Brian Schottenheimer knows “I need to do a better job”


The 0-2 Seahawks have a work in progress offense that hasn’t show much progress so far under new coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. And he knows that much of the problems fall on him.

“I need to do a better job, I’ll be the first to say that,” Schottenheimer told reporters on Thursday.

One of the problems seems to be that he’s got too many voices in his ear.

“It’s just one of those things where you get a lot of thoughts and advice as a play caller,” Schottenheimer explains. “Not just from Pete [Carroll], from everybody — until it’s third-and-22 and you’re backed up on your one-yard line, you’re like, ‘Hey guys, what do you like? Hello? Hello?’ I think some of it’s me learning Pete a little bit. Hey, look, I get paid to call the plays, I need to do a better job. Sometimes it gets you off your game. When you’re looking at different things — it’s not Pete, it’s just different things. It’s hard to find a rhythm sometimes, but I need to be better and I will be.”

So what specifically can he do to improve?

“If you look at Week One, I got away from the running game a little bit too fast,” Schottenheimer said. “This week, only having six plays in the third quarter, that was just one of those deals where we’re not converting third downs. The cool thing that I said to the guys is this: We know what the issues are, so when you know what the issues are, you can address them, you can fix them, you can emphasize that it’s time of possession, [it’s] third downs, [or] it’s sacks. If I was standing up there, or we as a staff were looking and saying, ‘Hey, you know, we really don’t know what the issues are and we just struggling.’ That’s not the case. We know what we need to clean up, we’ve been emphasizing that. We started last week with red zone and we did a nice job in the red zone last week. I think we’ll find our rhythm again this week. We know we need to be better. Nobody likes sitting here at 0-2. We’re competing to [improve]”

Indeed they are. But as the early-season losses mount, the margin for error shrinks. Sunday’s home opener against the Cowboys becomes the closest thing to a “must” win game that any team will face in September, and if the Seahawks are going to win it, they need more from the offense. Which means they need better from Schottenheimer.

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  1. Knowing what the issues are and fixing them are two different things. The Cowpies have a stingy defense, limiting the Giants and Panther to very few points, and they have the second most sacks in the NFL so far this season. Seattle knows these are issues. Can they fix either one of them? Doubtful. Seattle shall remain winless in Seattle. The 12th may drown out call signals, but they are powerless against a running back like Ezekiel Elliott, because they cannot tackle anyone.

  2. Could Earl Thomas be traded after the home opener? He’s been practicing against Seattle’s offense his entire career, and knows it well. Maybe Seattle didn’t want him to play against them during the home opener.

    Could a gentleman’s agreement be in place that the trade will happen after this game?

    Just a thought.

  3. How can you hire Jeff Fishers offensive coordinator and expect to win? He has never coached a top 15 Offense as a coordinator. I hoped that having a franchise qb would help him but to paraphrase the great Dennis Green, Brian Schottenheimer “is who we thought he was”. In hindsight maybe Pete Carroll was more of the problem with the offensive play calling than Darell Bevell was. Now that he has more input the worse the calls are. How can you not call a running play from over half of the 2nd qtr to the early 4th qtr in a 1 score game. Especially when you can’t protect the qb. You also failed to play your leading rb that averages 5.8 yds a carry for the entire 2nd half. That is Effin ridiculous!!!!!!!

  4. Shotty is a C grade OC. His game plan is predictable and boring. It certainly doesn’t help that the OL is one of the worst in football with a tub of lard at RT and a bunch of turn styles playing guard.

  5. He’s terrible, but shouldn’t be talking to the media.
    Just give generalities “We’ll review the film and see what went wrong”.
    If asked about that a week later just say “We’re focused on the upcoming game”

  6. After years of frustration with Bevell’s blindfolded play calling…I was really excited when he was fired and a new OC was coming to Seattle. Someone new who could think outside the box and create a playbook designed around Wilson’s strengths. Nope….another stale re-tread who at best would be considered mediocre. UGH…

  7. Obviously Brian is NOT Marty. He shouldn’t need much this week. A couple of scrambles by Wilson will probably be enough since the Cowboys don’t have much offense either.

  8. The Cowboys haven’t shown much on offense…but what about the defense? That defensive front gets after it, and the young secondary is VERY talented. Moreover, Marinelli with Kris Richard as defensive passing game coordinator are showing a lot of creativity in their schemes. Ranked 4th in NFL in yards allowed; 3rd in points allowed. Wilson will have his hands full on Sunday (and if you think his scrambling can get it done, google the last time they played and what Tank Lawrence did to him on a scramble.)

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