Chris Thompson calls out Washington fans

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The 57,000-fan throng who showed up for Washington’s home opener may have been small but it was vocal. At the wrong times. And running back Chris Thompson didn’t like it.

“I think, as players, we go out there, we want a loud crowd, we want a crowd out there to give us a boost,” Thompson told reporters on Monday, via 106.7 The Fan in D.C. “When their offense is on the field, put them in situations where the communication may be off because they can’t hear and things like that, and we didn’t have a good turnout.”

Thompson noticed the lack of noise when the Colts had the ball, and the adverse noise directed to the home team for its subpar showing.

“I . . . noticed the boos we got as well, and that’s not something that I’m a real big fan of,” Thompson said. “If you’re a fan of a team, you shouldn’t be booing them, whether we’re doing good or bad. We understand as players that we’re not performing how we should. You don’t have to boo us to let us know — we’re out there on the field.”

It makes sense, but good luck reasoning with salty fans who paid good money to watch a not-so-good product.

“The one thing you should be doing, in my opinion, is cheering us on,” Thompson said. “But, you know, it is what it is. As a team, we just gotta have a better showing than that, I think. Our offense is better than what we showed. For me, I’ve got to make bigger plays. I’ve got make some guys miss when Alex [Smith] puts the ball in my hands as much as he did yesterday, and that’s pretty much it.”

Thompson was “shocked” by the number of empty seats. And he’s optimistic that it was less related to the team and more related to the conditions.

“I’m hoping it was because of the weather, or what was supposed to happen with the weather,” Thompson said. “We’ve got another one Sunday, so we’ll see.”

While the weather may not be a factor next Sunday, the team’s lackluster showing on the most recent Sunday may serve to keep fans away.

27 responses to “Chris Thompson calls out Washington fans

  1. The stadium is too big to begin with and poorly designed. Logistics of getting to Fed Ex SUCKS! The fans have never had a good relationship with Snyder for many reasons. Might as well throw weather in there too I guess

  2. You expect us to believe that people didn’t want to pay $60 to park and then $150 to walk in to drink $9 beers and eat $6 dollar hot dogs after sitting in traffic for 2 hours? Whatever.

  3. Hey Chris, hate to break it to you, but it is a performance based business. You don’t perform and the fans, who paid good money to see a good performance, have every right to boo.

    In this case the fans were right to boo. Your team stunk.

  4. Act like you want fans to attend and they will. That means not price-gouging them, making it easy to attend games, giving them a decent product to watch, etc. The NFL all but double-dog-dares fans to stay home. It’s rather remarkable there aren’t tons of empty seats at all the games.

  5. Yo, Chris.

    For 47 years I’ve cheered and lived and cried as a Redskins fan.

    I resent being lectured to by someone who is lucky to be playing in this league.

    I started growing unhappy with this team during the reign of terror on intelligence that started with throwing four draft choices after Robert Griffin Part Three; I am not an idiot – I did my research and discovered Robert was not fit to even wear a QB Halloween costume. He was a marketing product of his Daddy dearest and Robert had no professional football type skills… never used a playbook, couldn’t read a defense, released the ball only when receivers were open, and could not anticipate a play because he knew none.

    Then this team starting giving Kirk Cousins a raw deal – certainly he was a work in product when drafted (he didn’t cost four draft picks after all) and was constantly tossed around on the roster like a rag doll.

    What he did do was to develop each off season – during the time Robert was crafting a personal logo and filming commercials, Cousins was getting neurofeedback to improve his weaknesses and he silently started to pull his game together. Just like in college where he improved every year, he improved steadily on a team filled with miscreants and half-steppers. Even in a pass happy league, Cousins as a pro never passed for less than 4,000 yards in full seasons played.

    I then watch this putrid team coddle Weedy Williams (who thankfully went down to an injury this last game); I saw this team retain under whelming players and to let decent ones go. And then we signed Josh Norman who constantly can’t cover a blade of grass. And even though Swearinger will have one game a year at a professional level, he commits stupid penalties constantly that cost the team games. The offensive line can’t run block or pass block.

    And then we see the Redskins get rid of Cousins and acquire Captain Six Yard Pass who can’t seem to get enough passes made to running backs and to ignore wide receivers as if they are infected with disease.

    I loathe that jerk of a head coach and if I were to run this team, 90% of the current roster would be terminated and replaced.

