Hue Jackson claims he was aware of no injury to his former kicker


Former Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez was injured while playing on Sunday. Unless he wasn’t.

In response to news that Gonzalez has been kicking with a groin injury that requires an MRI, coach Hue Jackson said, almost literally, that was news to him.

“I knew nothing about an injury whatsoever so that was new to me,” Jackson told reporters on Monday.

If Gonzalez was injured, he can’t be cut without an injury settlement or placement on injured reserve. And if the Browns insist that Gonzalez was healthy, the stage could be set for an injury grievance.

Either way, it’s not a good look for the Browns. The two potential outcomes are the head coach didn’t know the kicker had a groin injury or that the head coach knew and let him kick anyway.

Which is just another reason why the Browns have won one of their last 37 regular-season games.

37 responses to “Hue Jackson claims he was aware of no injury to his former kicker

  1. As I watched Gonzalez looking dejected on the sideline after his last miss, I told my grandson, “he is so fired and, he knows it. Probably gonna claim he was hurt to get paid.” Dude that works about as well as reporting your car “stolen” after you hit the tree while drunk.

  2. Clueless coach! Fire him before he has a chance to lose another game. Haley as interim and Baker to start.

  3. Let’s be honest here, couldn’t the worst coach in the world coach a professional team to a better record than 1-35-1. If Hue isn’t better than the worst coach in the world then is Hugh Jackson the worst coach in the world?

  4. Are those the only two possibilities? Maybe the kicker is now CLAIMING he was injured because wants to save face and have a shot at a spot on a roster in the future.

  5. i was rooting for you Hue but idk this is starting to get bad. It was against the saints though and you held them to 21 points. That defense is good

  6. Or how about the kicker or his agent trying to save face by saying he was injured as the reason that he can’t kick. Injured groin but kicks a 54 yard FG wide right at the end of the game after all the other FG’s went left. So he had the leg strength to kick the 54 yarder and he didn’t say anything about being hurt immediately after the game but once he realizes he’s getting cut, he played injured. Sounds fishy but since it’s the Browns it must somehow be the teams fault. What does 1-31 the last 2 years have to do with the kicker missing kicks this year, Zero, zilch. How about man up and just admit that you choked!

  7. I actually think Gonzalaz strained his groin in the Pittsburgh game, kicking on in the rain and on a soggy, wet field; and he just said nothing because his kicking was bad. And it never fully healed, becoming much more aggravated kicking in the Saints game. But I can’t forget Huey flailing his arms and insisting Gonzalaz get on the field for the last field goal. At that point I said what is wrong with Gonzalaz that Huey is nearly physically demanding the kicker to get on the field.

    But Gonzalaz is a bad kicker. And Huey is a bad coach. If you shove the kicker out the door, why not the imbecile whose resume is 1-35-l?

  8. Either way, it’s not a good look for the Browns. The two potential outcomes are the head coach didn’t know the kicker had a groin injury or that the head coach knew and let him kick anyway.
    I can’t stand Hue Jackson but your assessment is not fair. It could simply be a young man trying to offer an excuse for losing his job from a performance that was embarrassing on a now national level. I bet, if he really does have an injury, he never said a word but it seems to be just an excuse at this point.

  9. Hue Jackson is a national embarrassment. Did anyone catch on Hard Knocks he actually said to someone, out loud, “The Cleveland Browns win football games. That’s what we do”

  10. illgivemyopinion says:
    September 17, 2018 at 7:14 pm
    cwmore1169, let me help you with the math. It is 1-35-1 and not 1-31.

    He said the last 2 years and Hue’s record those seasons was 1-31, now let me help you with the math, what is 15(number of losses Hue’s first year) plus 16(number of losses last year) plus 1(number of losses so far this year. I’ll give you a hint it’s not 35 and I’ve seen 4 people post that number. His record for the Browns today is 1-32-1. How are you gonna try and correct someone else when you can’t even get the numbers right youself?!?! Where the hell did you pull those 3 extra losses from? You, mayfieldroadboy, broncoesroe and tedbundysson need to spend a little less time talking online about football and a little more time working on your basic math.

  11. michaelsamsjockstrap says:
    September 17, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Grasping for straws aren’t we, cause 1/32/1 is so much better. I got the 1/35/1 from PFT saying “the last 37 games”. I never referenced Hue. I was speaking about the Brown Clowns.

  12. I call BS. All kickers kick in warm ups and red flags would have went up then if he was missing every kick due to injury. Don’t look now but the Browns have outplayed the Saints and the Steelers. Defense is legit.

  13. donbat67 says:
    September 17, 2018 at 9:44 pm
    You can’t make this stuff up , dumpster fire but don’t tell Hue .
    You can’t make this stuff up
    You can’t make this stuff up
    You can’t make this stuff up
    You can’t make this stuff up

    You need a new line…

  14. The story should be: Kicker fakes injury as an excuse for mental melt down. He does the kickoffs and was booming them through the end zone. All of his misses were wide left and wide right on the last one.. All with more than enough distance.

  15. Zane only learned about his groin injury after he knew he was going to get cut so how could Hue have known?

    Just another of Sashi Browns draft picks that Hue is getting the blame for. He’ll be on the Patriots before the end of the year since that tends to be a trend now.

  16. Just when you think they couldn’t reach a higher level of incompetence…..

    Cleveland fans deserve a heck of a lot better than what they have.

  17. So week 1 Gordon started after Hue repeatedly said he would not. His excuse – a communication error resulted in a package Gordon was in being sent out. Not a huge deal, but makes him look bad after all his statements to the contrary.

    So then in week 2 his kicker is possibly hurt, misses 4 kicks, and he has no idea. Again, his excuse is a communication error. Much bigger deal this week because it cost them the game and maybe different decisions are made if you know the kicker is hurting.

    So his poor communication in each week has made him look bad and possibly cost them a potentially huge momentum building win. The second one is particularly concerning since he could have just asked ZG himself. Honestly, if I was the head coach and the kicker missed multiple kicks, I would probably go ask him how he was doing and if anything was wrong. At least have the ST coordinator talk to him about it.

    His response that he wasn’t told is bizarre to me since he is the head guy and should know everything that is going on. Did he even inquire or was he just waiting for someone to bring him the information???

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