Jets waive ArDarius Stewart

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The Jets have waived receiver ArDarius Stewart, the team announced Wednesday.

Stewart served a two-game suspension for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. He was on a two-day roster exemption after returning Monday, forcing the Jets to make a decision by 4 p.m. ET Wednesday.

The Jets selected Stewart in the third round of the 2017 draft.

He caught six passes for 82 yards in 15 games last season. Stewart also contributed 27 rushing yards on seven carries.

Stewart made five catches for 41 yards in the preseason.

10 responses to “Jets waive ArDarius Stewart

  1. If the message to the team is championship or bust, no room for slackers, best man plays! Regardless of where they came from.. I’m good with it.. guys that think they are entitled can go!

  2. This is a weird year for football. I’m seeing teams give up on these high draft picks on a way higher rate than they have before. There’s alot of talent available to be picked up

  3. Another 3rd and 4th round bust from last years draft class.

    The Jets GM does well when drafting very high in the first round (because the team stinks and he gets to pick high) – Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, and Sam Darnold.
    With a middle 1st round pick he took Darron Lee who is a huge disappointment.
    Other than that, in 4 years the only players hes drafted who are at least ok are Marcus Maye, Jordan Jenkins, Brandon Shell, and maybe Elija McGuire. There could be a couple more so-so players. Plus the UDFA Robbie Anderson.
    In 4 years, with a high draft position in 3 out of 4, thats a poor track record.

    Plus he inherited a big cap surplus.

    All in all – he’s below average as a GM

  4. Another failed high draft choice. At least Stewart played in a game. Hackenberg so bad HC couldn’t even put him on field in 2017 after McCown got hurt which was the biggest tell of all. Think about it-QB starved league and so bad couldn’t even get him on field for a game for a team not in playoff contention.

    2017: ArDarius Stewart (3rd), Chad Hansen (4th), Dylan Donahue (5th) Adams good . Maye good
    2016: Christian Hackenberg choice was an unmitigated disaster. 2nd round. Other guys in draft class are average players or back-ups.
    2015: Was a disaster. Devin Smith torn ACL or not was not good injured or not. Mauldin, Petty, Simon and Harrison–Harrison especially awful. Leonard Williams solid but not a game changer. Best season was with Snacks Harrison at nose – no debate. See below comments on Snacks

    GM subterfuge to their owner now (and media and anyone else willing to listen)–“hey we found Darnold, we have plenty of cap room in 2019”

    Owner Should Ask GM: “Aside from all of the draft misses what about that cap room you had in 2015? Revis (39mm guaranteed) , Cromartie (7mm guaranteed), Buster Skrine (13mm guaranteed).Revis and Cromartie were done and looked like they were 40 years old …and what about keeping Wilkerson and paying him 36mm guaranteed over Damon Harrison?
    None of this was money well spent. So tell me again, why am I entrusting you to build the team and how in the world did I give you an extension after last season?”

    Probably squeak out a 7-9 (especially with Buffalo in complete rebuild mode) and make it look better than it is there. GM keeps touting hope and what is to come but what are the results? Better of getting someone who knows what they are doing and eating what is owed on his contract–otherwise much more will be eaten on bad players he overpays players in free-agency and set the team back again (see above) in this notion–“Better a year early than a year too late”
    As Bill Parcells used to say, “you are what your record says you are”.

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