Eric Dickerson: NFL should pay each Hall of Famer $300,000 a year

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When Eric Dickerson released a statement calling for an annual salary for Hall of Famers, he didn’t say what that salary should be. But now he has given a dollar amount of $300,000 annually.

“If it was up to me, I think every Hall of Famer would get about $300,000 a year. That would, I think, be a proper number,” Dickerson told TMZ.

That’s an annual salary Dickerson is asking for, for each Hall of Famer, just for being in the Hall of Fame. TMZ notes that if Dickerson also wants players’ families to benefit after the Hall of Famer dies (and that seems to be Dickerson’s plan, as Reggie White’s widow was one of the signers of his statement), that would come out to more than $95 million a year in payments to Hall of Famers.

Dickerson complained that NFL player pensions aren’t big enough and said $300,000 a year for each Hall of Famer would supplement their pensions. Pension amounts can vary based on several factors, including how long the player played and the age at which he started drawing his pension. Some players didn’t play long enough to qualify for any pension at all (players need to be in the league for three years), while other players get more than $100,000 a year from their pension.

Although Dickerson is trying to paint his cause as an effort to help players who have struggled, his focus on paying the Hall of Famers first would mean taking care of the players who least need it: Hall of Famers generally made good incomes when they were active and can still make good money for appearances. Dickerson made more than $1 million a year in the 1980s and still gets paid $10,000 to $20,000 per speech. If his concern is helping players who need help, he should be focused on all the forgotten players who made the league minimum, not on players like himself who made millions.

121 responses to “Eric Dickerson: NFL should pay each Hall of Famer $300,000 a year

  1. $300k is excessive, Dickerson. It also isn’t realistic. Like fast food workers demanding their pay jump up to $15 an hour, it just is going to happen. Why not something more reasonable like $75k? That’s a number the NFL might go for. A reasonable pension not an outlandish money grab.

  2. What world do these people live in? Forget about the good players who make great plays and all the others that played this game for the love of it? Elitist, out of touch Eric Dickerson. 🙄

  3. Where does he imagine these millions upon millions of dollars would come from? And why should these guys get a retirement fund that no other players will get? The players who should need it the least act like they should get more? Fight for retirement for all, not for the richest. But then again, we are in Donald Trumps america.

  4. It should be the other way around, charge the recipients and use the money to help the players.As it was mentioned they get offered big bucks for speeches.

    Not one of these HoF members accomplished anything on their own

  5. These dudes make millions upon millions playing a game. No way should they get an annual salary for being inducted into the HOF!! How about being smart with your money and not blowing it on stupid things. It’s not the NLF’s fault you’re broke. As far as the health insurance…one again you made millions upon millions you should have plenty of money to pay for health insurance.

  6. translation: I blew through my money by making bad choices, and now I need more money so I can keep making those bad choices.

  7. Are you really believing that you should still be paid. Notice the list of players on

    there,they have had a silver spoon and still want the ice cream. Even

    health care for players but not for life. Sell one of the many cars you bought

    or the champagne for everyone

  8. What a ridiculous demand. Not cool.

    That’ll end up in Goodell’s bottom desk drawer, right next to the ray rice video and a 7th grade physical science textbook.

  9. Would HoF inductees still get their pension if they fail to appear for their own induction?

    $300,000 could be more than Jerry Kramer earned in his whole career.

    Would this pension be retroactive to the year they retired?

    Would owners and others elected to the HoF get this pension? Why would it be limited to players? Ed Sabol certainly contributed to the popularity of the NFL as much as any player…

    Imagine the vitriol aimed at HoF voters in the future when their decisions keep a player from getting $300,000 a year for what could be 50 years or more.

  10. Dickerson is also calling for revenue sharing, total joke. ED you were an employee who was fairly paid by your employer. Because you were a great employee doesn’t mean you should be paid in perpetuity.

