Minkah Fitzpatrick: If Bucs QB wants FitzMagic moniker, he can take it

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Minkah Fitzpatrick and his family received backlash after word leaked that he seeks to trademark “FitzMagic.” Buccaneers fans expressed their displeasure, believing the moniker belongs to their quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“Some very unnecessary comments directed toward myself and my family,” Minkah Fitzpatrick said Wednesday, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “It is what it is. People are going to speak their minds about whatever, especially when it’s behind a keyboard. It’s all good.”

Minkah Fitzpatrick was “upset . . . a whole lot” at the comments directed at his mother, Melissa, but the first-round pick said he doesn’t care what’s said about him.

“I kind of laugh at it, use it as fuel,” Minkah Fitzpatrick said. “If they want me to earn my nickname, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Fitzpatrick said he has not heard from Ryan Fitzpatrick or anyone representing the quarterback about Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Sept. 12 filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. But Minkah Fitzpatrick, who said he has had the nickname since high school, will willingly give up the rights to the name.

“If he wants the name, he can take it,” Minkah Fitzpatrick said. “He’s a certified vet. Great football player. If he wants it, he can contact me or my people, and he can have it. If he wants it, he can take it. He’s just got to talk to me. I really don’t think it was as big of a deal as people made it out to be. Like I said earlier, if he wanted it, I’m sure he could have used it at some point.”

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  1. Minkah will long be remembered when Ryan is long gone. This was a nice sign of respect for the veteran by the rookie defensive player of the year.

  2. Fitzpatrick does amazing for a couple games and the Bucc fans think he is going to keep it going till he reitres. He did the same thing to the Jets so just temper your expectations and enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. “If he wants it, he can contact me or my people, and he can have it.”

    So your trademark filing is the quick cash grab we all thought it to be. You’re trying to sell Fitz his own nickname… you deserve endless ridicule.

  4. I just skimmed through the article yesterday. I didnt known he went by “FitzMagic” since high school. My bad. I take the “FitzRatchet” comment back.

    FitzMagic is an organic nickname for the Bucs QB though and their fanbase is having fun with it. I hate to see money and business interfere with sports narratives.

  5. Fitzpatrick has had that name before Minkah could even spell it. Who cares tho? They can both use it, why patent it at all? Greed smh

  6. Sorry Minkah, but we Bills fans were using the term FitzMagic with Ryan since 2009….when you were 12. I also liked the nickname for Fitz that Bills fans gave him – The Amish Rifle!

  7. Fitzy has two wins; one a WAC shootout and the other a trap game on the champs.

    Next up is a desperate Steelers team.

    But one after that is against the Bears.

    Winston should sit out Bears game given he’s rusty and Bears kinda scary.

    Evaluate concept of ‘Fitzy the starter’ after that one.

  8. He obviously stole the name from Ryan. “FitzMagic” isn’t something you just come up with (“magic” doesn’t exactly rhyme with “patrick,” y’know?).

    This is like Josh Rosen trying to trademark “Nigerian Nightmare.”

  9. Is this kid a clown, or what? There’s no way Ryan is going to pay this jerk a dime. Fitz is making history in
    Tampa this year. Michah is completely irrelevant.

  10. Why would someone insult the guy’s mother over something like that? Keyboard warriors these days have no integrity or shame, whatsoever.

  11. What a silly society where people can “patent” a word that is not even very creative, and then they can put a bunch of nerdy “lawyers” to come after you if you use it, because they “own the rights” to that word -and this is called progress? This is called civilization?

  12. If someone files the papers then they own the rights, period. I wouldnt care what anyone had to say, too effing bad that they missed the opportunity. If anyone wanted to insult my family or friends over it, screw them too. Keep the name until the qb says he wants it. The qb may not even care, if he did he probably would have filed it long ago. Screw these mindless haters.

  13. Too late. I already took Fitzmagic for my own. He’s on my fantasy team now. That Monday nite matchup is tantalizing.

  14. Minkah,
    Why would you try to trademark something that has nothing to do with you? Yeah, people are tough when they’re behind a keyboard. People also think they’re tough when they are only 6’1 , 200 pounds and hiding behind a ton of pads.

  15. ronrivers says:
    September 19, 2018 at 3:53 pm
    “If he wants it, he can contact me or my people, and he can have it.”

    So your trademark filing is the quick cash grab we all thought it to be. You’re trying to sell Fitz his own nickname… you deserve endless ridicule.


    Minkah said he’s had that nickname since high school. I doubt it’s a money grab. He just wants to secure the rights to it because, again, he’s been called that for years. All of a sudden Bucs fans think they invented the wheel or something.

    And even it was a money grab, he has more right to do it than anyone else since his name is actually Fitzpatrick. If he doesn’t, some other guy is going to do it anyway.

  16. The obvious solution is the two of them share the name as part of FitzMagic! — a Vegas show where they train white tigers.

  17. You people are fools.. its ok for other athletes to trademark something but not him??? This guy will be one of the best DBs in the game within a year. Dont take my word on it, look up what media is saying about him and the college coaches. Ryan has done great so far… get it.. so far!!! Give it time and you Tampa fans will want some real magic!!

  18. I’m so confused why people are mad at Minkah. Do they not understand how laws work in America? Ryan has been using the name for a while and could have *easily* trademarked it, but he didn’t. Someone else took it. That’s free market capitalism baby. A lesson in personal responsibility.

    I would think that would play to the PFT commenting audience that leans conservative. Weird that people think Ryan is entitled to the name without taking the proper steps to protect and market it.

  19. The frustrating thing here is the complete unawareness of his surroundings. It would be like someone trying to take the nickname “The Great One” or “The Refrigerator” or “Babe”. Even if this was his nickname you don’t try and trademark a nickname currently used by someone.

  20. Someone explain to Minkah that he was probably first called Fitzmagic because people heard Ryan Fitzpatrick being called that when he started in the NFL, if not in college. And for those that say Ryan could have trademarked it first, back in the 2000s, the NFL was about playing football not branding and trademarks. You can thank RGIII for all this trademark crap, he started it, don’t know if he was the first to do it but he certainly was the first to make a big stink about it.

  21. If Minkah has the foresight to copyright the name, then more power to him. I think Ryan has other things to think about these days. Go Fitzmagic!

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