    I used to respect you, but after watching this latest debacle in the failed Peterson and Smith era, you can expect that Sunday’s game will be the highpoint of Redskins fan attendance. By the end of this miserable season (sorry, beating Arizona should not count as a victory but rather as a Christmas present), you’ll be playing to half that Sunday fan count and most of the Redskins’ fans will join me in divorcing the team.

    I divorced you all this offseason after Smith was acquired. And now I want you and your clowns to fail like there is no tomorrow.

  6. Sorry Chris but this is way bigger than you or any of your teammates.

    We’ve been watching your boss destroy this team since you were in 4th grade. We are simply done giving him our money.

    I personally hoped the cheerleader scandal would have forced him to sell, but Giuliani had to open his mouth and take over the headlines that day. (Not a political statement….just pointing out that Snyder was saved by a bigger headline).

    Snyder took a proud and loyal fanbase and decimated it in less that 20 seasons. Add the Redskins to the list of failed Snyder ventures along with Johnny Rockets and Six Flags.

  7. Sounds like the Skins should invest in an emotional service dog or 2 for the locker room. Lots of hurt feelings going on there.

  8. Try not to take it personal CT. Its directed towards Gruden, Snyder and Allen. Fans are tired of the many years of boneheaded and mishandled decisions regarding this franchise.

  9. I have been a skins fan since the 60’s. Win or losing season. I knew the team was in trouble when Mr. Snyder bought the team. I said season 1 as long as that man owns the team, we will never go to the Superbo. My rationale. No one gives up a player in your division worth purchasing when you play twice a season. (Dion Sanders) ok one mistake. O’ h take two. Dovevan McNabb, Crap take three giving away the team for RGIII, I am sticking my my opinion that as long as Mr. Snyder owns the skins, our seasons will be a rollercoaster. I hope I am proved wrong on my assesment

  10. “If you’re a fan of a team, you shouldn’t be booing them, whether we’re doing good or bad. We understand as players that we’re not performing how we should. You don’t have to boo us to let us know — we’re out there on the field.”

    You should also know when you are playing well, no need to cheer either.

  11. I’m shocked when players are kneeling for anthems and saying I don’t care what anyone thinks. Then the fans take action and say we’re not coming anymore and then the same players are upset the fans have disappeared and call out the fans. You can’t have it both ways and you certainly can’t choose the consequence of your actions.

  12. Have to admit I’m a little disappointed in CT on this one, as I’ve always liked him. The Skins played terribly and CT had the audacity to complain about the fans who were let down by the team’s performance? You can’t blame them for how your team played; you’re here for them and not the other way around. Come down off the Diva Prima donna pedestal and give these most loyal diehard fans what they paid good money for and put their hearts on the line each game. Come on CT, you’re better than that.

  13. The NFL should be worried. The National Anthem debacle, PSLs, CTE, price gouging concessions, etc. If the Skins can’t sell out in Week 2, after a great Week 1,the NFL should be worried.

  14. I was there, I’ve met CT and I see both sides. And yes, I was booing by the second half too. We drop about $1000 on one game a year for 3 people. And I don’t even drink beer. That’s just the Stubhub assault, Lunch at Johhny Rockets ($57 for burger fries and drink X3) and $80 parking pass. And the game Sunday was garbage. I was booing the front office and the play calling mostly, but the fact is the execution sucked Chris didn’t exactly light us up either.

    But I do get what he’s saying – that might almost be counterproductive – like why am I going to risk injury for these booing fans.
    All in all it was not a good day and not a good luck. Sorry I booed at ya son, but you and a few others are better than this team you’re on.

  15. uab9253 says:
    I do get what he’s saying – that might almost be counterproductive – like why am I going to risk injury for these booing fans.

    Classic Millennial thinking.
    He’s not risking injury for the fans, he’s risking injury for the paycheck. I know it, you know it, and HE knows it.
    Chris Thompson is an employee of the Washington Redskins who is being paid — very highly paid — to perform as well has he possibly can on the football field. Period.
    Fans pay big money to attend games, to buy fan gear, and often for various NFL TV packages. Everyone, fans and non-fans alike, pay more for certain consumer goods because companies that sell them have to recoup ever-increasing advertising costs, which they pay to TV networks. Those networks in turn pay ever-increasing rights fees to the NFL, who can command them because so many people watch the games.
    In other words, fans ultimately pay Thompson’s salary. For what they have to pay for the privilege of a ticket they are free to cheer, boo, or sit quietly on their hands and it’s none of Thompson’s business.
    As Bill Belichick would say, “just to your job.” The fans are not your concern, and they owe you jack squat.

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