    Honestly this is an issue the PLAYERS ASSOCIATION should handle. If they want better pensions take a piece of the players contracts and put it in a pension for retired players.

  11. Casca’s friend says:

    What should Medal of Honor awardees get, then?
    MoH recipients (or more often, their spouses) get about $15,000 per year, added on to any pension they may have earned. Among other minimal benefits, their children can attend any of the military academies, such as West Point, as long as they meet academic requirements.

  12. Yeah, not going to happen. The process for being voted on and selected is so subjective that paying the HOF members will certainly lead to a legal nightmare. It’s just going to take a T.O. Or someone like that to say, “I should have gotten in year 1, but the voters don’t like me, so I’m suing for $300,000 a year that I don’t make it in, plus damages.”

  13. Casca’s friend says:
    September 19, 2018 at 6:07 am

    And Reggie White’s church burned down, Packer fans donated to his rebuilding efforts and no church was ever rebuilt.


    Reggie White and his wife were very giving people. They used their wealth to help a lot of people here in Philly and wanted no attention for it. You can call in 94 WIP radio station on Saturday or Sunday between 10- 1 and ask Hall of Fame writer, Ray Didinger. He went several times with Reggie into stressed neighborhoods helping the poor. A women who worked in a dental office where Reggie’s wife Sara went to, once called the station and told a story how Sara would pay the outstanding balances of patients who had significant bills. This was obviously before cell phones and social media.

  14. How about they just take Eric Dickerson OUT of the HoF….No one will notice, problem solved.

    If anything the members should pay the HoF a percentage of the profits gained when they wear the gold jacket for personal appearances under the (given) title of Pro Football Hall of Fame member.

  15. “If his concern is helping players who need help, he should be focused on all the forgotten players who made the league minimum, not on players like himself who made millions.”

    This, in a nutshell.

  16. If Hall of Famers get paid for being HOF’ers then it’s time to only allow REAL hall of Famers in. Instead of everybody that has a couple good seasons. That Hall could be purged easily especially the latter years.

  17. Eric,what are you on? Everyone that receives a pension in this country had their day in the sun in their occupation. If they want to supplement it, you work, if you don’t you learn to live on a set income.Welcome to the real world.

  18. If, and I repeat, IF the HOF’ers currently pay their own expenses for HOF functions, I could understand an official HOF stipend for travel.

    A first class round trip ticket for the HOF’er, a room at a 4 star (or better) hotel and per diem.

    I think $5,000 per event should cover it.

  19. Man, Dickerson must be really, really broke to come out with this nonsense. Nevermind the fans’ reactions, nevermind the commissioner and the owners laughing at this proposal; imagine the vast majority of players who never made the hall of fame and never will and their reactions to this. Dickerson must owe some serious money to some serious people to suggest something this crazy.

  20. Given the damage, players incur while playing I think they should get more of the cap, like 55% or 59% rather than 49%.

    Having said that, the extra money shouldn’t go into the pockets of a few star players, instead it should go into a retirement fund that pays players based on years of service (with reduced amounts for punters , kickers, and QBs – who all have very long careers and don’t get hit nearly as much as the other players).

    It also wouldn’t be anywhere near 300K/year, that far too much.
    But they could increase the pension payments that start at 50 or 55.
    And they could expand teh medical benefits that start at that age.

  21. So only the top 1% (or less) of former players deserve this payment, Eric? What a ridiculous proposal.
    But what would you expect from an entitled spoiled athlete that accepted a Trans Am after committing to Texas A&M then drove it to the greener pastures of SMU…

  22. Go ahead NFL do it. Pay them that money. That legacy cost will sink your ship quicker than your own current stupidity.

    $300k per…..GTFOH. You all knew the risks, and you took them…..and you’d do it again, because your talent is all you know…..You’re done! Face it! No money for you!!!

  23. Ha Ha Ha Eric. That’s funny. They only get to trot you out once a year to make money off of you so I doubt very much that they are shipping you 300K. Maybe 10 grand or so, hows that sound?

