DeSean Jackson: Ryan Fitzpatrick is on fire, you can’t take him out

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Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson says taking quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick out while he’s playing so well would be a mistake.

Jackson said on NFL Network he believes Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter and offensive coordinator Todd Monken should ride the hot hand after Jameis Winston returns from his three-game suspension next week.

“He’s playing on fire right now,” Jackson said of Fitzpatrick. “With the way the team is rallying behind him and just playing lights-out football, you have to kind of honor it. You can’t take the hot man out. You got the hot fire right now. It’s like NBA Jam. We used to play NBA Jam — whoever got that hot fire shot, you got to keep shooting, man. It’s not my decision but I’m sure Dirk and coach Monken and the guys that make those calls, they’ll make sure they stay on fire until that fire is out. We’re going to stay on fire. That’s our job, to stay on fire and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Fitzpatrick is playing better football right now than Winston has ever played. The Buccaneers haven’t said who their starter will be in Week Four, but you can bet that it’s going to be Fitzpatrick, with Winston standing on the sideline after his suspension ends.

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  1. 1. Good call on NBA Jam. Top 5 game ever.

    2. This isn’t going to end well.

    The Bucs play a Mon. nighter against the Steelers next week and then a “short week” to prepare for the Bears, followed by a week 5 bye. They could probably justify giving Fitzpatrick the start vs the Bears due to that short week and Winston just coming back to the team… but after the bye it’s basically a referendum on Winston.

  2. Lets say the Buccs go with FitzMagic and he does ok.
    They will pay him a lot and he’ll revert to form as he did with the Bills and Jets and have a bad year the following year.
    I’d stick with Fitzpatrick for a few games but Winston is their future.
    If they don’t know what they have in Winston, and let him walk, then they are back to square one, and will have to draft a QB using a high pick, which means trading up.

  3. When Terrell Owens was asked which QB threw the best deep ball, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Ryan Fitzpatrick”. They spent a year together in Buffalo.

    Dirk Koetter runs a vertical/deep threat offense.

    DeSean Jackson is still one of the fastest players in the game.

    Vinny Testaverde, Rich Gannon, Steve DeBerg: all QBs that Put it together in their mid 30’s.

  4. Cold weather is going to put out that fire.

    The hot start will continue, but Bucs won’t make the playoffs.

  5. People seem to forget that A. Fitz is a notoriously streaky player, B. The Bucs O-line play has massively improved from a season ago, and C. That Jameis outperformed Fitz in the preseason in the same scheme. When Jameis eventually is reinstalled as the starter this season (it’s obvious that he will be) I imagine he’ll have similar success to what Fitz is having.

  6. Winston should be standing in the unemployment line. The Bucs don’t need him and he’s more trouble than he’s worth, just like Josh Gordon was for the Browns. Let Fitzpatrick run the team, then draft a QB next year. Everyone will be better off.

  7. He’s right. It would be one thing if Jameis Winston was out due to injury and got healthy again, but if I’m the coach, the kicker for me is that Winston is out due to being an idiot, so as long as Fitzpatrick stays hot, Winston sits.

  8. yes hes playing well. everyones just waiting for the 5 pick game bc w fitz u know its coming. hes wildly inconsistent, but flashy great. once he starts to lose the zone hes gotta come out bc he can literally ruin his own team when he is off. just ask the jets who are finally starting to recover from his awful seasons, only bc of the 1st round picks they accumulated while fitz was at the helm..

  9. I agree.

    This isn’t that hard. You stay with the hot hand. Fitz’s history is that he’ll eventually crash back down to Earth, but ride with him as long as possible. If he never crashes, then enjoy Fitz’s 5,000 yard 50 TD season.

    Eventually, Winston will get his job back. But it’s his own fault if he has to wait a while.

  10. The Bucs deserve a ton of credit for taking down the Saints and Eagles, but I don’t think Fitz is THAT impressive. He looks jittery in the pocket. He’s also short-arming passes and throwing off his back foot to avoid pressure. For example he did this on his week 2 TD where he was high-stepping back to the sideline after, and the moron announcers were saying how confident he looks. He also has some accuracy issues. No question he’s getting the job done but his fundamentals are off and he’ll come back to earth because of it.

  11. We’ve seen this version of Fitzpatrick before. What happens is he starts really “feeling it” and gets really confident. Then despite his Ivy league education, he starts making some of the dumbest QB decisions and the meltdown begins. The only decision the Bucs have is whether they want to ride out Fitz til the meltdown, or take him out before it happens.

  12. Fitz is so underrated but I have always said whenever he is a FA any starting QB should pray for their team not to sign him up as a backup cause he is coming in to take their job. Exactly whats going to happen with Winston. Dont know for how long but Fitz should continue being a starter. I wish my Cowboys had signed him as a backup smh

  13. Eventually, defensive coordinators will catch up with Fitzpatrick and start planning better for him. As long as he’s playing this well, Winston can sit, and perhaps learn a lesson about the possibilities of becoming a backup due to a suspension.

    BTW, I wish Fitz the best, and hope his run continues; he deserves it.

  14. I like Fitzy my only concern is he takes too many risks with the football. This is the best group of receivers he has played with since St. Louis. Tampa Bay may win September and October like previous teams Fitzy has played on. It’s how you finish November and December that gets you into the tournament in January.

