Steve Wilks has “total confidence” in Mike McCoy

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The Cardinals scored six points and gained 213 yards in Week One and failed to reach either of those modest marks in Week Two, so it’s fair to say that they have some work to do on offense.

Head coach Steve Wilks said after Sunday’s 34-0 loss to the Rams that he would evaluate everything about the offense and returned on Monday to say that he has “total confidence” in offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Despite that confidence, Wilks did say that they are going to make some changes to what McCoy put in place over the offseason.

Wilks said the team would scheme more ways to get David Johnson the ball, including lining him up in the slot more often in hopes of getting him the ball in space. He said that the team will also be scaled back in terms of the amount of plays that they have in the mix from week to week.

One change that may not be imminent is a move to rookie Josh Rosen at quarterback. Wilks didn’t discuss personnel changes, but reiterated what he said on Sunday about the offensive failures being about more than just Sam Bradford. That may not remain the case if this week’s tweaks don’t pan out against the Bears.

8 responses to “Steve Wilks has “total confidence” in Mike McCoy

  1. Not that their O-line is that great but maybe they should take a page out of the Rams play book and set up Johnson for screen passes. I could see him doing some damage there.

  2. Wilks is in way over his head. Terrible hire. Ownership needs to fire him and McCoy both, with these 2 they may not win a game.

  3. This has very little to do with coaching. Their GM is horrible. How many of their first round draft picks under Keim are great NFL starters? They just benched another first round pick Haason Reddick last week. If it wasn’t for BA who was coach of the year in the NFL twice in 3 years on 2 different teams, the glaring holes would’ve been evident earlier. Their personnel is horrible!

  4. Total Confidence…in a team that has the worst offense in 2 games that the NFL has ever seen…stats wise that is…if you’re into that kind of thing.
    He’s running the worst offense I’ve ever seen…..and YES it’s the offense, not the players.

  5. Cardinals offense has been awful but not sure it’s fair to single out McCoy. Not giving him a pass either, just saying there’s plenty of blame to go around. The defense has been just as bad as the offense. The punter has been good but the punt coverage is a joke. Coaches, players, management are all at fault for this disastrous start and all need to do a better job.

  6. I’ve been going to Cards games since they got to AZ in 1988. I watched Buddy Ryan dismantle a decent offense. I watched Gary Hogeboom throw almost as many picks as incompletions. John Skelton, Max Hall, Chris Dreisen, washed up Jeff Blake, washed up Dave Kreig, Ryan “I can’t hit that barn” Lindley, Logan “move me to TE” Thomas… And THIS is the worst offense I’ve seen from this team in 30 years. McCoy has to go. Bradford needs to retire. I sat in 110 degree heat with 17,000 fans at Sun Devil Stadium hoping one day we’d have a contender. BA delivered and the team promptly returned to a dumpster fire. This offense is impossible to watch and even harder to root for. Wilks might be a one year hire if he doesn’t straighten out this ship. He, McCoy and Keim might be out of a job after this.

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