Baker Mayfield leads Browns to first win in 635 days

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Baker Mayfield didn’t start the game, so he won’t get credit for the win. But in Cleveland, the No. 1 overall pick is the hero today.

He brought the Browns back from a 14-0 deficit and led them to a 21-17 victory. It was the team’s first victory since Christmas Eve 2016.

It’s safe to say Tyrod Taylor, who left in the second quarter with a concussion, will not get his job back. The Mayfield Era has begun.

In a little over two quarters, Mayfield went 17-of-23 for 201 yards and a 100.1 passer rating. He also scored on a 2-point conversion, catching a pass from Jarvis Landry.

He became the first quarterback to come off the bench in his debut, throw for more than 200 yards and lead his team to its first win of the season since Fran Tarkenton for the 1961 Vikings, per Stats by stats.

Mayfield injected life into a stagnant Browns offense, with Cleveland gaining 323 yards. Taylor was only 4-of-14 for 19 yards before leaving.

Carlos Hyde ran for 98 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries, and Landry caught eight passes for 103 yards.

The Jets didn’t do much after taking a 14-0 lead, turning it over three times. Terrance Mitchell‘s interception of Sam Darnold with 11 seconds left, allowed Mayfield to line up in victory formation to end it.

Darnold, overshadowed by Mayfield, had a rough night. He went only 15-of-31 for 169 yards with two interceptions. The Jets finished with 268 yards.

78 responses to “Baker Mayfield leads Browns to first win in 635 days

  1. How many folk songs will be written because Baker Mayfield won this game?

    I’m setting the over at 25

  2. Let’s just settle down. We won’t put him in the hall of fame just yet. After all they did play the jets. He will still fizzle out like every Browns QB ever.

  3. It didn’t take long for the Jets and their fans to come crashing back to reality.

    They thought they were so great after week 1 but two short weeks later they are 1-2 and just lost to the Browns.

    Just End The Season

  4. Tuhrod has not made all that talent look all that talented. Why is hue Jackson such an idiot? There’s no way it wasn’t obvious mayfield is better than Taylor by a long shot.

  5. I know it was one game but that was damn impressive. Precision bullet throws into tight windows. There is no way they win that game if Taylor stayed in.

  6. So happy for Browns fans, man. The sad part of this is that Baker probably saved Hue’s job for a while longer. The Browns deserve better than him.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tyrod Taylor era is officially over. Please take your belongings and head to the nearest exit. Please drive safely.

  8. Mayfield won’t last. He beat the Jets woohoo. When he beats a good team we’ll talk until then enjoy beating an subpar team.

  9. I know it’s only one game but I think the Browns might’ve gotten this one right. Mayfield looked awesome. The Browns offense completely changed as soon as he went in there. I’m not even a fan but I’m excited for the Browns.

  10. You saw the difference between a dynamic, electric talent vs a stale, stagnant and MEDIOCRE talent in Tyrod Taylor who will always play it “safe” and inspire no excitement from his teammates. I’ve never understood the love for Taylor and I said that before the season started on this site and got a negative reaction for it. I didn’t understand why Buffalo was thinking of keeping him and I didn’t understand why any team would trade for him. You’ll never go forward with guys like him. He’s not a game changer in the least.

    This isn’t to say that Mayfield is a sure thing but the immediate change in energy level from his team was amazing. Crisp and sharp throws downfield (try it sometime, Tyrod)that may be riskier but are winning plays.

    I wonder what the narrative will be now in NY with Darnold. Is he still the savior?

  11. Hate to say it, but black coaches just don’t cut it. 3 personal fouls in 1st quarter when Jets were up 14-0. Changed whole game. Horrible Bowles. FIRE his butt.

  12. But, But… I thought Sam Darnold was the next Joe Namath??? When you let the Cleveland Browns beat you tween the knees, that’s the point of no return my “Broadway Sam” friends. 😂😅😆

  13. Good for Mayfield and Cleveland. I questioned the Browns taking him number one overall, but he looked much better than any Browns QB I’ve seen in a long time. Hopefully he can keep it up. Once again Hue Jackson screws up. All we heard in the preseason was “Baker’s not ready. We’re going with Tyrod”. Mayfield looked just fine, and is already a way better passer than Taylor.

  14. titan1632 says:
    September 20, 2018 at 11:54 pm
    Mayfield won’t last. He beat the Jets woohoo. When he beats a good team we’ll talk until then enjoy beating an subpar team.


    Dude, he helped them end the misery of not winning a game in 635 days, something most fans won’t have to go through. There’s no reason to be pessimistic about this. This game turned out better, I’m sure, than all of us thought it would be.

  15. I’m kind of happy that the long-suffering Browns have a reason to be optimistic.
    Been down so long it looks like up to me.

  16. We really need to change the conventions regarding who gets credit for the win at QB. If a guy comes in down 14 and plays more than a half, he really should get the W. It’s absurd that in the future when we compare win-loss records Taylor will actually have this as a win on his record.

