Sitting last year helped Patrick Mahomes this year


Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has taken the league by storm, despite sitting for almost all of his rookie season. So what would have happened if he’d played right away in 2017?

“I would have just been trying to make plays,” Mahomes told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 42-37 win over the Steelers, “and I wouldn’t have had the same confidence I have now.”

Instead, Mahomes learned while not playing. He learned how to prepare. He learned how to read coverages. He learned how to execute the Chiefs offense the way coach Andy Reid wants it to be executed. As a result, Mahomes was ready for games like the one he played today, in a stadium that he said was the loudest he’d ever experienced as a player.

He learned another important lesson last year, after the Chiefs started 5-0 a year ago and slid to 6-6. Mahomes learned the importance of staying focused on taking care of business and “never being satisfied,” week after week. No matter how well things are going.

And that’s what Mahomes plans to do. One day after becoming the youngest player in league history with at least six touchdown passes in one game, Mahomes turns 23. And he said he’ll spend the whole day watching film in advance of next week’s game against the 49ers, in what will be the first home start of his career.

20 responses to “Sitting last year helped Patrick Mahomes this year

  1. I wouldn’t get too confident. The Steelers are a garbage franchise. Full of dysfunctional “me first” players,

  2. If the Steelers are a garbage franchise then what are the Jets Lions Bills Dolphins Titans Cardinals Browns amongst others that are far worse

  3. Gotta give KC credit – they knew Alex Smith was washed up. Now Washington is looking like the fools they are for spending so much on Captain 6 yard completion.

  4. It’s funny that while it almost always is a huge benefit to the player and the franchise, teams almost never sit the kid for a year to let him learn the ropes. Nobody has any patience.

  5. If you saw him in college, you’re not surprised at what he’s doing. He looked like a smarter version of Brett Favre. You’d have figured he’d easily be the overall number one pick. I guess Andy Reid saw the same thing because he moved up to take him. Defenses will make adjustments and the kid will have to figure it out, but he’s a bright young man. His physical gifts weren’t what caught my eye, it was his mental game. He’s the real deal. He’s still 3 or 4 years from reaching his prime.

  6. Chiefs to Bills : hey we wanna move up….a first and a third. Bills (thinking wow, sounds good) sure, sure….we could do that. 10 minutes after the deal, Bills : who`s patrick mahomes ?

  7. This Raider fan gives props the the Chiefs brass. They saw a QB and somehow they saw something the rest didn’t see. They got him and granted it’s just two games in, but he looks like the real deal. Not like 125 million dollar imposter we have in Oakland. Don’t get me wrong I still hope someone breaks Mahomes leg. But I think you got a winner.

  8. Only the LIons Bills and Cardinals have worse records than the winless Steelers so let the Chiefs play a real team next week and see if the QB is for real.

  9. The most important thing he learned from sitting behind Alex Smith for a year is to set your cowardice aside, and play ball.

  10. Frisco will be facing a hot young quarterback in Mahomes. Their defense will need to show up and at least slow him down and their offense has to score touchdowns, not field goals when they get into the red zone.

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