  24. Wow…are the rich trying to get richer…shut the hell up Dickerson…what makes you better to recieve money that other players can not…if it weren’t for the players up front who made them holes for you to run thru…you wouldn’t be in the HOF…them players deserve the same thing you are asking for…you made millions…maybe you should have invested that money so it could make you money now…greed comes in all shapes and sizes…

  25. In this age of entitlement, this is not surprising. The problem here is that in no way has any member earned $300K/yr. for merely being elected into the Hall of Fame. More like: for asking for this, perhaps they should be nominated for the “Hall of Shame”.

  26. This is coming from the guy who caused SMU to get the death penalty for taking money. Should we be surprised that he wants money for doing nothing?

  27. He is presently getting what he helped ratify in a negotiated union contract while he was an active player. You don’t remake the contract 20 years later because you decided you want more money.

    Adios Eric, you want more money get a job like the rest of us.

    Meanwhile shut up.

  28. Easy Solution…. anyone that wants paid for being in the Hall of Fame, should be removed from it.

    These guys that are in the HoF already get money, accolades, and prestige from being a HoFer. They do not deserve extra for the privilege of being thought worthy of induction.

  29. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  30. upnorthvikesfan says: “Being selected to the hall of fame is an honor. It is not a job. There is no reason at all to pay hall members anything!”

    I agree to a certain point, but if the HOF uses his likeness and name to advertise HOF events, then they certainly should be paid for that part of it.

  31. The older players from the 60’s and 70’s that helped build the NFL into what it is today probably deserve $300k a year. However, if you’re a HOF player from the free agency period 1992 and on, you were no doubt one of the highest paid players at your position and made millions. Why do you deserve more than the average to good players that put in a solid 10 year career? A lot of HOF players are already making money off of endorsements and other sales of their names and likeness, but they deserve an extra $300k? There are a lot of broken players that these guys should be trying to help, instead of just trying to get their own.

  32. Do contributers in the HoF get the same? Does the NFL now controll who gets inducted? Will there be very specific indiction criteria? Years where noone makes the hall because the criteria is very stricked? Ways to expel players in the hall for future actions detremenal to the league? I don’t think he has really thought this through. Dickerson just wants a free hand out. Old news.

  33. If that’s the case….if you get an annual salary for being in the HOF, you have to show up for the ceremony or forfeit your salary.

  34. And when Dickerson blows through the $300K a year it’ll become $500K a year and on up until he’s out-earning what he made as a player.

  35. I was in the military five years. Worked in a federal penitentiary for two years and then was a police officer for four years. I guess i should get 100k per year from each agency and never have to work again. The days of “Ask not what your country can do for you” are long gone!

  36. The NFL as we know will be dead within a decade – maybe earlier. I’ve been saying this the past three years and all my friends think I’m dumb. I guess we will see. All I know is I don’t watch any games outside of my team (Go Pack) because they are unwatchable. I also wouldn’t let me kids get anywhere near a football field.

  37. Obviously he’s taken one too Many head shots over the years.
    I’d respect him more if he said a fund should be set up for players who don’t get an NFL pension. Or how about just save your money like the rest of us have to do?

  38. It would be easier for him to build a time machine and go back to prevent himself from wasting millions of dollars. Although something tells me the two of them would just spend it twice as fast.

  39. At least $10 million net worth plus $10-$20k per speaking even & you need an extra $300k a year? Should of held on to that SMU $$ you got in college

  40. The HOF selection process is already nonsense. Add that each HOFer gets $300k will make it 100x worst. There’ll be so much crooked business going on behind the selection process. HOF will be even more of a joke.

    Anyway, I read up on NFL pension plans and what not.It’s pretty ridiculous if these former players didn’t invest in a retirement plan. Reminds me of people I work with who opt out of all insurance benefits then complain when they have to pay out of pocket or don’t have short/long term disability benefits.