  17. This victory is for you Isaiah Crowell. You classless jerk. The fans had nothing but Love for you. They didn’t get rid of you. Browns fans are loyal fans. To treat them like that is classless. Have fun eating that Crow-ell!!!

  18. I’m a Baker fan, I hoped they’d draft him. but everyone needs to relax. RG3 looked all-world too. For a year.

  19. Congrats Browns fans… You guys deserve it! Game could have gone ether way tonight with those 2 good Defense’s playing… Congratulations from NY JETS fans! We’ll just have to smack the Jags around! JET UP!

  20. Can we stop with the Hue bashing. He never said Baker wasn’t ready. They said they didn’t want Baker playing if they didn’t have to play him if Jackson really didn’t see any talent in Baker we’d be seeing Drew Stanton out there instead of Baker as the backup.

    Also if the Browns don’t replace their kicker do they still win this game?

    Baker earned the starting job. That’s how it should have been. This team should be 3-0 and is currently undefeated in their home stadium. That’s reality.

  21. Congrats to the Brown’s faithful fans! I see a bit of a young Bret Favre in this guy. Glad you finally broke through and on prime time!!

  22. titan1632 says:
    Mayfield won’t last. He beat the Jets woohoo. When he beats a good team we’ll talk until then enjoy beating an subpar team.

    gotta give you credit. you have an awfully big mouth for rooting for a subpar team. I live in south central KY and have to put up weekly with a pathetic Titan team………………

    that said. Baker! Baker! Baker! I knew there was a reason ALL 11 of my fantasy teams drafted him.

  23. Just watched Mayfield’s highlight clip. He’s athletic and has a decent arm. Threaded the needle on a couple of passes. Good for Mayfield. Nice win. BUT he did fumble. Obviously he has to be more aware. Duh! The biggest takeaway here is Mayfield faced ZERO pressure on most of his throws. And he took every snap from the shotgun formation. The Jets are idiots for not throwing the kitchen sink at him. The Jets played soft zone defense and got picked apart. Plain and simple. Let’s see how he does under center. Again not bashing Mayfield here. He definitely made some nice throws. Let’s just see how he holds up under a REAL pass rush before we anoint him as Cleveland’s savior. Time will tell. I will say dude has some promise and can definitely spin the ball.

  24. Don’t be surprised if Hue Jackson says the starting QB job still belongs to Taylor. There’s a reason Jackson has only won one game in the last two seasons, yes the talent has been sorely lacking, but so has the competency of the head coach.

  25. The good news is Baker Mayfield’s debut was stop the the presses stupendous, the bad news is as a rookie QB he might mistakenly think being a QB in the NFL is easy peasy.

  26. So happy for Browns fans, God knows you guys and gals deserve better than you’ve been receiving for many years now.

    It’s going to be great looking down at the Steelers now.

  27. The Browns have a better record than my Giants….Oh the shame…..Oh well, Congrats Brownie fans, may it be the first of many this year!

  28. This is the same Baker Mayfield, who everyone in Oklahoma knew was going to succeed in the NFL. His eyes,feet and arm makes him special. So many throws where it looks like the ball has no chance in such a tiny window……that’s Baker, baking defenses.

  29. You could feel the game change when Mayfield completed his first pass. That was a good throw in a small opening. It was accurate and had some zip on it. Mayfield reminds me a bit of Favre or Elway or Brees–one of those QBs who inspires his team. I’m not saying he’s going to be as good as those. I’m just saying he has that presence in the huddle that makes his team better. With Mayfield, they believe they can win. With Taylor they had no such belief.

    Cleveland may have been right about this guy. Sure, it’s only the Jets but he’s going to get better. They still probably won’t go to the playoffs but Mayfield gives them hope. If they can add some more pieces next year in the draft and free agency (like upgrading that OL) they could be tough to deal with. Mayfield may not be fast but he has some escapability. That will serve him well with that OL. He makes that team better though. It’ll be interesting to watch how he does this year.

  30. Congrats, but let’s see how they look at the end of the season. They haven’t had a winning season since 2007, so they have a long way to go.

  31. As a buckeye fan from mass, it’s dunny to see Baker embraced in Ihio after last year! 😂. CONGRATS BROWNIES FANS!!! Well deserved! Good friends of mine from the military are clevelanders and have been suffering far too long. As a big patriots fan, seeing you beat the Jets was icing on the cake!

  32. It wasn’t even a whole game. Let’s pump the brakes a little. It’s still CLE and it was against the Jets.

  33. Rand W says:
    September 20, 2018 at 11:55 pm
    Hate to say it, but black coaches just don’t cut it. 3 personal fouls in 1st quarter when Jets were up 14-0. Changed whole game. Horrible Bowles. FIRE his butt.

    You sure you “Hate to say it”? Methinks you quite like to say it….

  34. Took my boys to their first NFL game – Cleveland against San Diego. It was the last time Cleveland won a game – almost 2 frigging years ago!

    Well, my boys proudly wore their Browns jerseys to school today!!

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