Terrelle Pryor apologizes to Sam Darnold for sloppy route that led to INT


It goes on Sam Darnold‘s record as an interception. There is no asterisk to indicate Jets receiver Terrelle Pryor ran a sloppy route.

But it mattered to Pryor that everyone knows Darnold’s second interception Sunday was on him.

The receiver privately apologized to the rookie quarterback.

“The way Sam throws, he doesn’t look at you,” Pryor said, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “He doesn’t stare at you when he throws. He believes that you’re going to be there.

“I let him down. I said it to him after the game, ‘I hope you forgive me. I’ll make sure I’m there next time.’ That one, it’s not on Sam, and I wish it could go on a stat for me. That was a tough one for me, and I’m still thinking about that right now. All I keep thinking about is that play.”

Darnold finished 25-of-41 for 334 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions in the Jets’ 20-12 loss to the Dolphins. But he continues to win over his teammates.

“He did great,” said Pryor, who made 10 starts at quarterback before transitioning to receiver. “He’s going to be a great player for a long time. He’s such a talent, just working with him. God, I wish I could have that play. I think I could have at least made it incomplete. He works too hard. We got to work hard, too. I let him down on that play.”

11 responses to “Terrelle Pryor apologizes to Sam Darnold for sloppy route that led to INT

  1. Raiders fan here, and Terrelle Pryor is nothing short of a class act. After game days he used to walk into the parking lot of the coliseum and sign footballs and jerseys for the young fans on his own time. Also, I remember one time in Cleveland they had a military showing before the game and he went up to each of them and shook their hand. Glad he’s still on a roster.

  2. Sam Darnold is clearly getting a lot of respect from his teammates. Still amazed at what this kid is doing at just 21 years of age and only 3 years of playing QB. It’s not going to happen overnight but I think in a couple of years he has a chance to be special.

  3. As a Phin fan, nothing but respect from a WR taking responsibility for their lack of effort. LOOKING at your Brandon Marshall.

  4. If Xavien Howard didn’t make a phenomenal interception on the play PFT would have to invent a new another way to force a story about Darnold. What story will they tell after the Jets lose to Cleveland on Thursday?

  5. This happens all the time, where a WR is running a timing route and takes a wrong turn. The QB gets the interception and takes the heat. Fans are blaming the QB, calling for the backup, cut the guy etc. Glad to see Pryor man up, other players should do the same.

  6. Nice gesture by Pryor. I can think of many diva WRs who wouldn’t apologize for anything and would blame anyone and everyone for such a play.

    I agree with others. With how his teammates are talking about Darnold he must have impressed them a lot. I didn’t think Darnold would be able to cut it but from early results I may have been dead wrong on that. If he keeps getting better that trade up to get him will have been well worth it. Trading up to get their QB also worked out for the Iggles.

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