  15. mrbigass says:
    September 18, 2018 at 9:10 am
    Pump the brakes kids. Fitz can get hot but he can go stone cold just as fast….

    Maybe – but he’s also throwing to Mike Evans, Desean, Oj Howard Chris Godwin – even their “backup” TE has made the pro bowl (Cam Brate.) With all that talent at the skill position, they should (and will) be going all aerial show every week. They’re a fun team for once, and honestly their QB situation is a good prob to have. They still have Winston, who did indeed have an even better preseason and camp than Fitzmagic

  16. Can’t take the ball out of the hot hand. I understand you’ve got a nine-figure decision to make next year, but you’ve gotta let the hot hand continue to spin it.

  17. bal204 says:
    September 18, 2018 at 6:58 am
    Keep him in til he sputters…. he’s historically great for 5 -8 games. Fitzmagic!!

    True, Bills, Jets, Rams. He actually has more skill players than normal, and if they can get anything from Jones/Barber he may start all year.

    Really feels like Kerry Collins/Vince Young circa 2008.

  18. Let Fitzie work his magic until he goes cold. He has a crew of receivers few teams can match. Just get the ball close….they’re gonna catch it. It was disappointing to see Evans drop a sure first down pass, and a fumble while he was trying to gain yards after the catch, and Howard’s fumble after a terrific pass by Fitzie. Take away those three mistakes and they blow the doors off the Eagles. Bucs still have a boatload of work to do on both sides of the ball. Great thing for Buc fans… these guys aren’t even close to their ceiling. Hopefully Winston can be patient and just support his buddies until Fitzie’s hot streak cools, and that Winston has learned a helluva lot more about what it takes to be a team leader. You play the game to EARN your W’s…..You Don’t EAT THEM! Dude better grow up fast!!!!!

  19. Winston isn’t the answer for the Bucs at QB any more that Fitz is. Winston has never played at a high level and never will. Add to that his total lack of character and the decision to keep Fitz in the game is pretty easy.

    The Bucs need to move on from Winston. They can do a lot better.

  20. Perhaps those who get suspended can learn a lesson here. Sometimes it’s not just the money you can lose when your suspended but also your starting spot on the roster as well.

  21. .

    Astute analysis…. The Bucs have the deepest receiving corp in the league. They’ve got size (Smith), speed (Jackson), athleticism (Howard) and that’s just for starters. All they need is someone to find the mismatch and calmly deliver the ball. Their YAC yardage is off the charts.

  22. @skinnypigeon says:
    I wish he had just said we’re only thinking about Pittsburgh.
    DJAX wants to catch passes and WIN. With Winston, neither was happening consistently. I don’t blame him either. Jameis relinquished his spot. If it were due to injury, that’s one thing but it wasn’t. It was due to his immaturity and fake leadership, for example “taste the W”! Then the sideline incident. Last season Winston took 3 giant steps backwards.

  23. @Peter Holmes says:

    The Bucs deserve a ton of credit for taking down the Saints and Eagles, but I don’t think Fitz is THAT impressive. He looks jittery in the pocket. He’s also short-arming passes and throwing off his back foot to avoid pressure. For example he did this on his week 2 TD where he was high-stepping back to the sideline after, and the moron announcers were saying how confident he looks. He also has some accuracy issues. No question he’s getting the job done but his fundamentals are off and he’ll come back to earth because of it.
    Jameis Winston’s burner account handle!!!

  24. SURELY Jackson remembers each of those MANY times he ran all the way up the field open to watch the ball JW threw be uncatchable, leaving him to trot back to the huddle tired and winded just to have his number called again a few plays later more often than not ending in the same result…

    So I’m sure he would prefer a qb that is accurate throwing the deep ball to him and putting him in position to rack up his stats rather than a qb that is inaccurate and wasting his time, talents and energy for!…

  25. The difference between Fitzpatrick and Winston is that Fitz loves to play the game while Winston loves the money. In 14 years Winston will not even be an after thought.

  26. Jaeboo only has himself to blame if he stays on the bench after week 4. But Fitz will regress eventually. That’s just his history.

  27. Not a gambling man per se, but I would put money that they replace him. There have always been two coaching thoughts: one you never replace someone who got injured, or you play the hot hand regardless.
    Were talking a white guy replacing a black guy as in taking his job away. Ya they wont let that happen. It looks like they would punsih him twice then.

  28. Go with the guy lightning up the scoreboard and the team is rallying behind, or the guy that bewilders everyone by telling them to eat some tasty W’s and then proceeds to devour his hand on national TV. Tough call.

  29. Makes no sense to pull him out until he loses two consecutive games. There is no evidence the Rapist Winston is ever going to be a competent winning QB.

  30. It’s great to see a mediocre team have success. Keep Fitz as the starter when Winston comes off of suspension. And don’t even consider extending JW next year. If they do that they should fire the entire organization.

  31. Fitzpatrick is a streaky player. He played well for the Jets but then he slumped the next season, and that is why he is no longer the Jets starting QB.

  32. Deshawn said it best, and Only person to blame theirselves is Jameis.. Hopefully this situation humbles him. Its that quick you can lose your job in the NFL..

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