  41. This seems like a short-sighted argument. I imagine appearance fees, autographs and other revenues income streams are increased. I read an article where baseball HOFers saw an significant increase in signed baseballs, appearance fees i.e Goose Gossage increasing from 3k to 25k. Cmon now Eric.

  42. Lets do some math. $300k a year for 318 (current – increases every year) members = $95,400,000 PER YEAR.
    Goodness gracious Dick-erson. That is an outlandish amount of money. Maybe be smarter with what you HAD because you’re obviously broke AF. Other Hall of Famers didn’t even want their name attached to this.

  43. The hall of fame makes money why not instead of paying these players make it free for all. Reward those fans that have enabled the athletes to have lives and experiences superior to 99% of all others. Yes they Are being profited off. They too have profited from. I find it sad that these folks are also g for money when they are the ones that make even more money off the GIF. How many autographs from these folks are not ended with HOG 2004….or whatever year.
    These entitled divas make me want to stop spending my money in support of thier sport.

  44. Um, how about NO. If current players would like to put something into the next CBA that gives active players the option pay into a fund for retired players, past and future, and perhaps negotiate with THE NFL that they match or match a percentage….hey good on ya. But, give HOFers and ONLY HOFers 300k per year….please. Thats a crappy position to take.

  45. The NFL should call their bluff….go ahead and don’t show up….the once a year HOF weekend is the only week every year that some of these guys are in the limelight and talked about…they aren’t passing that up for very long..I do get that the HOF profits from their name (people visit the HOF to see the busts of these players) so I do understand the concept of giving them a revenue percentage but $100 million a year (pension and health insurance)?…I would be surprised if the HOF grosses that every year.

  46. How much does the league make related to having a HOF? Maybe the members get a percentage of that and are obligated to doing PR or appearing at events to promote the HOF or enhance fan experience. Seems like both sides can benefit.

  47. This guy was making over a mil per season IN THE EIGHTIES! If he were even remotely wise in his investments, 300K per year would be pocket change for him today.

  48. The HOF is honoring these guys, not continuing their employment.

    They do get periodically hired as contractors (to do speaking etc…) and that is real work that does get compensated, its a totally different bucket.

    He can probably argue that he wants to get paid for them to use his likeness, he has a kegal footbto stand on. But one has to be careful saying “I want you to oay me for the rights to honor me”. Because the other side might just say “ok, we wont honor you”.

  49. Does he understand the cost involved?

    2017 had 7 inductees @ 300,000 per year equals $25.2 million
    2017+2018 inductees (if 7 more voted in) equals 50.4 million

    After 10 years the payment will be $252 million annually

  50. I don’t mind that ex players ask for more. I also don’t mind if the NFL says no. Nothing stops me from asking my former employers for lifetime benefits and nothing stops them from saying “No”.

    My problem really is that some of these same players ignored ex players when they were active and bargaining with the NFL. They could have sought less for themselves and put more in the pockets of the then ex-players with the idea that the NFL match. Now they are ex players and want the NFL and the current players to do what they did not.

    Will the current players be willing to cut off some of the pie for those no longer in the game (a place where they will be)? I doubt it. I certainly don’t think the entire onus should fall on the teams. Let’s see if the players are willing to give up a small % of the pie with the owners matching it as a fund for additional benefits for retirees. The players won’t so the owners won’t.

  51. I don’t know of any three year player in the HoF. If Eric didn’t save his millions he’s SOL. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  52. I didnt agree with the $300 number as well but In a (loose) negotiation you need a starting point. I also think everyone should have taken care of their money no matter what they made. But if you dont have an issue with MLB players getting a pension and lifetime medical why do you guys care about football players being taken care of. You guys kill me pushing the corporate agenda like its hurting you the little guy. SOUNDS LIKE JEALOUSY AS USUAL TO ME. A few commercial spots from the super bowl would pay the x players medical for the year! The NFL is top heavy with power for two reasons, players not getting on the same page and striking and the NFL fan boy who actually believes the team they root for is theirs. The owners know this and that’s why they will always win.Wisen up guys your on the wrong side

  53. I’m generally on the side of players and unions unlike the vast majority of the “pro-rich owners” posters on PFT. However, this demand by Dickerson is quite unreasonable. 300K for a job you had a long time ago??? Yeah, he’s not going to win the battle for public support or sympathy over this issue.

