Pete Carroll cites his “impatience” as why Seahawks have gotten away from running game


The Seahawks spent most of the season expressing their desire to jump start their rushing attack only for it to seem like an afterthought in their first two games against the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears.

Seattle gave the ball to running backs on just 14 of 55 offensive plays against the Broncos and on just 19 of 64 plays against the Bears. Chris Carson is averaging 5.8 yards per carry but has received just 13 carries through two games for the Seahawks.

Head coach Pete Carroll blamed himself and his impatience for the team getting away from the run during the first two weeks.

“My impatience a little bit, you know, figuring that we should be on the board more than we had and just got to throw the ball up more than I want to. I’m over that,” Carroll said on Wednesday. “Both games were so close throughout. We were close enough we could have done whatever we wanted to all the way down to the end of it. I just got a little bit impatient, threw the ball a bit more than we needed to, and so you look back and that’s with limited opportunities because we weren’t converting. It just kind of works together.

“I’m just owning up, but that’s what I would say is the issue with that. I need to be a little less impatient. I’m a little bit, tend to be that way, you know?”

Carroll has said after the game that the reason Carson had gotten just six carries – and none in the final 41 minutes of the game – was because Carson had gotten “gassed” with some additional reps on special teams units. However, he said on Wednesday that he misread the situation seeing that Carson had only played 19 plays in total, including special teams, against the Bears.

“I screwed up,” Carroll said. “I thought he looked like he was winded early in the game, so I was just concerned about him, and I thought it was because of the special teams because he hadn’t had a lot of plays yet. I talked to him. He didn’t think he was winded when I talked to him afterwards…. That was just a thought, but he played all the way through the third quarter.

Carroll was quick to say that nothing has changed with their depth chart and Carson is still the lead back at this point.

“We’re just trying to keep the guy fresh is what it amounts to, and he played it really well. He did a nice job running the football when he had his chances We need more,” Carroll said.

14 responses to “Pete Carroll cites his “impatience” as why Seahawks have gotten away from running game

  1. He is mistaken if he thinks the game against the Bears was close. It wasn’t close when they were down by 2 TDs with less than 3 minutes left. Everybody sort of knew that the game was all but over at that point, especially for Seattle’s mediocre offense. Ranked 16th in passing yardage, and 29th in rushing yardage (25th overall). The defense isn’t any better, as it allowed twice as many points per game as they did in their playoff years.

  2. Huh? You’re playing your lead back on special teams? You thought he was gassed? You want to keep him fresh so you play him on special teams?

    I lost a lot of respect for Carroll. He sounds like an idiot in this article.

  3. The team was at it’s best when it had the top rushing attack in the league and Russell throwing it. Even with Bevell’s predictable play calling. They got too cute thinking they could ignore the o line and go after stat stuffers like Jimmy Graham. Repairing the o line takes years of work and drafting to have a good rushing attack again.

  4. Well at least Carroll is strong enough to admit he made a mistake. Can you imagine what this team would be like if they had won that second SB and his veteran players stayed with the team. They would be much better.

  5. Well Pete Dak Prescott brings his whopping 150 yds a game passing into this weeks game so you can be sure it will be another low scoring event

  6. I will be an unbiased fan here of an opposing team here. I’ve watched both Seattle games this year. Their problem is and has always been their o-line. You can’t expect Wilson to make impossible throws when hes running for his life. That said, Wilson is holding onto the ball for way too long. And why? Because there’s no one getting separation to make a play. They should have used their pick on the online or even a wr instead of a rb. Their drafts have been bad the last few years. You cant just keep missing on draft picks and think Wilson can do it all. Their defense isnt so bad, but its mediocre and they are banged up. This is what happened to the Niners with the mass exodus of players, and we are just now starting to get over it. Wilson is good enough to win them a few games, but they should be in rebuild mode.

  7. Carroll needs to go. They’ve wasted their top overall picks the last 3 years on Penny, Malik McDowell, and Germaine Ifedi. They finally dumped the incompetent Darrell Bevell and somehow replaced him with a worse playcaller who has failed at every stop of his coaching career. And as a result, Wilson is playing the worst football of his career this season (partly the play calling, partly because he’s just made bad decisions, and partly because he’s overweight and his athleticism is pedestrian now). Now, they’re keeping their best back on the bench so that they can desperately try to justify wasting their first round pick on an inferior RB. Pete’s created a huge mess that needs to be straightened out fast or they’ll be lucky to win 2 games this year.

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