Philip Rivers thinks Josh Allen has “the right approach”

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen made his first NFL start on Sunday and was not able to lead his team to a win, but he did earn a nice review from a quarterback with a lot more starts under his belt.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers made his 194th regular season start in the 31-20 Chargers win and said after the game that the hardest thing for a young quarterback to do is nail down “the little details” that can add up to big differences on the scoreboard. Allen will have to navigate those bumps in the road and Rivers thinks he’s heading the right way.

“One thing he’s got is he can throw it a long way,” Rivers said, via “I know he has a great passion for the game. Each and every week he’s going to improve. There’s going to be some ups and downs. There always is. There still is for me in year 15. I think he’s got the right approach.”

Allen was 18-of-33 for 245 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions while getting sacked five times and running eight times for 32 yards. Those last numbers shed light on how little protection the offensive line is offering the rookie, which won’t make things easier as he tries to find the improvement he’ll need to build a career anywhere close to the one Rivers has put together.

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  1. As Allen learns to read defenses and make quicker decisions, his offensive line won’t have to protect as long. At least now the Bills don’t have to worry about the QB position for the next 15 years. It’s been a long, long time since the Bills have had a QB. We can wait another year or two while this one comes of age.

  2. The kid is a warrior. I’m surprised Rivers didn’t say he saw a little of himself in the kid, as they are both pretty fiery guys. If they can get some protection for the kid, and the defense can play at, or near, the level they did in the second half, they will win a few games. Allen needs a few more weapons, Kelvin Benjamin is not the answer.

  3. i don’t know if he’ll ever pan out but they were right about one thing, this kid can chuck it. with a the flip of the wrist with no effort, it’s down the field in a millisecond.

  4. With McCoy having fractured ribs, Allen is now surrounded completely by players who are playing like back-ups at best. Hope he can stay healthy and develops into a quality franchise QB this year.

  5. I was happy with what he did out there Sunday afternoon. The Offensive Line is abysmal, Which creates problems for the run game(Shady). With no run game to balance out the defense they can send an extra guy out to spy on the QB, Making Allen’s job even more difficult. His WR core is young & inexperienced, So getting separation is a rarity. On top of all of that the Bills are mid-rebuild… Lots of new faces out there on offense & defense.

    With a rebuilt line and a couple of weapons this kid is going to be a good quarterback in the near future.

  6. We can wait another year or two while this one comes of age.

    And what if the terrible line gets him seriously hurt before then? Or if he never learns to hang in the pocket since there never is a pocket? The kid may be a warrior but they are absolutely setting him up to fail.

  7. Who know’s if he’ll be good, lets be honest. But, I do like they way he plays in the pocket and the leadership he’s showed in the few times on the field. It doesn’t seem to big for him, which it definitely was apparent with other Bills QB’s. If he had more talent around him, we could judge more easily, but for now lets see what he can make of it. After the next 2 weeks, the rest of the schedule will seem like a cakewalk…At Minnesota, at Green Bay. Welcome to the NFL kid. Maybe the purples are down after the Packers game, hey we got nothing to lose out there in the great white north. Id like to see what the defense can do against their weapons. Our other rookie, definitely showing some growing pains as MLB… lets see how he handles Cook outta the backfield

  8. The kid still threw for more yards on a terrible Bills team than Dak did for Dallas. What does that tell you?

  9. WAIT! I thought Tyrod was the problem, or so Bills fans would have you believe.
    These are/were the same (types of) problems Tyrod dealt with.
    But just to be clear, the rookie ‘prototypical’ qb gets a pass where Tyrod (in spite of winning games) did not?
    Asking for some friends (#45 & CK7)

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