Isaiah Crowell ready to accept punishment for his TD celebration

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Jets running back Isaiah Crowell scored a pair of touchdowns on Thursday night. And after the second one, he celebrated like he had just gone No. 2.

Specifically, Crowell wiped his rear end with the ball and threw it into the stands, drawing a penalty.

“I didn’t think about the touchdown celebration before the game,” Crowell told reporters after the loss to the Browns, his former team. “It was just the spur of the moment, but I need to control myself. I don’t think it had to do with the stadium I was at, I just feel like it was spur of the moment.”

Was it a message to the team that let him leave in free agency?

“Not really,” he said. “It was just passion and it wasn’t a message towards anybody. You have to play the game with passion and that is the way I play. I did it so I have to accept whatever punishment comes with the celebration.”

The punishment may not come just from the league office, which is certain to fine him. Coach Todd Bowles isn’t happy about it, either.

“That was inexcusable,” Bowles told reporters. “We addressed it and it will never happen again.”

In order words, there will never be a, wait for it, Part 2.

33 responses to “Isaiah Crowell ready to accept punishment for his TD celebration

  1. It’s hilarious that the idiot Joe Buck kept his trap shut during Crowell’s “celebration,” but cried like a baby during Moss’ pants dropping.

  2. This clown is a complete idiot. If his tweet last year of a law officer getting his throat slit wasn’t bad enough, he had to embarrass himself and his team with his childish TD celebration. Glad he’s NY’s problem now. Good riddance.

  3. That was a classless, disgusting thing to do. What a moron Crowell is. I hope he gets fined and suspended. I am glad Todd Bowles criticized him for doing it. Bowles is a decent man and he rightly called what Crowell did inexcusable. Now he needs to go one more step by suspending Crowell.
    Too many of these NFL players are brainless morons. It makes me wonder how they reach adulthood with no morals or sense of decency. And didn’t anyone ever teach them about sportsmanship?

  4. Please note: The Browns fan who caught the ball he threw in the stands IMMEDIATELY threw it back on the field. Don’t disrespect us!

  5. What a crock of number 2! It was just passion, what a tool. It didn’t have to do with being in Cleveland, the team you played for last year. Yeah….ok Isaiah. It was all fun when it was 14-0 and you were classless, showed your true self. Do these athletes really believe what they are saying?

    Congrats Isaiah, YOUR team lost to the Browns…the first team to do so in about 18 mos

  6. Was this guy raised by wolves? If you think he’s in trouble with the league just wait until his mother gets hold of him. She is humiliated.

  7. .
    It’s nonsense like this that keeps bad teams bad. Some players have a personal agenda and could care less about the welfare of the team.

  8. Kind of saddening. What a jerk. The fans always loved Crowell there. They didn’t want to get rid of him. He left. Then you show them no respect at all. Browns fans are one of the most loyal bunch and literally tried to crap all over them. Instant karma. Good riddance.

  9. liberalsruineverything says:
    September 21, 2018 at 6:10 am
    Most fans would not have heard about it because no one is watching. Heard the Browns won. Congrats to them. What is wrong with this guy?

    Quit thinking your talented like me.

  10. How fitting after this turd pun intended does his celebration to dis the fans that Cleveland comes back and sticks it where the sun doesn’t shine. Good for Cleveland.

  11. I put this on the HC Todd Bowles because other players get stupid PFs all the time.
    Last night the Jets forced Cleveland to punt except the Jets CB Trumaine Johnson taunted the Browns receiver, got a PF automatic 1st down, and Cleveland got a new set of downs.

    If a player acted that way on a well run team, such as the Patriots, they would be benched.

  12. Too bad I missed the celebration. I would of turned off the tv immediately. Penalize him next week by kneeling in the locker room the entire game. Idiot!

  13. When a grown man feels the need to do something like that with millions of people watching it doesn’t say anything good about him.

    When a grown man feels the need to do something like that with millions of people watching and knowing very well he’ll get a 15 yard penalty for it and hurt his team, it says he’s a freaking idiot

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