Eagles promote running back Josh Adams from practice squad

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The Eagles were without Darren Sproles last week because of his hamstring strain, and added some depth in case his absence is prolonged.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the Eagles are promoting running back Josh Adams from the practice squad.

An undrafted rookie from Notre Dame, Adams had 23 carries for 90 yards in the preseason.

The Eagles divided up the backfield workload between Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement, and Wendell Smallwood last week, and must want another option.

10 responses to “Eagles promote running back Josh Adams from practice squad

  1. It has already come to this for the Super Bowl Champions what a shame ,the best 53 man roster in all of football has an undrafted free agent rookie protecting a franchise qb coming off major knee surgery,,glade it’s not my Eli …lol !

  2. @elmerbrownelmerbrown

    The best blocking RB in the history of the league could not block all of the defensive players that the Giants o-line let through on every pass play. I’d like to think you know this is a depth move but from your posting history I can’t get on board with that. Tell me this, is it dark in the cellar of the NFC East or do they give you a candle or something?

  3. Josh is a good kid. I thought that he should have made the 53 over Wendell but we know what Wendell can do in the game and seniority wins sometimes. I cant wait to see him play in the game. The kid ran over people in Notre Dame, but the pro’s is much different. I wish him the best.

  4. Yes, our 4th string RB…such a worry. How’s your oline? Smart move drafting a RB #2 when you have a crappy QB and an even crappier line “protecting” him.

  5. The blue midgets are 0-2 with a collapsed dam serving as an offensive line, a washed up QB and a stud RB who’ll be burnt out by the time they are able to get a decent line he can run behind. The midgets are terrible…lmao! Back to the basement cellar dwellers. 0-3 coming up! 3-13 a real possibility again…scrubs!

  6. I’m telling you, they’re bringing back Wentz too soon. The Westlake flash is doing just fine.

  7. Wince will be accurate, but his running ability took a massive hit. He will be staying in the pocket much more now.

  8. thefiesty1 and you know this because??? you must have inside knowledge that us other FANS do not or your’re a highly qualified physician that can make medical claims via info obtained on sports pages. I am quite sure the team medical staff are a little bit more qualified than you to determine whether or not he can play. I am sure the front office/medical staff would not risk the next 10+ years for 14+ games. lets trust the process here and bring home LIII

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