  54. There are players playing now that are future Hall of Famers and they’re going to make 100 + million in their career.

    We’re supposed to support them needing 300,000 a year til they die? lol

  55. You only worked for an average of 8 years and that generous. Get a job like real people. You think you’re politicians and can vote yourself a lifetime salary and benefits???? It’s what’s wrong with congress, why would you think it should work here. Lazy lazy lazy, I get to work until I’m 75, shut up and get a job.

  56. I agree that players should have medical benefits(after 4 or 5 years), because the toll that the games put on their bodies. But this salary is way out of line.

  57. Seriously, the day this story broke, I was doing the brakes and listening to AM570 Los Angeles. Dickerson was on the air with the host and Eric was making fun of a person in a car who crashed into a big rig shutting down an LA Freeway. It was brutal. The host was embarrassed and not laughing. Anyway, I said to myself regarding Dickerson, “what a heartless dude for making fun of a person almost killed in a wreck” and my second thought was, “why is this ‘superstar’ doing a three hour radio program unless he’s hard up?” Eric Dickerson is what he is. A loud mouthed ex-athelete who can’t transition into real life. He thinks he is better than the average person who works hard everyday.

  58. I’d be interested on the legal perspective on this compared to, say, the Jim Brown-EA lawsuit?

    What right does the NFL have to capitalize on the likeness of another human being in their Hall of Fame?

    It their merchandise on display. More power to them there.. but the busts themselves? What recourse do the players have there?

  59. That is way extreme. I’m with Dickerson that players should get health insurance for good. This is just coming off as extremely snobbish and arrogant however. I could see a reasonable salary request but not 300k. I’m usually pro player on everything but Eric needs a reality check for 300k. Health insurance I’m 100 percent behind. Everyone in this country should have that as a matter of fact.

  60. Unbelievable! I get that the game takes a toll on a players body, but 300,000 a year retirement? You have made millions through out you career, way more than the average American will ever make and you expect the NFL pay an absurd amount to each player. The NFL would go bankrupt and your retirement would be gone. Despite what financial experts say, I am certain that I could retire with a million in my pocket. Just need to separate your needs from your wants.

  61. Just another form of reparations or welfare, except you are literally shaking down a private company.

  62. The “good old days”, when a fan could just watch and enjoy the game without a lot of drama, theatrics, and political posturing from the players seems a long time gone. How secure is his income, pension and health care after they run the league into the ground? We are watching it shrink by the day.

  63. Multiply $300k times the number of surviving gold jackets and see what the tab for this would be. The more this guy speaks, the loonier he gets. As they say on TV, “Come on, man!”

  64. Ok…$300,000 not from the people you played actually for, but from an exhibition hall that recognized your work.

    Ridiculous money grab and will never happen when a system exists to have a 3rd party voting members into the hall, preventing Hall of famers from actually being in the Hall of Fame.
    Imagine your a 15 year stud offensive lineman, kicker, punter, etc….this is hardly fair.

    If anything, the Hall could come with a $500. marketing fee each month which a player could use towards insurance…but a $300k handout is embarrassing

  65. Here ye, here ye. The Hall of Fame is now being closed. A certificate of appreciation will now be sent to all deserving players and this is non-negotiable in the future. And all players must sign and NFL Hall of Fame prenup!!!

  66. This is a non-issue. The HOF should continue to pay Eric Dickerson the same as they always have…nothing. Any proceeds the HOF makes should be donated to former football players and their families who are in need-not those who need a new Ferrari.

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