Some Hall of Famers named in boycott letter reportedly didn’t know about it

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That letter from Eric Dickerson and other Pro Football Hall of Famers threatening a boycott of future Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies carries one potentially important flaw: Not all of the Hall of Famers listed on the letter knew about it before it was sent.

Jim Trotter of NFL Network reports that some of the players listed in the letter “did not see the letter beforehand, nor did they know of the threat to boycott” the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies. If this is true, the Hall of Famers who didn’t authorize the letter should say so; indeed, they should want to say so. Otherwise, their names have been misappropriated by someone hoping to create the impression that there will be a mass boycott of Gold Jackets on the weekend when men wearing Gold Jackets are important aspects of the overall pomp and circumstance.

The letter has Eric Dickerson’s name under “sincerely,” identifying Dickerson as the “Chairman” of the “Hall of Fame Board.” Listed below Dickerson’s name are various “Board Members.”

MDS raised the possibility that the letter wasn’t expressly endorsed by each name on it due to the fact that Carl Eller’s name was misspelled. Also, the fact that Deion Sanders and Kurt Warner still collect sizable checks from the NFL for broadcasting services would tend to make them far less likely to undermine one of NFL Network’s most important broadcasting weekends. If anything, any employee of NFL Network has a clear bias in favor of propping up Hall of Fame weekend and, in turn, neutralizing any threats to it.

Dickerson, who clearly supports the effort, would seem to be the key to understanding the context and the procedures used to develop the letter. Maybe some of the “Board Members” simply didn’t attend the meeting at which the decision to send the letter was discussed.

Regardless, it appears that at least one Hall of Famer has realized the value of as many Hall of Famers showing up for Hall of Fame weekend as possible. It’s a point that may have been crystallized by the Hall of Fame’s unreasonable reaction to the decision of new Hall of Famer Terrell Owens to not attend this year’s ceremonies.

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  1. My Spidy Sense was alway leary of Erick Dickerson ,,he seems to be carrying around a chip on his shoulder for some reason ,,,that gets to be a burden ,but in this climate I think it presented an opportunity for him to let it out in some shape or form !

  2. This seems almost too idiotic to believe. Do these players actually think they are going to get paid for past performances from long ago previous employers, and using not showing up at the HOF ceremonies as their hammer? As if the businessmen who run the NFL, will be threatened by this. Seriously, this is nothing but a smash and grab.

  3. No one forced any of these guys to play. Management offered them a lot of money to play. They happily agreed.

    We enjoyed.

  4. So Dickerson wants a handout. I hear many employers as part of their benefits offer health insurance for free or at a reduced cost. Dickerson should go get a job. Hell, some employers hire ex-jocks for no-show jobs just to be associated with them.

  5. give him his bust and send his ass home. No more sideline passes, no more privileges. Let him ride his ass off into the sunset. So many deserving athletes are not in it, would do anything to be in it, and this duff-us does this. NEXT.

  6. Wow the NFL has really flourished under Roger Goodell’s leadership and tutelage. He should probably seek new endeavors since he has singlehandedly turned the NFL into the model business it has become. I’m thinking he should hire a PR person and set his sights on let’s say heading up the United Nations, can you just imagine what great things he could accomplish there after showcasing his most excellent skills running the NFL?

  7. Eric Dickerson was and always will be a tool. If I were in his fraternity in the HOF, I would seek to “86” him like O.J. …

  8. The NFL’s reaction to TO’s hissy fit over not being first ballot was totally reasonable. If anything, it was reserved.

    What the HOF should have done is point out that it is the enshrinement ceremony. Meaning you choose to skip the ceremony completely with no health issues or without sending a representative or at least a filmed or written acceptance, then you are not in. You get thrown back into the pool and have to get elected again next year.

  9. One other important factor, this is not the NFL Hall of Fame, it is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s a fine line to be sure, by why would the NFL pay for salary or benefits for members of a group it has no direct authority over?

  10. What the heck? Since when are these HOFers entitled to anything? They have the honor of being the absolute best of the best. Apparently that isn’t enough.

  11. The NFL should tell them to shove it. They can stay away and who gives a damn! Can every day Americans go get paid by employers? Free healthcare what crap. It was their choice to play football they could have sold insurance or anything else. It seems when they retire they turn into socialist.

  12. Is this for real?
    I get that maybe there is a case to be made that there are probably some players struggling now that were elected to the Hall of Fame in 1980whatever, who barely made any money in the league back 60s and 70s, and have mounting medical costs.


    To give salary and benefits to ALL Hall of Famers would be ridiculous.

    Just think, some day the likes of Peyton Manning, who never turned down an endorsement in his life, who made 100+ million on the field, from football’s royal family would get a Hall of Famer salary? Tom Brady with his wealth and his wife’s really needs the NFL to provide benefits? Come on.

    Save this for the Offensive Tackle that had 15 knees surgeries back in the day when knees surgeries were infinitely rougher than they are now, who probably played through 12 concussions in their career because if they didnt they would have been cut.

  13. As fans we need to wake up, don’t go to the HOF let the players pay to see their lovely bust, what kind of egos to these has been have.

  14. The only entity that is worse than the NFL is the NFLPA.

    These effing guys can’t get their ducks in a row to save their lives.

    An exNFL player should be running the NFLPA.

    Maybe a 2nd or 3rd string guy who didn’t see the field much.

    Lots of concussions to be had on Sundays.

  15. They’re asking for healthcare for our former football players who are not big stars like Deion, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, etc. but more for guys like Everson Walls, Juinior Seau (expired), Jake Plummer, Larry Allen. after 5 years of retiring the NFL they lose their healthcare & most “retire” around age 30. What happens the next 30 years of pain bruises & emotional distress with families??

  16. The HoF should make a counter offer…. Something like every time one of these elite inductees wears their Hall of Fame jacket in a personal appearance for profit, they pay the Hall 25% of their earnings.

  17. Hey Eric, take your boycotts and shove them….fans dont care if any of you has beens show up for any event

  18. after 5 years of retiring the NFL they lose their healthcare & most “retire” around age 30. What happens the next 30 years of pain bruises & emotional distress with families??
    These players happily accepted contracts that paid them handsomely. When you put your name on the dotted line, you accept the fact that it's very possible you will sustain injuries. History tells these guys that some injuries are permanent and debilitating.
    I feel bad for them but not sorry. They willingly played for the money. Nuff said !!

  19. One of the best recruiting violation stories of all time was about this running back who took a car from Texas A&M before going to SMU…what was his name again???

  20. The “Hall of Fame Board” should simply choose to kneel during the ceremony because that’s how problems are solved and change is brought about…

  21. All these players made great money for the time. The lived lavish lifestyles and in many cases invested poorly. The owners don’t owe them a thing.

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