn’t injury prone. People saying he isn’t any good. The dude has been in different systems every year of his career. New coaches and new system doesn’t make it easy on him. He is constantly learning new lingo and plays. QB’s that are performing great have been in the same offensive system for years. I am not saying he is a HOF QB but give the dude some slack.

    LMAO at all the people who gave this game to the Texans and saying that the game was over before it started. Gabbart played well enough to win with backups on the OL. Next week against the JAGS will be a tough matchup but I think this staff will put the right people in place for the Titans to keep it close and possibly win.


  10. these damn ball deflating jokes are getting old folks. please stop with the nonsense, mmkay? the colts are tattletales, and they still cant do anything right. at least the patriots have a real quarterback throwing the ball, not dead arm andrew luck.

    good grief, the colts will never beat tom brady and ben roethlisberger with that sad excuse of an arm. have fun sitting alone at the bottom of the afc south.

    can we say mexico city colts?

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