Is it Josh Rosen time already in Arizona?

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Just when the Cardinals thought things couldn’t get worse, they got worse.

A week after gaining 213 yards of offense in a 24-6 loss to Washington, the Cardinals gained 137 yards in a 34-0 loss to the Rams.

Sam Bradford struggled in both games, completing 17 of 27 passes for 90 yards and an interception Sunday against Los Angeles a week after going 20-of-34 for 153 yards and an interception.

With the 10th overall pick sitting on the bench, it should come as no surprise that coach Steve Wilks wouldn’t rule out a quarterback change. The first-year coach said he would evaluate all three phases.

“I’m not going to sit here and jump to conclusions right after the game,” Wilks said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

It can’t possibly get any worse with Josh Rosen, can it? The Cardinals had only five first downs Sunday.

“Sam is just one person out of 11 on that side of the ball. Blame doesn’t fall on just him,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald said.

Rosen has yet to see a snap, even in mop-up duty.

Wilks said he didn’t consider replacing Bradford with Rosen on Sunday because he didn’t think “one guy” would have made a difference.

“I don’t even know where to start right now,” Wilks said of the offense.

The Cardinals might start with a change at quarterback. With six points and 350 yards combined in two games, what does Arizona have to lose?

21 responses to “Is it Josh Rosen time already in Arizona?

  1. You can’t come in as a new coach and make massive changes and expect to be successful. You need to use your players strengths instead of trying to get them to conform to your system. It’s not just the offense, the new defensive scheme isn’t working either. Does Rosen need experience…absolutely but not if you can’t protect him or figure out a way to have some success. Wilks needs to re-evaluate and revamp. If he can’t do that he won’t be around long.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the Cardinals signed Bradford for $20 million for one year. What a braintrust! They’ll be lucky if they win 2 games this year. Well, they had a nice (and unusual for the team) run of success and above-average years – now they’re back to their historic norm of hoping to be mediocre.

  3. I gotta say I am SHOCKED at how bad the cards have looked. And I actually dont think its all bradfords fault at all, their O line is a mess, they have no elite TE and lost john brown. Clearly bradford still doesnt look right. He may never again, its a shame because 2016 and early 17 he looked fantastic. Nonetheless, I think you have to consider starting rosen. Cards must be aware of the risks in doing so however, as the bills are finding out with josh allen

  4. The QB isn’t the problem in Arizona. Their personnel is horrible. They have wasted all their draft picks on players that aren’t as effective as they should be. Bruce Arians was coach of the year twice in 3 years on 2 different teams for a reason! He made chicken salad out of chicken s#!^. Now their holes are glaring. Its a personnel issue

  5. Yeah as Cardinal fans are yelling for it. So we may see Josh R in week 3. And really it is time to use changing of the guard here and can’t keep from losing anymore. Sorry Sam love ya but need to make a change.

  6. What’s really amazing is that there are still people left who will give Sam Bradford money.

  7. it doesnt matter who you start at this point, all we know is that buffalo and arizona both have had their seasons lost already. these two will compete for the number one pick in next years’ draft. even the browns are better than these hapless franchises at this point.

  8. You’re not going to win any games constantly throwing short of the sticks. Bradford is timid, impatient and inaccurate. Worse still, all those dump offs and he still can’t get it to David Johnson.

    Should be his last year as a starter in this league but you never know.

  9. redlikethepig says:
    September 17, 2018 at 5:48 am
    What’s really amazing is that there are still people left who will give Sam Bradford money.


    It’s hard to believe people are signing him but Rosen won’t be winning many games for that team either.

    There’s a reason Arians left and it’s because he left this team with little talent.

    Bradford should keep starting for a few more games to absorb the punishment and boos.

  10. I haven’t watched the Cardinals this season, but how is their offensive line? If it is trash, you don’t want to put Rosen back there so soon and let him get beat up and turn in to a David Carr clone, a young talented quarterback who basically gets ruined because of a bad line. Let him sit and learn like Mahomes, or like Carson Palmer did his rookie year. They turned out pretty well by learning for a year and not getting killed. Let Bradford take his bumps this year, get the o-line set next year, then put Rosen in.

  11. This is a lost/rebuilding season for the Cardinals. The Cardinals have their bye right in the middle of the season. I think you work on the OL, the running game, and protection packages for the first 8 games, then if it looks like they can keep a QB upright, you give Rosen two weeks to game plan for his first start in week 10. Let him play the second half of the season to get some experience without the potential trauma of starting 14 games and losing them all, plus the injury risk. If they don’t fix the protection issues by midseason, you protect Rosen by keeping him on the sidelines.

  12. Wow. The hole that Arians and Keim dug for this team could take decades for them to climb out of. And Wilkes is a joke. No one else wanted to coach this dumpster fire though, so you can’t really blame him. There’s just no talent to work with.

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